Thursday, April 13, 2017

Don't you dare fire Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer said something stupid and the media wants him fired.

The nerve.

Has the multi-billion-dollar political media fired any of its hundreds of commentators who last year misled the American people about their presidential contest?

Harry Enten still works at Disney's 538 after writing on the day President Trump officially entered the race:
“Trump has a better chance of cameoing in another ‘Home Alone’ movie with Macaulay Culkin — or playing in the NBA Finals — than winning the Republican nomination.”
I double-checked the movie listings, no "Home Alone." And Trump was not on the roster of the World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers or the Gold State Warriors.

Mind you, political predictions is the only product of 538 Politics.

His boss at 538, Nate Silver is still there after forecasting:
“He's very far to the right on immigration, but he also wants socialized medicine. He wants to tax the rich, right? There’s an alternate reality in which he decided to run as a Democrat instead — he wouldn’t have to change his policy positions all that much."
Thank goodness Nate Silver is not in the brake business, or an engineer, or a real estate developer because many people would die from his shoddy work.

Bloomberg did not fire columnist Jonathan Bernstein after this:
“It’s true that Trump continues to maintain a comfortable lead in national polling — about 10 percentage points ahead of Ben Carson, and another 10 or more over the rest of the field. He’s probably still on top in Iowa, too, although Carson is close there. Despite that, nothing so far tells us that Trump has any serious chance of being the Republican nominee.”
The New York Times did not fire columnist Ross Douthat for this tweet:
“The entire commentariat is going to feel a little silly when Marco Rubio wins every Republican primary.”
He was serious.

Nor did the paper of discord fire its version of Nate Silver, Nate Cohn, election predictor for this:
“Mr. Trump shares a lot in common with strong factional candidates who have ultimately fallen short in recent cycles,” Cohn postulated. “He does not have broad appeal throughout the party; he is unacceptable to the party’s establishment; and there are reasons to believe that his high numbers may be driven by unsustainable factors — like voters who are less likely to turn out or who are responding to pollsters with ‘Trump’ because they haven’t heard any other name for four months.”
I could go on and on, and I have in two books.

But what about the Fake News. For six months, Fake News organizations like CNN and the Washington Post have reported on a imaginary hijacking of the election by Vlad Putin.

Has anyone been fired for this ridiculous and now totally discredited conspiracy theory?

I'll admit it there is a difference between Sean Spicer's brain fart about the Holocaust and the news media's relentless campaign to belittle, discredit, and attempt to de-legitimize President Trump.

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  1. I wish Trump had a stronger Press Secretary. Spicer is weak. But you do not fire someone because your enemies demand it. You tell them to GFTS.

    Then you privately pull Spicer aside and buck him up and coach him on getting better.

    1. There is no one Trump could have as press secretary who would get treated any better by the media jackals. Every day Spicer faces an army of critics who have smart phones and producers on Google checking every word he says. Did you think they were all smart enough to know when to call out Spicer?

      Yes Spicer stepped in it, just as the arrogant media mavens do regularly. Then the purveyors of FakeNews are on him like vultures on fresh road kill.

      Give the guy a break, unless you want to volunteer to do the job in his place.

    2. Weak? He has attacked the power of the sacred MSM who thought they could dictate who was called on and the order because their historical control of the press conferences. The media certainly thinks he is not a pushover since they do their best to trip him up. NBC, ABC and CBS led their evening newscasts with Spicer's comparison statement on chemical weapons use, not NoKo's threats against us.
      And of course his statement didn't mean what the media wrote/said on the basis of its context. So now he has to be extremely specific to make sure the media sees he is comparing easily understood apples with apples. Good thing he didn't say the Axis powers instead of Nazis since Italy used mustard agent against the Ethiopians in early 1936. But that could be attacked too since Germany and Italy didn't sign their agreement until later in 1936, assuming the media talking heads did some research.
      It is difficult to do any comparison or issue a statement you haven't completely researched for all the "what ifs" and not get tripped up by some actual or perceived detail the media wants to use against you. Hey, they'll even make up news if it supports their ideology.

    3. Oh, evil bloggerlady,
      Many confuse being nice with being weak.
      Sean Spicer is trying to be nice. Do not confuse that with weakness.
      You would be better off betting against one Donald J Trump

    4. evil is alt right, so he wants full tilt 24/7.

      He's a good guy, but he gets the bit in his teeth.

    5. Come on boys, you are saying there is no better Press Secretary out there? Spicer's weak. I do not want him fired but I definitely want him to improve. I hope he grows into the job and can use that lecturn he is standing behind to help President Trump in his mission.

  2. It's going to be a long 4-8 years because the radical lefties simply won't stop. They've been at it so long that I've become desensitized to it. Now it's just annoying background chatter. - Elric

  3. In 2013, the NYT made the same Hitler gas assertion.

  4. "No Western army used gas on the battlefield during the global slaughter of World War II. Hitler, himself gassed during World War I, refused to order its use against combatants, however willing he and the Nazis were to gas noncombatant Jews, Gypsies and others."

  5. "He does not have broad appeal throughout the party; he is unacceptable to the party’s establishment".
    Trump's appeal is that he is unacceptable to the party's establishment, unacceptable to the media, unacceptable to hollyweird, unacceptable to the faux academics, unacceptable to the gruberment AND unacceptable to the deep state apparatus.

  6. Stand behind your man, Mr. Trump.

  7. The MSM is of no importance. Give'em a dime and tell them to call somebody who gives a shit.

    1. Nam, they ARE important. My number one comedy source. Funnier than The Big Bang Theory.

  8. Of course there are the hundreds of times the press demanded biden be fired for saying something stupid. Wait, that didn't happen, ever. Everyone knew he was an idiot and did not expect much from him.

  9. Spicer isn't my favorite but I say keep him. Give him a chance to grow into the job. F the mainstream media. He does have to go into that room full of smart asses all lined up against him and waiting for him to stumble. Myself I would have fewer of those briefings and I would start tossing out the bad apples the first time they act up, e.g., April The Goodyear Blimp Ryan. What are they going to do? There is nothing the mandates these briefings. Trump and Spicer should show remind them they are doing them a favor, to mind their manners when visiting someone else's place, and who is the friggin boss.

  10. They had a meeting on November 9th. They don't fire them now, they give them Pulitzer's.