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Monday, March 20, 2017

Hey elitists, Trump voters knew what we were doing

Concern trolling by Marxist members of the media since we elected Donald Trump president greatly amuses me.

Typical of these trolls was Ezra Klein's piece, "Defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting won’t kill PBS. It will hurt Trump voters."

Dude: We Do Not Want PBS.

We're the "slobs" who watch "Duck Dynasty," NASCAR, and "The Andy Griffith Show," remember?

(That's the stereotype. I watch none of those shows.)

Nevertheless, he insisted:
It’s true that just over 23 percent of the CPB’s budget (nearly entirely derived from the federal government) goes toward the development and acquisition of television and radio programming. And, yes, losing that stipend will hurt PBS and NPR on some level — though the difference will probably be covered by private funding, whether thanks to corporations, grant foundations, or the famous “viewers like you.”
But most of the federal government’s dollars to CPB (just over 65 percent) go toward one thing: keeping rural PBS and NPR stations alive. These stations only continue to operate due to funding from the federal government. If Trump’s proposed budget becomes law, PBS and NPR themselves will continue to exist, on TV, on the radio, and on digital platforms. So will local affiliates in major urban areas. But many of those rural stations will be shuttered.
The rural areas served by those stations backed Trump heavily. He received 62 percent of the vote in rural counties. Thus, his budget’s proposed defunding of CPB is yet another way that a policy proposed by Trump seems as if it will have the most adverse effect on those who voted for him.
Now why do you think the rural stations need the most welfare money from Washington?

Because rural viewers do not want it. We don't donate as much as the urban people do during these fund-raising drives.

The most popular PBS shows are, in order, "Great Performances," "Masterpiece Theater," "Frontline," "PBS Newshour," and "A Chef's Life," according to PBS.

It's spinach and we do not want it.

Only fascists would force upon people entertainment they do not want.

And surely the elitists in this country oppose that.

But the big glop of elitist snobbery is the argument that repealing and replacing Obamacare "hurts" Trump voters most.

In February, Martha Wallace of NBC reported:
Donald Trump's most ardent supporters are likely to be hit the hardest if he makes good on his promise to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and embark on trade wars with China and Mexico.
"I think you're going to get a disproportionate impact on people who supported Donald Trump but maybe don't realize that his policies may end up hurting them instead of helping them," said Michael O. Moore, a professor of economics and international affairs at George Washington University.
According to Gallup data, the number of Americans without health insurance was just under 11 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, down from roughly 17 percent three years earlier.
Odds are, a large number of those newly insured were Trump voters: An analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 6.3 million of the 11.5 million Americans who used the ACA marketplace to buy their insurance last year live in Republican Congressional districts.
Left out of her piece was:
  1. The reason the uninsured number fell is that Obamacare required people to buy health insurance whether they wanted it or not. Even at that, one in nine Americans managed to not get the mandated insurance.
  2. 54.5% of the country lives in a Republican district, which is how Kaiser derived that 6.3 million figure.
By leaving out key facts, Martha Wallace of NBC reported Fake News because it was opinion disguised as a straight news story.

Her opinion is Trump supporters hurt themselves by electing him.

She is wrong.

But her opinion is as common in the media today as the idea that Trump had no way in hell of winning was six months ago.

Trump voters knew what they were doing.

They want to Make America Great Again. Mike Tobin of Fox News visited Hazard, Kentucky -- long a liberal poster child for "Evil Coal" -- and found the town is starting to recover from Obama's eight-year War on Coal.

From Mike Tobin:
“I love mining coal,” Carlos Sturdill said 250 feet underground in the E4-1 mine in Hazard. That mine shut down in the Obama years. There are many factors that allowed the mine to re-open and people like Sturdill to get back to work.
For starters, the entire economy has seen a bump. That has created a demand for steel. The high-quality coal that comes out of Appalachia is well suited for making steel.
“I’m glad to be working. I’m thankful I’ve got a job again,” Sturdill said. 
Coal miners like to mine coal. They are highly skilled and trained workers who are well-compensated. They do not want to be re-trained as computer programs.

And Trump voters do not want Obamacare because it raised deductibles, raised premiums, and reduced health care. You could not keep your doctor (I am on my third).

