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Friday, April 28, 2017

Media chooses marketing over repairing the damage

Remember the Ayds diet? Ad Week does:
When acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) emerged in 1981, the makers of Ayds diet candy didn't think the disease constituted enough of a threat for them to change the name of their product. By 1987, with an epidemic raging, they'd changed their minds. "Obviously, with a name like Ayds, we'll have to do some re-marketing," said CEO Robert Berglass. But the new name — Diet Ayds — was nearly as bad as the old one. And — shock of shocks — it didn't work, and the candy disappeared.
And so it goes with all those media companies that went all in on the anti-Trump train last year. They lost credibility, and are now re-marketing themselves.

In February, the Washington Post added a new slogan — "Democracy Dies in Darkness." 
The New York Times launched a 30-second ad called "The Truth" at the Academy Awards in February— their first ad since 2010.
On April 5, the Daily Beast announced that they were working on a new website design, along with it's new logo — from the red block with white lettering to neon lettering. They also remove "the" from their name.
The Daily Beast is a re-brand of Newsweek. The new name refers to having to feed the Daily Beast called a newshole in a newspaper. I never saw that as a flattering way to view a newspaper.

Like Berglass, the media types believe they can just re-name their product or come up with a clever logo conveying a false sense of importance. Does not the new Washington Post motto mean "without us the nation dies"?

Contrast this with Tylenol, whose name was synonymous with death after someone altered a few bottles with a poison, which killed a half-dozen people in the Chicago area 30 years ago.

Instead of changing the name, the company changed the product itself, making it tougher to poison, and changing the packaging to make it easier to detect tampering. The drug and food industry adopted those standards.

Today I use Tylenol without a second thought.

Changing and improving the product is what businessmen do -- even when the failure is not their fault.

Lazy, third-generation media owners just change the logo and add a slogan.

Good luck on that.

A whopping 88% of Trump supporters see the press as the enemy of the state.

The political media has traded its credibility to appease an ever-shrinking part of the populace that supports Marxism, anti-white racism, and anti-male sexism.

Meanwhile, media ineptitude an downright deceit are making a cottage industry for truth-tellers like me.

The original, "Trump the Press" chronicled and mocked how the media missed Trump's nomination.

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  1. Amen and pass the ammo on all that, Don. Happy to purchase from your 'cottage' anytime.

  2. It doesn't matter what you call your product if nobody wants anything to do with it. - Elric

  3. United CEO emailed a fake apology recently.
    I replied: fire the CEO
    Dont contract more customers than seats greedy guys and gals (paraphrased)

  4. Hey, look at it on the bright side...A 14% hit rate out of random occurrences was probably good enough for a Mayan priest to call a party and sacrifice a human or two.

    If it wasn't for the evolution of "fuzzy" coincidence detectors in the brain there would be no current day Guatemala or climate change.

  5. "A whopping 88% of Trump supporters see the press as the enemy of the state."

    Well, that is wrong. They should see the press as the enemy of The People. From what I can tell, the press are right friendly with " the social apparatus of compulsion and coercion ..., the state; .... and the organs charged with the responsibility of administering the apparatus of compulsion, government." (Mises, 'Liberalism'). Though not so much "the rules according to which the state proceeds, law;"

    1. The media are not the enemy of the state, unless a Republican is president.
      The people have the number of the media, and it be 666.

  6. Like the sentry said, it's not just the noises that don't belong, it's also the sudden silences that don't belong.