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Monday, March 06, 2017

Escape from "Nineteen Eighty-Four"

After eight years of Newspeak, perpetual wars, and a government that spies on dissenters, patriotic Americans elected Donald Trump president and slowly the nation struggles to climb out of the national abyss of globalism -- a polite word for One World Government.

The book "Nineteen Eighty-Four" was tough slog for me to read 45 years ago, but its message of the inherent oppressiveness of government got through to me.

Millions of other patriotic Americans also got the message and elected President Trump.

They did so despite President Trump's gaffes -- maybe because of them since the gaffes show he is a billionaire businessman and not some money-grubbing, pay-to-play, slick politician whose crease of the pant is right.

Patriotic Americans won despite President Trump being outspent 2-to-1.

But the struggle continues, of course.

Fascists have attacked Trump supporters and rioted in an attempt to intimidate American citizens. In some incidents fascists have waved an Antifa flag that appears to be Nazi in origin.

Barack Obama used an absurd Russian connection to get a warrant to spy on Trump and his campaign. The media knows this because it published numerous transcripts from this unconstitutional espionage.

Now that President Trump has outed Obama as the spy he is, the lying media mob denies it ever published a thing from this unAmerican activity,

From the cosmopolitan journalist extraordinaire Taki Theodoracopulos today:
Because President Donald J. Trump is a realistic and intelligent man, he despises the press. Even though they started this war with him, yet they seem to lack both the honor and the insight to quit—or at least take a time-out to figure why their old tricks no longer work.
A study of Big Three evening newscasts for the first thirty days of Trump’s 1,000-year presidency found that Trump occupied 54% of all airtime on evening news—with 88% of the coverage negative. This is noteworthy because the survey purposely screened out “identified partisans” and focused only on comments by reporters and average citizens. Thus, you have anchors posing as objective journalists but making bitchy comments about “presidential statements divorced from reality” and “President Trump’s false claims.”
We are a tad disappointed at this study’s results. Not until media coverage of Trump is 100% negative will he be living up to his glorious potential.
These are the wages of the sin of going along to get along with liberals.

The time has come to tell the truth, because the truth is the only path out of Ninety Eighty Four.

Some examples:

* Bruce Jenner is a drag queen, not a Caitlyn.

* Islamophobia is a lie used to give radicals cover.

* Black Lives Matter is dog whistle code for Black Liberation Movement.

* The biggest water polluter in America is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which is responsible for dumping 3,500,000 gallons of toxins in the Animas River in Colorado.

We allowed ourselves to be cowed into not calling him Barack Hussein Obama.

Well, that is who he is.

The last eight years have been a nightmare for civil liberties.

None of the institutions of government nor the press did anything but accommodate this destruction of decency, honor, and the truth.

Now they conspire to deny President Trump his presidency.

The peaceful transition of power has not occurred.

But it is not hopeless. We hang together, or we hang separately.

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  1. The #BasedStickMan is rising while they beclown themselves.

  2. "...and as the Presidential race approaches the finish line..."

    "Hear that? Trump said "Finnish line". The mutha must be trying to sneak into Moscow the back way! Wire-tap that sucka!"

  3. "Presidential statements divorced from their version of reality."

    Fixed it for them.

  4. The peaceful transfer of power did not occur because of the Obama Bitter Clingers (Clingons) and their media minions.

  5. Read 1984 back in high school, thought it silly and boring. Re-read it last summer and it scared the hell out of me, seemed all-too-plausible.

