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Monday, April 10, 2017

An example of why the Power of the Press is no more

There is no Power of the Press.

It's gone. Evaporated. Disappeared. Is no more. Ceased to be. Rests in peace. Joined the choir invisible.

Let me give you an example from Sunday's "This Week" on ABC News.

Clinton spokesman (no one believes he's "ex") George Stephanopoulos hosted the show. The highlight was a discussion among him and three others.

He described them as:
Our chief political analyst Matthew Dowd, also author of the new book, "A New Way," we've got it right here. Republican strategist Kristen Soltis Anderson. And Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher, author of "A Black Man in the White House."
However, Soltis Anderson's Republican credentials are in doubt. On the day Donald Trump clinched the nomination, she tweeted:
I registered Republican when I was 18 because I thought free markets and liberty were important. Not sure what "Republican" means today.
It is not just the stacked deck against Trump, but the incompetence of the panelists as well.

Dowd had assured the nation two days before the election that Hillary was a shoo-in:
I think she's got about a 95 chance to win this election, and I think she's going to have a higher margin than Barack Obama did in 2012. Higher margin. She's going to win by more than 5 million votes. She's going to win a higher percentage. And interestingly she's going to have a more diverse coalition than Barack Obama even did when you take the final vote into consideration. Every piece of data points in that direction.
So you have three anti-Trumpers (Stephanopoulos, Soltis Anderson, and Belcher) and a political expert who blew the election by 95% providing their insights.

Why? What do they have to offer besides No, No, No?

Shouldn't ABC News get someone on such a panel who actually got the election right? Mark Steyn, Byron York, and Salena Zito, for example. In fact, Michael Savage would jump at the opportunity. Besides, he could use the money to pay his medical bills after an anti-Trump fascist saw him at a restaurant and beat up Savage, age 75.

Nevertheless, the haters and the wrong plugged on. Stephanopoulos raised reports of internecine in-fighting among President Trump's top advisers.
DOWD: The three faces of Donald Trump. Right? This is not -- this is not Reince Priebus' problem, or Steve Bannon's problem, or Jared Kushner's problem. This is Donald Trump's problem because Donald Trump hasn't come up to what is the fiber of his politics.What is the fiber of his principles? What does he stand for?
Mind you, Dowd has been covering Trump for a couple of years. By now he should know that as a chief executive officer, Trump likes to hear all sides of an argument.

As for the "fiber" of Trump's politics, it is silk, He wants the best for him and his country.

Then there was this:
STEPHANOPOULOS: How does it play out -- I imagine it must have a lot of Republicans worried?
SOLTIS ANDERSON: Well, this is a concern for a lot of really conservative Republicans during the Republican primary, back a year or longer ago -- was Donald Trump actually going to be a conservative president? Or do things that Republican voters on the right really liked?
You saw this play out during the health care debate now about where does Donald Trump fall on the subject.
It's like the blind Indians describing an elephant.

The media could not stop The Donald because they did not understand him, his appeal, or his voters. Now the media tries to tell us they have insight into his presidency?

What is the reason to tune in this show? Or more precisely, what is the purpose of this end segment where the toothless chew the fat?

At best they cheer-lead the Election Deniers, a demographic that will diminish over time as President Trump continues to prove them wrong and sets out to Make America Great Again.

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  1. Excellent analysis. Thanks for watching this crap so I need not. 'Toothless chewing the fat', perfect.

    1. That's called "gumming" the fat, and the fat is winning the battle.

  2. I have problems watching any MSM program after seeing/hearing too many lies and omissions by them. Even FNC gets me going sometimes especially when they allow some "fair and balanced" Leftist commentator to get away with lies; and some Right wings ones do too. The Left says/Right says talking point debates enrage me and so many of the FNC programs now have them.
    I want independent comments/viewpoints so that I can have at least a reasonably responsible viewpoint to evaluate and provide info for my own research.
    Don, I thank you for providing that commentary, as does Dr. "Instapundent" Reynolds, IMO and a few others on the Internet.

  3. To a liberal, a difference of opinion is a catastrophic, destructive event (and their wish for the Trump presidency). To a businessman, they are keys and clues to success.

    To a blind Indian, the four panelists all felt like a$$hole$.

  4. Sunday is the Lord's day, and lemme tell ya, at least 95 percent of journos are way far away from the Lord. Why would I wanna harsh my mellow watching these people bloviate? Plus, my kids (30 and 35) have never subscribed to a newspaper, political magazine, or newsletter and they don't watch TV news either. The world has changed. The MSM refuses to change with it. Newspapers will be the first domino to fall, causing a chain reaction that will be cool to watch.

  5. Take a look at the Drudge page everyday. More gloom more Doom now than ever. Drudge himself may be on the right but he has to have some content. The media knows it's reputation is lousy but to give DT a break would be to admit their sins. Never. They hope to recover by just hanging on, reading their holy NYKoran for guidance in troubled times(they do, more than you can believe), find solace in it's Fatwahs,fables and parables, direct hatred against their more successful enemies like O'Reilly or Bannon, just keep tolling the dirge of resentment and anger. Their dark bearded God from the Reading Room of the British Museum promised them victory and they believe in him,truly, His promise of rightful and unquestioned rule by them, His righteous servants.

  6. "What is the reason to tune in this show?"

    Like most media, it is entertainment.

    1. Only if you like that kind of thing,

  7. I watch the Sunday Shows for the same reason that I watch The View - uh, I don't.

  8. I don't watch either, so I am very glad Don does.

    On the other hand, it is like a train wreck. Morbidly fascinating.


  9. I would need multiple espressos to make it through the Sunday am shows. I used to watch McLaughlin when PJB was a regular, John M was a throwback and was a great emcee and I don't think tilted either way. He's gone, though. As far as the boob tube goes, I think the whole thing is circling the bowl. Teens and early 20somethings, I guess these are millenials, don't watch anything, do they? All TV programming is dominated by commercials, I believe this old business model is going the way of the telegraph.

    1. Stephanopoulos being an emcee of blockheads, I guess that makes him an emcee-squared.

  10. Long ago I used to watch TV on Sunday mornings just for Charles "The Bigamist" Kuralt's show, "On the Road," but I haven't watched any of the Sunday news and opinion shows for decades, for all the many reasons others have posted here. Other than to satisfy their FCC public content requirements, why do the networks even bother with them? How many people are watching them? Can't be many....

  11. It's not just Already Been Chewed and the Clinton staff.
    cf. Fox.
    Two-four words: Judith Miller et al. and the other resident Trump supporter experts (the very same Judith Miller who called Kelleyanne Conway wrong this morning on ME policy.)
    Legacy for nearly all of them is, well, just expired legacy. Have fun at NewsMax Judith.

    'nuff said.