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Sunday, April 23, 2017

France should play the EU for all it is worth

As I sit safely 4,047 miles west of Paris in Poca, West Virginia, I watch the French presidential race with a smile and a question for readers: why are you trusting the same press to cover this election that so brilliantly missed the Trump and Brexit elections of last year?

Marine Le Pen is supposed to be the Trump card in the race, but she is a lawyer and politician. However, the one striking thing in her bio is that at age 8, she and her family were bombed because of her father's political beliefs. That tells me she is of sterner stuff, and I welcome her into the Trump-Nigel Farage Axis of Nationalists.

But beware that French nationalism is not the same beverage served in the Anglosphere. She harkens to Joan of Arc, who fought the British for freedom. Of course, we did too.

However, my point is French nationalism is a different brew. Yes, it will help in the cultural war against Islam, which England and Europe must battle. Turning churches into mosques is cultural suicide akin to the Mexification of California.

Le Pen will put the interests of France first, which will not always please Americans. The last French nationalist -- Charles DeGaulle -- was a pain in the ass who tried to play the U.S. off the U.S.S.R., which pleased the latter while infuriating the former.

The best case scenario with her is she is DeGaulle, and keeps France in the EU, which still believes it can be an independent rival of the United States.

Why do we want France in and Britain out? Because Britain serves as a counterweight to the EU while France serves as a counterweight within the EU to Germany.

The Germans are only too happy to see Britain leave. That solidifies Germany's hold on what is a European empire. How odd that 72 years after Hitler killed himself, the Nazi dream of running Europe comes true.

Think about it. An unelected, cold-hearted, and ultimately Prussian-minded bureaucracy in Brussels spews out an endless stream of mindless regulations aimed at perfect the European race of people. This is the Hitlerean dream of government control has come true and Germany owns it.

A French departure would leave the rest of Europe unable to counter German control of this political contraption we call EU.

But a nationalistic France would be a worthy rival. And with the threat of others following Britain's lead, France may have the upper hand. Le Pen's biggest weapon is not the Frexit, but the threat of a Frexit.

For Americans -- and Britons -- a French-German political battle for control of the EU is entertaining and in our best interest.

Root for her, but realize Le Pen is not really our friend nor our rival. French nationalism can be useful to the United States, but only as a means of containing Germany's power in Europe.

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  1. I keep seeing her called "far right". I think that's just because the French left is sooooooo
    far left and the French "center" is really LEFT.

  2. Two points on the subject of French nationalism.

    First, never forget chauvinism is a word of French origin.

    Second, we should hope LePen will be something better than DeGaulle. During WWII, the US Army from George Marshall on down had a name for DeGaulle - YBSOB.

    1. Yep. DeGaulle was more of a general's uniform wearing a man...

  3. This is a Churchillian analysis. Just the way he would want it.

  4. But how long will Germans be running the EU anyway? Demography is destiny, and Germans are in a demographic death spiral. Germany will be one big PLO-era Beirut within 15 to 20 years.

  5. All the French are socialist bureaucrats to their bootstraps, including Le Pen. The only difference in the parties is the degree.

  6. Birthrates tell it all. Feminism has killed Europe. Islam frankly says it will win thru the wombs of their women. As for Germany.....Well, perversion destroys. European manginas ain't up to the fight. Testosterone is, in fact.....Destiny.

    Look at the Roman Empire. Look at what's happening today. The Human genome only cares about one thing....Children. Feminism is based on the idea of Infanticide. So, Don.....This is kinda like whistling past the graveyard, ain't it?

    I believe in the Word of God. Blood guilt is an overweening principle of that Word. He says quite plainly that a Land must pay for the blood of the innocent. He also says that He gives people over to the desires of their own hearts.

    France is lost. Too many Islamic soldiers loose in the Country. No national will to fight back. Germany is worse. Sweden? It's gone. England? Too many Islamic soldiers.

    History tells of many invasions. We are witnessing the invasion of the fertile wombs. Islam controls their women. The West doesn't. Don, it's as simple as that.

  7. Welcome home Big D! Hope you got to enjoy some kimchi and soju...

    I'm a simple man, so here's how I see it:

    France has never beat Germany.
    Germany has never beat the USA.

    The Hermies cannot continue the Moozie immigrant spending for that much longer. They'll have to start cutting back in other areas, beginning with - wait for it - THE MILITARY! Putin will notice this and start massing troops in the East. The Huns will be like, la de da, we still have America to save us. Then they will get a cable from DC. Dear Krauts: If another hot war breaks out over in your neck of the woods, America is sitting it out. We're tired of doing CYA for your piss-poor choices. Have a nice day!

    Sincerely (and I MEAN sincerely),

    Donald J. Trump

    I couldn't give a rat's ass who wins in France, but I'm pulling for Le Pen only because it'll be another thumb in the eye of the media geniuses. So there you have it.

  8. Germany is already the hegemon of Europe. The EU President is Jean-Claude Juncker. Child of a German soldier and a French mademoiselle? Wiki strangely doesn't identify his parents. - Elric