  6. In conversation before the election a
    friend, married to a NYC Trump hating Hillary slobbering mega banker, summed up his wife's and her colleagues's opposition to Trump in 3 words: He can't be controlled.
    !984, which had a huge surge in NYC sales after Trump was elected, is all about control, of course. Most
    who have never read it but might have seen the crappy movie think it is all about telescreens and guys in black Mao suits, but it is far more. It is indeed a profound work about language. The hero Winston Smith is employed
    to not only rewrite history on a daily basis but, most importantly, to labor at destroying the meaning of words. We think in words, so without them there is no real thought, only impulse. Eric Blair, who wrote the book, was a journalist of the primordial type who lived the realities he wrote about, using words truly and well.. As a socialist writing in the 1940s, well acquainted with Stalin's methods, he understood their power, deeply so.
    Today's journalist knows little about words, but he has learned to distort language to suit the whim of powerful paymasters hidden behind telescreens watching carefully for deviations from required duty. He has actually become Winston Smith, a memory hole at his feet to delete yesterday's history,, denying today's lie with another of greater purity, claiming what he said the day before was inoperative, quoting his own made up dictionary as proof. Yet unlike the hero in the book there is no attempt to resist such moral degradation, only eagerness to comply, to join and enjoy a frantic bacchanal of deception.
    In the book the State prevailed. The hero was reduced to moral and physical rubble after a cage full of rats. was fastened about his head. His tormentors had learned from a hidden telescreen that he had a morbid fear of them. Trump has been morally strong enough to resist such a mental collapse, which in his case I do not expect, even with all the vermin he has had to deal with. But there is no man who cannot benefit from the help of other men and now it the time for us who voted for him to lend him some.

  7. Clinton employed new meanings to words, e.g taxes = investments. You had to parse his words to find out what he meant, and even then you couldn't be certain. So when I read that 1984 was a big seller once again, I was honestly surprised to read that Trump uses language "to hide things and not to be specific."

    Oh, well, it is PBS after all.

    George Orwell’s ‘1984’ is a best-seller again. Here’s why it resonates now
    The increase in sales appears to have started after Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway used the term “alternative facts” in an interview Sunday, which British historian and Orwell biographer Peter Stansky said was a phrase that “is very Orwellian, very ‘Newspeak.’”
    In “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” “Newspeak” is the language of the state used to suppress thought.
    “Trump’s use of language to hide things, and not be specific, this is all more resonant now,” Stansky said. “But the chief resonance is really the importance of power … and how power corrupts.”

    1. This clown knows Orwell was taking about Stalin,to whom Obama is the closest in emotional longing in modern times, but wants everyone to think he had Trump in mind in 1947. I'm sure he imagines himself lurking behind some screen hoping for official favor from Big Bro in 1984 London. Clean razor blades would easily have been reward enough for him.

  8. The crucial part of 1984, at least to me, was the relationship between Winston and Julia. As a 16 year old, I so totally understood that. It was what I wanted. "I love you." It makes the ending very hard to read, but life is completely unfair like that sometimes.

    1. Yes,Z, I felt that too. The telescreen was in the room they shared.Men tell women they trust everything about themselves . They can't help it.

    2. I read it when I was very young and thought it a love story. I recall skipping over the details of Oceania to get to the 'good parts,' like their meeting place. Agreed: the ending was wrenching ... not to mention terrifying (rats!!!).

  9. I read 1984 in high school, around 1975 probably. Scary stuff, and over the ensuing years I've been reminded by current events just his close we were getting to that reality. We are essentially there today, for all practical purposes.

    Another book that is spooky accurate: Fahrenheit 451, which I read 10 years ago and enjoyed quite a bit. It describes a lazy, brainwashed, simpleminded populace kept in line by 24x7 mindless entertainment and thought control via book burning.

    One more eerily prescient piece of writing from George Orwell, an essay "Politics and the English Language". Highly recommended.

    1. In Fahrenheit 451 reading was verboten! Dissidents secretly memorized books. I remember thinking that I had trouble memorizing theorems in geometry let alone a whole book. The 1966 movie was certainly prescient: Futuristic Interactive TV

  10. * Islamophobia is a lie used to give radicals a?
    An excuse? Another way to demonize their opponents? Too many possible completions here. Fun, though. And Sam L. "Obama Bitter Clingers (Clingons)" is wonderful. Ha! -- BJ54

  11. The paragraph about the AntiFa flag being "Nazi in origin" could not be further from the truth. The Antifaschistische Aktion is from Germany, but it is Communist in origin. The Leftist were doing the same stupid things back in the 1930s as they are today. The Brownshirts (Sturmabteilung) had to be increased in number to help protect the Nazis from the Socialist/Communists whack-jobs.

    1. Actually, the Nazis specifically designed their flag to appeal to Communists. The browns and the reds were two dogs fighting over the same bone.