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Monday, March 27, 2017

The nation's No. 1 problem

The nation's No. 1 problem is President Trump won, and the media and the Marxists won't accept their defeat.

The temper tantrum from these credentialed elitists threatens the nation's future more than terrorists, Mexican drug cartels, and Chinese imports do -- combined. It is unhealthy when ill-educated partisans control the airwaves and preach that the nation is led by a Hitler.

Anderson Cooper of CNN, for example, failed to challenge Vicente Fox when Mexico's former president tried to portray as a Hitler.

Such irresponsible broadcasting is part of Time-Warner's marketing strategy to target as its audience only the 48% who voted for Hillary. Polls show that they have more money, are spendthrifts, and are easily fooled by such unscientific nonsense as global warming.

These rubes are easier marks for CNN's advertisers.

But does the constant barrage of anti-Trump noise help or hurt the country?

Consider the numerous anti-fascist attacks on peaceful, Trump supporters at rallies across the country.

CNN's headline and lead paragraph blamed Trump:
Trump rally turns violent
Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters clashed at two pro-Trump rallies in California and Oregon.
Trump's rally did not turn violent of its own accord.

Masked fascists did.

That's the only word to describe people who use violence to shut down a rally.

Slip-shod and biased reporting encourages the violence because the media now accepts masked men pushing, shoving, and pepper-spraying peaceful marchers.

So much for standing up for the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble.

But hey, if your Top Anchor accepts as a fact that the president is a Hitler then not only is it acceptable, but it would be one's duty to stop Hitler and the Nazis who support him, right?

The Left is loco now, and the media feds that beast. Some evidence.

From the Hill:
Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) in an interview Sunday morning slammed Democrats for opposing Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, saying the "left is going insane after Trump won the election."
“This has nothing to do with Neil, it has everything to do with the Democratic base and the hard left taking over the Democratic Party,” Graham told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo.
Then there are liberals like Ted Koppel.

From the Daily Mail:
In a CBS 'Sunday Morning' segment, the veteran news journalist said he thinks Hannity, a Fox News commentator, is 'bad for America.'
Hannity said, of the difference between commentary shows such as his own and actual news programs: 'We have to give some credit to the American people that they are somewhat intelligent and that they know the difference between an opinion show and a news show.'
Hannity then called Koppel 'cynical,' which Koppel affirmed.
Hannity asked: 'Do you think we're bad for America? You think I'm bad for America?'
Koppel said 'yes' and that 'in the long haul' such 'influential' talk shows as Hannity's hurt the American people.
Ted Koppel's refusal to accept the will of people as legitimate is what is wrong with this nation. He thinks he is better than us.

Koppel blended news and commentary for decades on "Night Line" without ever acknowledging his bias. He is an elitist snob limo liberal who brings shame to journalism, which once was a respectable trade.

Finally, there is Katherine Miller, BuzzFeed News Politics Editor, who blames President Trump for what she calls a national nervous breakdown.

From Miller:
Everything might seem so normal, then you unlock your phone and — bam — everything gets LOUD again. You have almost certainly had this experience: You wake up in the morning or from a nap or walk out of a movie, then check Facebook, Twitter, your texts to find people mid-thought, context-free, frozen in emotion, angry at Trump or the Trump people or the anti-Trump people or the media, angry and mocking at hypocrisy whose details aren’t yet clear to you, angry at how ineffectual someone is, or maybe they’re doing something even more indecipherable — it’s not anger, it’s just a meme or a quotation or a screenshot with “lol” or “2017” or just an emoji.
The mystery begins: What happened? What has Trump done now?
Trump has done nothing -- except defeat the media and the Marxists.

The media went all in against him in the election.

And lost.

Instead of acting adult and accepting defeat, we have all these crybabies blasting President Trump 24/7.

He is the first president since Lincoln not to receive a honeymoon in the press.