Obamacare also raised distrust of both the government and the media because Obama and the media lied, lied, lied, and lied some more in order to pass it.

The Marxist members of the media may believe they know best for Trump voters, but this is a free country -- or at least we are trying to free it again -- where Trump voters decide what is best for Trump voters.

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  1. Did one of those rat bastards say something bad about Uncle Si?

    1. uh, not while he had that Mossberg pump in his hand duck hunting....

    2. I like Si's story about his tea glass. It may even be true.

  2. Why not get Helipad Gal there to conduct a poll in the relevant areas?

  3. They only think they know us, what we want, and they just can't figure out why we don't want what they think we ought to want. nOt that they really care, of course.

  4. Elites insist us dumb hicks vote against our own interests
    The elites, see, know what our interests are much better than we do.
    Lol We truly are ruled by our inferiors.

  5. Don Surber: The report on the reopening of the Hazard County E-4 Mine is incorrect. It says we need coal to make the steel to fuel expansion but we do not. Electric Furnace mills are America's successful steelmakers and U.S. Steel's dangerous and outdated blast furnaces require coke from coal. USS is even having difficulty reopening its Minnesota ore mining operations. Today's American steel comes from scrap metal. USS promised 10,000 new jobs and so far no progress toward that goal. The din from crony capitalists looking for a handout from Trump is reaching higher octaves.

    As for healthcare: "And Trump voters do not want Obamacare because it raised deductibles, raised premiums, and reduced health care. You could not keep your doctor (I am on my third)."

    That goes for conservative non-Trump voters as well, but that is not Trump's plan. Trump hailed the house plan known to conservatives as Obamacare II as “our wonderful new healthcare bill”. The bill comes complete with a tax penalty for those who refuse to sign-up! Continging to allow the government to expand further into health insurance and healthcare is a disaster that we have been screaming about for eight years.

    1. Steel without carbon. Yeah, that'll work.

    2. Dave, that's the sickest burn I've read today. AHAHAHA! Glad I'd just swallowed that mouthful of Bud or my wife would be pissed at me for staining up the carpet.

    3. Gadfly is Rosie O'Donnell.

    4. P.S. The reason why the iron mines are having a problem is because of the meddling of the DEMOCRATS who run the state of Minnesota. The Democrats want the unions to control the workers ($$$$$$$ in kickbacks and bribes-it's the DFL way) where the company wants the workers to choose if they want to be in a union or not.

    5. Hey gadfly, how do they power those ELECTRIC furnaces? Unicorn farts and pixie dust? No, coal fired generators like the one just over the hill from my house.
      I have this beautiful 156 ft tall steel pipe standing in my front yard with cables on it the size of beer cans, eight in all, that feed power to rural America, and the small hub of a community which will soon house the new National Bio and Agri-defense Facility, as well as a host of homes, businesses and other assorted things.
      Nuclear power would be ok with me, but liberals (like you) obstruct their construction as well.

    6. gadfly and her fellow travelers like bird killing windmills that could barely power a coffee maker. They like air travel and air conditioning -- for them - but they want Trump voters to ride bikes, live in tents, and wash our clothes on a rock in the river. They hate birds. Such haters. Oh and they didn't pass jr high school chemistry or physics either. They are great democrat voters.

  6. Democracy is people voting how they want for the candidate they want even if objectively it is not in their best interest. ObamaCare or TrumpCare may offer the best possible health insurance man can devise, but as long as it is compulsory or comes with a penalty if I don't buy it, then I don't want it. Freedom is about having choices in life. Government has a role in regulating the health/medical industry to ensure it is safe for consumers, but it stops at the point where I am told I have to patronize that industry.

  7. One correction. It is arugula we dont want. Spinach is a kissing cousin of greens.

    1. Palate by Pop-eye, physique by Bluto, huh? I can dig that.

  8. PBS could thrive on the sale of Sesame Street merchandise alone.

  9. I avoid watching BS and especially Progressive BS. If you don't See BS, you don't get your brain washed like gadfly.

  10. Chris Christie shut down and sold New Jersey's PBS/CPB network in June 2011. No one misses it... and this in the heart of Acela country.