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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Fixing a lefty headline

"Trump Can't Accept That His Allies Are Targeting Jews — So He Blames His Opponents," read the headline of a story by Robert Mackey of the Intercept.

The headline should read: "President Trump Was Absolutely Right."
That is correct.

Police arrested Juan Thompson, a former reporter for the online site, in connection with bomb threats to the Anti-Defamation League and several Jewish community centers. He blames an ex-girlfriend who is white. He's black. He's also a Muslim. And a communist.

Some might even say he is a Marxist Muslim.

He is also charged with cyber-stalking the ex-girlfriend.

But he is also innocent until proven guilty.

On Tuesday, Mackey wrote:
Trump Can't Accept That His Allies Are Targeting Jews — So He Blames His Opponents
A WAVE OF ATTACKS on Jewish cemeteries and bomb threats against Jewish community centers might not be anti-Semitic acts but “the reverse,” Donald Trump hinted darkly on Tuesday, according to Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania’s attorney general.
Trump’s apparent embrace of a conspiracy theory popular on white supremacist websites — that the president’s political opponents might have staged the incidents to frame him or his supporters — came during a White House meeting with state attorneys general. At the meeting, Shapiro asked Trump about the spike in anti-Semitic acts during his presidency, including the vandalism of more than 100 tombstones at the Mount Carmel Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia on Saturday night. Shapiro found Trump’s response “a bit curious.”
Once police arrested Juan Thompson, the Intercept changed the headline to:
Updated: Trump Suggests Anti-Semitic Acts Might Be Faked to Make His Movement “Look Bad”
Mackey and the Intercept should always remember this retired newspaperman's advice for anti-Trump news outlets: Always double-check and check again any story that casts aspersions on President Trump because you already have blown your credibility by predicting he would never, ever win.
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  1. I'm just guessing but I suspect that amongst Trump voters it's

    !. USA
    2. Israel
    3. Anybody else

    1. In other words,

      1. Snoopy
      2. Woodstock
      3. Cat next door

  2. The Intercept? The Overstepped, more like. Or possibly, The Overslept.

  3. Updated: Trump Suggests Anti-Semitic Acts Might Be Faked to Make His Movement “Look Bad”

    NOT faked, Intercept "reporter" blew the ID. What reason does he have to believe this was done by Trump supporters? Trump got it right, and the Intercpt was shot down in flames. FLAMES, I say;.

  4. Anti-Semitism in all of its various forms is a hallmark of the Left. Ask Hillary Clinton how she feels about Jews. - Elric