Miller wrote:
Trump’s presidency currently poses a fundamental question for each person: Is this overall moment weird but ephemeral, maybe not so bad — or is it an emergency? Given the current level of uncertainty (does Trump really mean X?) and the sheer volume of incoming information (what will Trump do tomorrow?), each day demands your judgment. Is this normal? Is this normal? Is this normal?
These questions are exhausting. And sometimes they drift in a slightly more meta direction. There’s, for instance, a tide of previous apolitical, or softly political, people now sorting out where politics is OK (South Beach Wine and Food Festival) and where it is not (a Facebook group for Outlander fans).
Parts of the left have become obsessed with enforcing the purest standard of resistance to Trump for their own party — how total can opposition be? That must be the standard.
Parts of the conservative movement have devolved into an “anti-anti-Trump right” — consumed with attacking the left or clowning the media, and backing themselves into indirectly defending the president. As Jonathan V. Last recently wrote, “Trump is the thing. And focusing on the excesses of the anti-Trump forces means focusing on a meta-issue rather than the primary issue.”
This is what it’s like to experience true dissonance. 
Who can blame us, though?
I can.

Most certainly I can blame the media for their bigoted, biased, and belligerent betrayal of the basics of journalism.

Miller and most of the media are acting loony.

She and her comrades are responsible for their irresponsible, unprofessional, and unacceptable behavior since June 16, 2015, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president.

People in the media like Miller need to get new jobs because the hyper-partisanship of their media reports hurt this nation by encouraging easily persuaded young thugs into becoming fascists.

More than 200 of them rioted in the streets on Inauguration Day.

That should have given pause to anyone who cares about the future of this country.

And their own mental health.

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  1. These are the same people who say things like we could solve all of our problems if we could just sit down and talk things out and get together. Problem is it turns out there is only one set of conditions they are willing to do that, and that is under conditions that they set. If they were really as pragmatic as they claim to be they would be able to come to terms with reality. No. They want reality to match up with their own fantasy. Unless someone in the legitimate leadership of the left can convince their people that things can't go on like this we will eventually come to bloodshed. Well, our side is ready. They were comforting themselves the last eight years that they had the military.
    I got one question. Do ya feel lucky, punk?

  2. The Fifth Column is alive and well and living in the Democrat Party. It's time we dusted off some of our most potent anti-sedition and espionage laws and started taking names and prosecuting these miscreants. The Dakota Access pipeline has seen repeated acts of sabotage. It's time to post armed guards, shoot on sight, and shoot to kill. We cannot allow the Left to get away with overt acts of destruction. - Elric

  3. Koppel would like to have the "Fairness Doctrine" reestablished and ENFORCED. Such a bummer for him.

  4. liberals are very reasonable as long as you go along willingly with their belief system. Otherwise jeez watch out. Reminds me of every time a major gun massacre happens. Many on the left will say, why won't you right wingers 'have a conversation with us about guns'? Well, the reason is that 'conversation's' purpose is only to determine the degree of my surrender of my gun rights. That's the entire purpose, and I won't entertain it for a moment. I actually prefer the hard lefties that openly admit they want to turn all guns into license plates.

  5. "Consider the numerous 'anti-fascist' attacks on peaceful, Trump supporters at rallies across the country."- I've added the scare quotes which 'anti-fascist' needs, as these are actual fascists in masquerade!

    Other than that quibble- a great column, Don!

  6. Ted Baxter, sorry, Koppel is a salutary warning of what happens when egomaniacism replaces journalism.

  7. The nervous breakdown is not the Nation's, it's the Left's. And only about 24% of the public at large voted for the Beast.

    Less, if you throw out the illegals, corpses, and other Democrat constituencies.

    "Trump rally turns violent" is the sort of stuff in every Lefty news organization's style manual.

  8. It's everywhere now:

  9. We should load all these whimpering Marxists on a plane a deposit them in a Marxist country where they can be safely cocooned for eight years and get proper inoculations against capitalism. If thy were in north Korea for example, they could enjoy "earth hour" 24 hours a day 365 days a year instead of having to remember to shut the light off at seven.
    Assuming of course that Kim Yuck Foo doesn't stand them in front of an air defense gun.

  10. Dead nuts on brother surber. Fist bump

  11. This a 'must read' across the political spectrum. Perhaps it would sway some on the left who haven't gone completely bonkers.