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Saturday, April 22, 2017

ESPN starts cord-cutting staff

Upset with ever-rising cable bill, people are severing their cable cords and getting entertainment through other sources. The main driver of cable increases is ESPN, which collects an average of $6 a month from each cable customer regardless if the person watches ESPN.

That's a spiff deal. ESPN oficials should have done all they could to keep it going.

Rather than address cord-cutting, ESPN officials have become social justice warriors trying to save the world rather than do their jobs. This self-indulgence jeopardized the livelihoods of their workers. Firing Curt Schilling for saying something conservative, and buying the lame liberal 538 contraption did not help the bottom line.

But oh, the virtue signaling made ESPN's owner -- Disney -- happy. It is run by a Hillary supporter.

Sports Illustrated -- part of the rival virtue signaling Time-Warner media glob -- reported:
Sources tell that ESPN management expects to finish most of its job cuts prior to the company’s upfront presentation for media buyers on May 16 and possibly by May 9, the date of Disney’s second quarter earnings call.
Last month SI reported ESPN was undergoing significant cost-cutting on its talent side (people in front of the camera or audio/digital screen). Multiple sources said ESPN had been tasked with paring tens of millions of staff salary from its payroll, including staffers many viewers and readers will recognize. Jim Miller, the author of the oral history of ESPN, said he believed the number of staffers impacted would be between 40 to 50. Those with contracts coming up would be particularly vulnerable. The company is also expected to buy out some existing contracts, which is something rare for ESPN historically beyond a few NFL talents.
On Sunday morning, an ESPN spokesperson declined comment.
To get to that three-paragraph item, you have to scroll through one of the dumbest Alice in Wonderland columns I have seen in a while. Perhaps legalizing marijuana is not a good idea. Just saying.

But the self-indulgent piece was a reminder about how losing print media is not as horrible as I thought it would be 25 years ago.

We will survive an ESPN-less existence.

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  1. I stopped watching ESPN for good after it became the Michael Sam Network a few years ago. I can only imagine how much they worshiped Colin Kaepernick last year.

  2. Not only were the "what ifs" the writer brought up shallow and more like "so whats," he can't even use English properly. If there are such things as editors at you'd think one of them might've pointed out to him it's "What if Fox had not outbid CBS for the right to televise NFC games in 1993?" etc.
    Can't say I'm surprised----I used to read Peter King on but gave up when I got tired of his weekly Starbucks ad (not to mention an old fart like him had no idea George Harrison wrote "Here Comes The Sun" and jumped with both feet on the Redskins-name-is-raaaacist bandwagon).

  3. I don't have cable now because it's too expensive, especially for how little I watch. The politics had become painful to withstand to get sports news, though. The problem is that I can't see how it isn't only going to get worse.

    It may make little sense for how nationally unpopular the leftist spin on everything is (and having to hear them rant and rant and hate and hate nonstop); but the True Believers will not only never let up, but, even when they have to sell out because business is horrible and they are going bankrupt, they will not sell to anyone who doesn't have the same political beliefs as they do -- of course meaning extreme leftists. And who is buying up the bankrupt news Media? Super rich leftists who can afford to keep going and lose billions without a care.

    Worse news is that conservative leaning Media outlets, like Fox, are being passed down to young leftists, so you can guess how that will turn out.

    So, nobody can stand having to listen to leftist haters rant about politics 24/7 in every movie, TV show, song, or sports event -- and there's nothing we can do to stop it because the super rich are mostly leftist Democrats and the cost of News Media is piddling to them.

    1. The thrashing around at ESPN as well as FOX is an indication that all is not right in Cable Land. TV viewership is declining, even for the NFL, the brightest star in the sports firmament. There is something amiss. The planets are not aligned. TV as a medium is about to undergo earth-shaking changes, and big media companies like Disney will face extraordinary challenges to survive.

  4. I haven't watched ESPN since...I can't remember when.

  5. I gave up on sports thirty years ago. If the U.S. would spend the time, money, and efforts currently lavished on sports on educating our children America would be REALLY great again, Peace On Earth, cancer cured, mining the Moon, Mars, and asteroids, etc. And they start this sports addiction on the very young. Little League, T-Ball. You get the idea. Then, instead of paying for it on their own they get the kids to stand in the middle of a highway with a rubber boot begging for donations for uniforms or what-not. Gimme a break! - Elric

  6. ESPN, National Review and Weekly Standard top my boycott list.

  7. I cut the TV cable years ago, and haven't missed it at all. Recently I read that each station on TV collects about $1.50/mo from each subscriber's cable package- which doesn't sound like much, but amounts to about $1.5 Billion/yr!

    So all you people watching whatever you watch on TV- and have a cable package- you are funding the enemy! It doesn't even matter whether advertisers stay or go- it's the revenue from cable packages that fund CNN, MSNBC, and yes, even Fox.

    Do all right-thinking people a favor, and CUT THE CABLE!

    (PS- OANN is good & getting better all the time, and for TV sitcom/whatever junkies there's HULU, Roku, Slingbox, Kodi, Chromecast, and bunches of other ways to watch without the cable package.) (Full disclosure- I don't care about sportsball, so know nothing about that aspect of TV viewing.)