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Monday, March 27, 2017

Fake News vs. Fox News in reporting an airline kerfuffle

United Airlines barred two teenage girls from boarding an airplane in Denver because they wore leggings. This violated the rules for using the United ride pass used by employees and their relatives.

The upholding of its rules drew the wrath of professional busybody Shannon Watts, head of the Bloomberg-funded Astroturf group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, which opposes at least one amendment to the Constitution.

She tweeted about it and the Fake News media initially ran stories without comment from the airline, but boy did they quote Watts.

“I have five kids: four of them are women. They wear yoga pants all of the time when flying. I think this policy is arbitrary and sexist. It singles out women for their clothing and sexualizes little girls,” Watts told the Washington Post.

But why quote her? She knew nothing about the case. She just happened to be at the airport waiting to board a different airplane.

Oh wait. She is a Marxist and the liberal media never questions their word or their motive.

The Associated Press decided model Chrissy Teigen is an expert on airline travel. The wire service quoted a tweet, “I have flown United before with literally no pants on. Just a top as a dress. Next time I will wear only jeans and a scarf.”

This happened on Sunday.

Today, the airline's side of the story is being told.


After eight paragraphs (six devoted to Watts's opinion) and re-posting four tweets from her, the New York Times finally reported:
Jonathan Guerin, a spokesman for United, confirmed that two teenage girls were told they could not board a flight from Denver to Minneapolis because their leggings violated the company’s dress code policy for “pass travelers,” a company benefit that allows United employees and their dependents to travel for free on a standby basis.
Mr. Guerin said pass travelers are “representing” the company and as such are not allowed to wear Lycra and spandex leggings, tattered or ripped jeans, midriff shirts, flip-flops or any article of clothing that shows their undergarments.
“It’s not that we want our standby travelers to come in wearing a suit and tie or that sort of thing,” he said. “We want people to be comfortable when they travel as long as it’s neat and in good taste for that environment.”
He said both teenage girls stayed behind in Denver, “made an adjustment” to their outfits and waited for the next flight to Minneapolis. Mr. Guerin did not know if they had successfully boarded or not, and also had no information about the girl Ms. Watts said she saw change into a dress at the gate.
Oh so that is it.

The airline does not want to be represented by employees or their families who dress like slobs.

Seems like a small price to pay for the trip.

The Fox News account began:
United Airlines came under fire Sunday after two teenage girls were barred by a gate attendant from boarding a flight from Denver to Minneapolis because they were wearing leggings.
The girls, whose ages were not specified, were not allowed onto the morning flight because they were traveling under an employee travel pass that includes a specific dress code, airline spokesman Jonathan Guerin said.
That is how grown-ups report the news.

Who, what, where, when, why, and how -- and oh, get both sides of the story in. Equally.

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  1. For the useless leftist a vigorous two minute hate every day refreshes the spirit, especially in these depressing Trump Times of dark sorrow and regret.

  2. Put me down as FOR a dress code for everyone who flies. A personal hygiene code should be enforced as well. Who wants to spend a long flight sitting next to a smelly slob with who knows which body part(s) hanging out or exposed? Flying used to be fun. Please don't let the passengers make it any worse than the TSA already has. - Elric

  3. NYT: Anything that fits the narrative is printed.

  4. Well, as a guy I don't mind seeing some women in leggings- or yoga pants, or whatever those garments are that seem to be painted on; sadly, all too often women who should avoid those garments like the plague wear them constantly. All I can do then is shudder and avert my eyes.

    All that said, to me the main point is that these women were flying for FREE on a company pass, and the company has every right to expect decorum from those people given that priviledge. It is NOT a right! No one was being abused!

    Of course the #LyingMedia is going to scream their "narrative" rather than do an honest report. That's why I'm here at Don Surber's, so that I can get the straight story!

    1. Exactly, Esky. They fought the law and the law won. I'm totally good with that. Swallow your medicine, snowflakes. Maybe you'll learn something from this, but...I doubt it.

    2. what part of "Dress code do they not understand?

  5. Some time back I was on a trip to Anchorage,got a window seat and they guy next to me brought
    Stinky cheese and picked eggs to eat enroute. Needless to say I was not pleased. However I cut him some considerable slack when I found out he was
    a real live, "Ice road Trucker." he gave me information that was well. interesting.. He ask me what I did at he time. told him it was :"Dropping slimy red mud on burning trees from antique aeroplanes." He said:"You guys are nuts!" Took it as a complement. TG McCoy

    1. "Dropping slimy red mud on burning trees from antique aeroplanes."

      The performance art you love, at a price you can afford.

  6. Could we also ban flip-flops, and tank tops on men also?

  7. The airlines have become the "Greyhound of the Skies". I have enjoyed free travel on Delta (they have a dress code, also) and I dressed appropriately. It's no big thing.

  8. The dress code for airline employee families who fly free on standby is quite reasonable and AFAIK, a standard in the industry. People who bitch about it don't know what they're talking about.

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