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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Tweet of the day


  1. How swanky. Like New York City Society just a century ago

    "These implacable costumes, male and female, reflected the prevailing credo as to the relations between the sexes. The ideal woman was the sheltered lady, swathed not only in silk and muslin but in innocence and propriety, and the ideal man, whether a pillar of rectitude or a gay dog, virtuously protected the person and reputation of such tender creatures as were entrusted to his care. If unmarried, a girl must be accompanied by a chaperone whenever she ventured out to an evening’s entertainment in the city. If she were a daughter of the rich, a maid might take the place of the chaperone; it was never quite clear, under these circumstances, who was suppose to protect the maid’s virtue. Eleanor Roosevelt has recorded in her autobiography her relief when, at the age of twenty or so, she found that her friend Bob Ferguson was considered close enough to the family to be permitted to escort her home from evening parties at the studio of Bay Emmett the painter. “Otherwise I always had to have a maid wait form me — that was one of the rules my grandmother had laid down.” And Jame W. Gerard has added his testimony as to the iron code which still governed New York Society in that period. “Even when I was thirty years old,” wrote Gerard in his old age, “if I had asked a girl to dine with me alone, I would have been kicked down her front steps. If I had offered her a cocktail, I would have been tossed out of Society for my boorish effrontery.” Needless to add that a woman must never be seen in a bar — or even a smoking car.

    "The chaperone was, to be sure, chiefly an urban institution. In the smaller places, especially west of the Alleghenies, and among city people vacationing in the country, the rules were greatly relaxed."

    --'The Big Change: America Transforms Itself 1900-1950' (1952), Frederick Allen Lewis

    1. I was dating in the mid-60s, and even then it was disgraceful for a female to enter a bar alone. People, especially males, thought you were a slut. When I was 18 (legal drinking age back then) and a HS senior, my girlfriend and I wanted to celebrate handing in our turn papers on time. So we went to a bar in town late afternoon and sat as close as we could to the door. Two females “unescorted,” but at least we were together and it was not after dark. I met my husband-to-be that afternoon and we began dating. We would meet up at that bar every night. I was in my wild-child stage, but even I wouldn’t venture into a bar by myself unless I was meeting someone. So he always called to say when he’d be at the bar. (We got married 3 months to the day later. That was 1968 and we’re still married.)

    2. GREAT story, Kitty! Yeah, that 3.2 percent beer we could drink in Colorado when I was 18 still felt good hitting the gullet. Nice big pitchers.

      Congrats on staying together. I think lasting marriages are the glue that keeps our society together.

    3. Congrats, Kitty. My wife and I hit 40 years in 2016. I figure one of us will have to bury the other.

  2. I await news of Feminist Outrage at Starbucks. I suppose it will be coming, eventually, once they know of this. 'Tis an article of faith!

  3. But shame on North Carolina for their bathroom law.

  4. Imagine, that paragon of diversity, love, and tolerance, Starbucks -- Starbucks!! -- supporting discrimination against women. Howard Schulz could not be reached for comment.

  5. A classic Sean Delonas cartoon, from 2003, showing how they treat their women.

  6. 1966:
    A tourist in Israel is talking to an arab sheikh: "Who are all those women way behind you?"
    Sheikh: "My wives. They must walk twenty paces behind me at all times."
    Tourist: : "Why?"
    Sheikh: "Religion and tradition."

    1967: (Following the Six-Day War.)

    Tourist again meets the same sheikh: "Hello, again. Who are all those women walking in front of you?"
    Sheikh: "My wives. They must walk twenty paces ahead of me at all times."
    Tourist: "Why?"
    Sheikh: "Land mines."

    - Elric

  7. Heck, every day is a day w/o women in Saudi businesses!