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Monday, April 17, 2017

Oh no, Sessions is doing what Trump said he would

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reversing the Marxist excesses of his predecessor, Loretta Lynch.

This alarms the media.

From the Hill:
He has rolled back protections for transgender students that allowed children to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity and rescinded plans to phase out the federal government’s use of private prisons.
He called for a review of reform agreements, known as consent decrees, reached with local police departments to address allegations of misconduct. Many of the consent decrees were drafted in response to fatal shootings by police.
Sessions has made immigration enforcement a top priority. Late last month he put “sanctuary” cities on notice, announcing that grant money would be withheld from state and local governments that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities and turn over illegal immigrants arrested for crimes.
The publication found a Marxist to give Sessions hell.
Alex Whiting, faculty co-director of the Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard Law School, said it appears Sessions is resurrecting the tough on crime policies last seen during the George W. Bush administration. 
“Obama moved away from that approach, and I think in the criminal justice world there seemed to be a consensus between the right and left that those policies, those rigid policies of the war on drugs and trying to get the highest sentence all the time, had failed,” he said. 
“I don’t know if he is really going to be able to persuade the department to follow his lead on this.”
Um. He is the boss. They either follow his orders or they leave.

And of course, not prosecuting drug dealers failed to reduce drug dealing.

Imagine that.

And not prosecuting illegal aliens did not result in fewer illegal aliens. The threat has, however, reduced those jumping the border.

Imagine that, as well.

The experts were wrong.

Imagine that.

Jeff Sessions is doing the job the way people in the vast majority of states want the job done.

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  1. "He called for a review of reform agreements, known as consent decrees, reached with local police departments to address allegations of misconduct."

    He needs to bring the hammer down on the Berkeley police department, which has on two occasions refused to protect the First amendment civil rights of pro-Trump marchers in that city and has allowed anti-Trump counter-protesters to riot and physically assault the Trump supporters. AG Sessions should do no less to make sure the Berkeley PD does its job than AG Lynch did after the riots in Ferguson.

    1. Very important point. I understand that police have to follow the directives of the politicians in charge of them -- but there should be consequences for police who let people be assaulted because ANYONE disagrees with their politics.

    2. And for those politicians! ESPECIALLY them.

  2. I can't wait for Bill Moyers (alive or dead) to call him mean-spirited.

    1. Bill Moyers must have come out of that crap hole in Austin like Cronkite and the rest.

  3. I want to see Sessions prosecute Lois Lerner and I want to see Trump fire Koskinen.

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