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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Real women don't wear hijabs

Earlier this year, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen refused to cover her head and walked out on meeting Sheikh Abdellatif Deryan in Beirut. He's the Grand Mufti for the Sunni Muslims in Lebanon. He has a 7th century attitude toward women.


British Prime Minister Theresa May also refused to cover her head on Wednesday during a visit to Saudi Arabia.


From Heat Street:
Shunning the desert kingdom’s strict Islamic dress code – and in defiance of official UK Foreign Office advice – May met officials and was seen out in public with her hair showing. (The main image shows her arriving at the Saudi Stock Exchange in the capital Riyadh escorted by Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan.)
A British government spokesman said May had made a ‘personal choice’ and a source traveling with the prime minister said it was intended as a ‘statement.’
May has made it clear she believes Saudi women deserve greater freedoms. Although they are inching towards some sort of parity with men in certain respects, they are still forbidden from most activities western women take for granted. For instance, Saudi women are banned from driving a car thanks to a religious fatwa imposed by clerics.
May’s decision to shun the headscarf and show her hands and part of her feet in Saudi Arabia contrasts with Margaret Thatcher. During a 1985 visit to Saudi, Britain’s first female prime minister wore a hat, gloves and a dress that covered her feet.
Thatcher wore a hat, not a hijab. Big difference.

I like that May "defied" the bureaucracy's advice. Evidently the staff of Heat Street does not understand the relationship between the elected official and the appointed ones.

May -- not some civil servant -- calls the shots.

The Telegraph reported:
May was wearing a scarf - a turquoise style by London-based brand Pazuki - that looked capacious enough that it could be pulled over her head if need be, but it remained firmly around her neck as she exited her plane.
In advance of today's visit, May told reporters: “I hope that people see me as a woman leader, [and] will see what women can achieve and how women can be in significant positions. I’ve talked to the Saudis on a number of occasions now and I raise issues of this sort. I think we have already seen some changes.”
Since she became Prime Minister - and even before that - May has, on occasion, used her wardrobe choices if not for political point scoring then to communicate a message of diplomatic flattery; when she met Donald Trump at the White House, she wore a Republican red skirt suit by Amanda Wakeley, which was a blatant yet smart ploy to endear the new President.
I like that.

May is smart enough to know fashion and makeup matter. Just as men must dress for success, women must.

President Trump is always in a business suit on business. When golfing, he wears appropriate country club outfits -- Polo shirt and proper trousers.

Democrats could learn from Le Pen, May, and Trump. Democrats won't. Hard to learn when you know everything.

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  1. Sure, they know everything.... And as Ronald Reagan said, "It's not that democrats don't know anything, it's that every thing they know is wrong.

  2. Actually, when I was in Riyadh (20 years ago), Western women were allowed to go bareheaded. There weren't many of them, and they stuck out on the street like sore thumbs; but no one bothered them.

  3. I'm imagining what it would be like in America without women driving: no more women driving distracted while trying to put on their makeup, or while completely engrossed in their phone conversations, or while trying to dig something out of their purse, glove compartment, etc. And parking would be so nice. Could you imagine an America in which the parking lines are used as guides to park between, and not to line one of your wheels up with? Just think of how many more parking places would open up and how many less car dings your sled would have...

  4. I am confused. Who is the woman in blue with a scarf over her head? I see no woman with an uncovered head in that photo.

    1. Looks like Hillary to me. Quick Bing image search confirms.

    2. Knowing po' Hillary, that's probably a $10,000 scarf she's wearing.

    3. Ah! NOT the Heatstreet pic.

  5. I sense a trend since the election of Mr Trump.

  6. Lets see, didn't Nancy P Lousy travel with her head uncovered? Sorry, no, she had it firmly in her keester when it wasn't adorned with a diaper. She set the substandard when she visited the middle hell.