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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hillary fund-raiser busted for cheating workers

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, hosted a fund-raiser for Hillary during the Democratic National Convention last summer.

His company just got busted for cheating 16,339 minimum- and low-wage employees.

First, from the Hollywood Reporter last summer: "Disney's Bob Iger Among Hosts of Hillary Clinton Fundraiser at Haim Saban's House (Exclusive)."

Next, from the Orlando Sentinel on Friday:
The Walt Disney Co. has agreed to provide $3.8 million in back wages to thousands of hotel- and timeshare-resort workers after the U.S. Labor Department investigated violations of minimum wage, overtime and record keeping rules.
Disney will pay back wages to 16,339 employees. That averages out to about $233 per worker.
The labor department said employees were routinely not paid for 15 minutes of work before and after shifts. Disney also deducted a uniform expense that caused some workers’ hourly rates to fall below the federal minimum wage. And the resort failed to maintain required records of hours worked by certain employees.
The department would not say what prompted its investigation.
The agreement covers almost 700 employees who worked at the Old Key West Resort since November 2013. An additional 15,000 employees working at other Florida resorts since January 2015 also will receive compensation.
Lest one thinks this is payback, President Trump overlooked Iger's support to include him in Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum.

Iger is your typical limo liberal. His fortune is estimated at $100 million. His rhetoric is pro-liberal. His actions are illegal exploitation of minimum-wage workers.

Democrats are the frenemy of the people.


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  1. And didn't Disney bring in foreign workers an then have their people train these people as their replacements.

  2. And didn't Disney bring in foreign workers an then have their people train these people as their replacements.

  3. only Hillary Clinton fund raising
    could ruin the Magic Kingdom & Mickey Mouse
    4 kids around the world

  4. They're still the party of slavery.

  5. Matters not cause a guy can pee in the ladies room.