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Thursday, April 20, 2017

I know when Democrats will win again

The headline in Politico made me laugh: "Democrats begin to wonder: When do we win?"


They still don't get it, nearly six months after the political ass-whupping of their lifetimes.

The Democratic Party will never recover from November until they admit they were wrong, and come up with their own plan on how to make America great again.

In short, Democrats will not win again until they grow up.

There is no entitlement to win. The party that offers the best to the most people wins. So far, all Democrats have to offer is girly melodrama about The Resistance and pink knitted hats given a naughty name. (Um, honey, that's not where that part of the body is.)

Democrats are stuck on November 9, denying their utter defeat by an electorate that has had it with their Marxist policies that weakened the economy, and weakened America's position internationally.

Please, tell me that using the military to advance a cockamamie transgendered agenda was a Mad magazine joke, right?

The Politico story provides clues to why the winning won't start soon for Democrats, because they are still stuck on their feelings, and not on the needs of others.

From Politico:
As it became clear late Tuesday evening that Jon Ossoff would fall just short of the 50-percent mark in the first round of voting in a suburban Atlanta special election, Democrats back in Washington started leafing through their calendars and asking: When does the winning start?
So, Georgia's 6th Congressional District race was not about Georgia's 6th Congressional District, but rather it was about Democrats starting to win.

Jon Ossoff knows nothing about the district. He cares little about its people. He just sees it as a launching pad to a career in Washington.

Sadly, many Republicans and Democrats in the House see things the same way. Speaker Paul Ryan may represent Janesville, Wisconsin, but he has not lived there since he graduated from high school -- other than the year he first ran for Congress.

But at least he lived there.

Democrats could not find anyone in Georgia's 6th Congressional District to give $8 million to run, so Ossoff took the money.
For all the anger, energy, and money swirling at the grass-roots level, Democrats didn’t manage to pick off the first two Republican-held congressional seats they contended for in the Trump era, and the prospects aren’t markedly better in the next few House races coming up: the Montana race at the end of May, and the South Carolina contest on June 20.
They want to win, dammit. Now, now, now.

Remember Veruca Salt?

Too bad.

Ain't happening. From the diaper pins they wore after getting their ass kicked 30 states to 20 on November 8, to their stupid Hamilton electors movement, which led to a wider Electoral College win for President Trump, Democrats have acted like spoiled rotten brats who should not be trusted with sharp objects, much less the keys to government.

Being a gracious loser is not only mature but a good strategy. A new president is going to win his battles early on. By dragging out every Cabinet appointment using parliamentary procedural pedantry, Democrats turned their once powerful party into Patty and Selma Bouvier at the DMV sending you to the back of the line for failing to fill in Box 13B.

That is not how serious people operate.

Then there is the protest. Contrast and compare the Tea Party to the Antifa fascists.

Number of face masks worn by the Tea Party. ZERO.

Number of flags burned by the Tea Party. ZERO.

Number of people beaten by the Tea Party. ZERO.

The media turned the Tea Party into a joke, just like it did Sarah Palin. But the funny thing is, the media tried to turn President Trump into a joke. Maybe mockery has its own limits. Maybe the power of the media has waned because it wasted that power propping up Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who really had nothing to offer the public.

Democrats need to understand what happened. The political class let Americans down. Voters brought in an outsider. The more Democrats treat him like an outsider, they better off he is.

But Democrats keep whingeing, which is why they ain't winning. All they have shown since the election is a lack of maturity.

From Ann Althouse:
I get really tired of Democratic partisan emotion. I'm someone who sometimes votes for Democrats, and I've voted for a lot more Democratic candidates than Republicans over the years, but I have nothing but a negative reaction to all this anger at losing. If they'd won, they'd be exulting and gloating, with no empathy for the other side. Republicans don't act like that. I mean, maybe some Republicans somewhere do, but mostly they're better sports about winning and losing. It makes them look more responsible and more respectful of democracy. Could the Democrats grow up and stop being so offputting... so ossoffputting?
Politics isn't bean bag. I got that. But it is also not recess. Running a government is serious business. At some point, Democrats need to do what Republicans have done and accept the reality that they finished second. No one cares about that First Woman President nonsense.

What Americans do care about are jobs, security, their families, and their future.

Democrats will not win again until they address those issues again.

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  1. You'd say they'd win again when hell freezes over, SO LET'S HEAR IT FOR GLOBAL WARMING, YEAH!

  2. "There is no entitlement to win. The party that offers the best to the most people wins."

    That's true, apart from the Electoral College, which handed victory to Trump rather than Hillary, who eked out a slim majority of all the votes cast (legal AND illegal).

    1. Hillary knew the rules, and how the Electoral College works, and just BLEW IT. The EC didn't hand it to Trump; he WON it.

    2. Well, officially, according to the Constitution, regardless of the popular vote, Trump was elected by the Electoral College, so it is fair to say it handed victory to him rather than his opponent. Members of the EC could have handed the election to Hillary, again regardless of the popular vote, and the most any faithless Elector who cast his vote in opposition to the popular vote would have suffered would have been a misdemeanor penalty.

    3. Those are the rules of the election, how they are conducted. Been that way for a long time.

      As Ms. Althouse said "Grow up."

      -Mikey NTH

  3. "At some point, Democrats need to do what Republicans have done and accept the reality that they finished second."

    A whole bunch of them are still convinced that the election was hacked and Hillary is the real winner.

  4. A 75 year old Marxist has the highest approval rating in their party--astronomically high. Delusionally high.

    As Matt Bracken is oft want to say (of late), we are one mag dump away from the 'Democrats' really trying to win.

    1. True enough. That's where this is headed.

  5. It is like if the Green Bay packers lost in the playoffs and then the team went to the supper bowl and ran out on the field and yelled, screamed and kept taking the ball. It would make no sense to anyone why you would behave like that.

  6. You don't understand. They're so hip, so smart, so compassionate, and so concerned, how could they not win?

    They're the new hippies. They're going to remake this country, fundamentally transform it, even if they have to beat the people's heads in to do it.

    It's so obvious.

    To everyone but the people.

  7. As a resident of GA-6, what concerns me is that the Democrats are starting to use a lot of the same mudslinging against Karen Handel that the other Republicans were using against her. I do not want Nancy Pelosi's Pool Boy to be my representative in Congress, even for just the rest of this term, but I'm worried that the other Republicans have so poisoned their followers against Karen Handel that they'll stay home in June.

  8. The entire world (except Russia) is laughing at us for electing a reality tv host to lead our country. I'd laugh along with them if I could find it funny.

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