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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Disney's 538 champions Colin Kaepernick

Under Bob Iger as chief executive, everything at Disney has turned into social justice warrior crap, particularly ESPN.

ESPN's 538 outfit -- an elections predictions outfit which was notoriously wrong about the elections last year -- has gone full-tilt social justice warrior by championing NFL chowderhead Colin Kaepernick's quest for a quarterbacking contract.

He is unemployed, alongside quarterbacks Jay Cutler, Robert Griffin, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Blaine Gabbert, and Johnny Manziel. They share in common that they are millionaires despite not being very good at what they did for a living.

What distinguishes Kaepernick is he is a chowderhead who decided not to honor our National Anthem at ballgames last year.

He promised to do so this year, if someone would just hire him. Please.

So much for standing up for principle.

Well, technically it was kneeling.

His team went 2-14 last season, which is two better than 538 did because it had the Democrats taking the White House and the Senate, after giving Trump a 2% chance of winning the nomination.

But Iger does not care about accuracy, just social justice. And so 538 ran its numbers, and came up with reasons to hire Kaepernick. Everyone wants to please the boss, now don't they?

From 538:
Last season, Kaepernick posted a Quarterback Rating of 55.2 — which is not great (he ranked 23rd out of 30 qualified passers) but also not terrible. (The NFL-wide average QBR was 61.3.)
You can see on the chart that Lee’s theory is credible: It’s hard to find a recent free-agent QB who played at Kaepernick’s level and lasted so long on the market the next offseason. Matt Leinart (2012) and Kyle Orton (2014) signed nearly 50 days into their free agency, but neither had played much the year before. Michael Vick wasn’t signed for 169 days in 2015, but he was also older and coming off a season (39.4 QBR) far worse than Kaepernick’s 2016.
A rating of 55.2.

Manziel had a rating of 58.3 in his last full season (2015). And that was with Cleveland.

After Brock Osweiler posted a 72.2 rating, Houston dumped him on Cleveland, sweetening the deal by giving the Browns a second-round draft choice in 2018 -- the way Rodney Dangerfield's father tied a pork chop around his neck to get the dog to play with him.

Or so Rodney Dangerfield said.

But Kaepernick marketed himself well last season to the SJW crowd knowing his NFL days would soon end.

Defenses had caught on to his tricks. Just as they caught on to Griffin's. Hot shot quarterbacks burn out in the NFL because defense coaches watch film very, very carefully, and adjust accordingly.

There is no market for him in the NFL.

Crappy teams like the Jets would rather save money by drafting a rookie quarterback, who they might develop into a franchise quarterback.

But liberals love people who disdain patriotism.

Which is why 538 headlined its pity piece, "Yes, It’s Strange That Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Have A Deal Yet," when even a casual NFL fan knows the guy has no upside.

But there is a glimmer of hope.

Kaepernick can play football again, and not have to stand for the "Star-Spangled Banner."

The Hamilton Tiger Cats of the Canadian Football League holds the draft rights to him.

Griffin too.

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  1. RUN for the Border, Colin! It's your only hope.

  2. Darned ol' Mickey Mouse Igor Counter. All I'm getting is background radiation.

  3. I don't recall ESPN being upset that Tim Tebow was blacklisted.

  4. It's Kapernick's hair that infuriates me the most. He's trying to outdo the Jackson 5. NO ONE outdoes the Jackson 5. Get a haircut, commie.

  5. Understand I am no fan of Kaepernick on the football field nor on the sidelines but I’m thinking you may be confusing QBR with passer rating. QBR is basically a creation of ESPN while the passer rating is the more universally used – if not more confusing calculation of quarterback production (perhaps why the simpletons at ESPN came up with their own). Kaepernick’s 2016 QBR was indeed 55.5 while his passer rating was 90.7…by comparison, Brock Osweiler had an identical QBR of 55.5 with a passer rating of 72.2 - the number listed in your article. So apples to apples, Kaepernick had a slightly better 2016 than Osweiler did on the field but at least Brock will be getting paid this season (even if he’s not wearing a football uniform) while it remains to be seen if “SJW” Colin will.

  6. If CK is so good, then the 49ers should do everything they can to keep him.

    Case Keenum: another NFL pro bust. He's the NCAA record holder for total career passing yards*, pass completions*, and touchdowns*. Why the asterisks, you may ask? Because the NCAA permitted him an unprecedented 6 (!) years of college eligibility, without which he would never have achieved them, so in my book those records are tainted.

  7. Running QBs are no good when their legs go. That's what happened to Griffin. Eventually, in the NFL, you have to learn to stand in the pocket and pass.

  8. Krapperdick has some usefulness, surely some team needs a practice team QB to perfect their delayed safety blitz.
    On the whole though, Canada is best for him. If only Jane Fonda and 99% of Hollyweird would join him there.

  9. Race surely plays some role in the CK situation. The QB position is one of the few skill positions where white players distinctly outnumber the black players. Overall, blacks make up 70% of all NFL teams, but they represent only 20% at the prestigious QB position (and among centers, too, but grunts on the line don't count, lol). Now that disparity can't sit well with the SJWs at ESPN, no sir.

    1. I'm surprised the Especially Stupid People Network hasn't blamed their erstwhile contributor Rush Limbaugh for Krapernick's unemployment.

  10. I went to school in Hamilton, it's a ****hole. And it foisted one of the worst Members of Parliament in Canadian history (Sheila Copps) on us. So, yeah, go play there Colin, you and Hamilton deserve one another.

  11. But then he would have to learn which song is "O Canada" so that he could sit or kneel during it.

  12. Nate Silver and 538: The Washington Generals of sports prognostication. Hey Nate, stick to what it is you are good at it, which was ... uh .... yeah, that, stick to that.