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Monday, April 17, 2017

Keep pushing for Trump's tax returns.

Maxine Waters and the rest of the Left want President Trump to release

These loons never learn.

The New York Times nagged him about his tax returns. Finally he sent then a copy of his 1995 returns, which showed a loss of $915 million.

The Hill had Hillary's reaction:
"What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?" Clinton responded with a laugh.
Then a month later she became the first candidate to raise and spend a billion dollars.

And she lost.

Normal Americans saw a man who had fallen down, blown a billion, picked himself up, and started all over again.

Then last month, Rachel Maddow received two pages from his 2005 tax reform. It showed he paid 25% of his money in federal taxes -- a rate higher than Obama, Biden, or Sanders.

So please, keep demanding these returns because the tax returns help him and hurt the media that reports on them. Wile E. Coyote never gave up, which is why I invested in Acme.

Besides, we know Trump has nothing to hide because if there were the ruthless, rogue, and lawless Obama regime would have released that information.

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  1. During a recent Trump stop, a heckler
    from the audience hollered, "Hey Trump,
    where are you hiding your tax returns?

    The Donald politely responded, "I've
    found a very secure place that I'm
    certain they won't be found."

    The insistent heckler, then shouted,
    "And just where is that, dummy"?

    The Donald smiled and said: "They are
    underneath Obama's college records, his
    passport application, his immigration
    status as a student, his funding
    sources to pay for college, his college
    records, his Selective Service
    registration, and his Social Security #.

    "Next question?"


  2. This red herring will keep the Democrat loons busy for all 8 years of PDT!

  3. The only reason this unhinged Representative is making so much noise about President Trump is to stall and misdirect any investigation into her own shady deals and nepotism. I will not give her any credence. - Elric

  4. I'd like to see Maxine Water's official tax return and the Donors List and where all her reelection money comes and goes.

    1. Maxine Waters embezzled millions of TARP money to bail out her family's business . Holder and Obama stopped the investigations into this. I suspect this is the reason why ol' Maxine is so eager to get Trump out of office. She and her corrupt family will all be going to the crossbar hotel.

  5. The last sentence works for all of the leftist fishing expeditions.

  6. "Besides, we know Trump has nothing to hide because if there were the ruthless, rogue, and lawless Obama regime would have released that information." And the media jackals would be shouting it from the treetops, if they were able to climb trees.

  7. Is the Clinton Foundation now up-to-date on its filings with the IRS? I thought they were delinquent for a number of their annual returns and also had to revise some of them because of various irregularities.

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