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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Deep State? More like derp state

Having defeated 16 Republicans, the Queen of Winkie Country, Barack Obama's OFA machine, the media, and his own appetite for self-destruction, Donald John Trump ascended to the presidency on January 20.

Since then, President Trump has enjoyed the lamentations of their women, which serve as lullabies.

His enemies wiping tears from their eyes warn MAGA Man that he'll be sorry. Just wait until their big brother, Deep State arrives.

From Salon:
Trump vs. the Deep State: This death match of American political power will forever change history
The firing of Gen. Michael Flynn has popularized the concept of the “Deep State” across the political spectrum.
Breitbart’s Joel Pollak attacks the disloyal “Deep State #Resistance” to President Trump, while conservative pundit Bill Kristol defends it.
“Obviously [I] strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics,” Kristol tweeted Tuesday. “But if it comes to it, [I] prefer the deep state to the Trump state.”
Glenn Greenwald is more even-handed: “Trump presidency is dangerous,” the Intercept columnist tweeted Wednesday. “CIA/Deep State abuse of spy powers to subvert elected Govt is dangerous.”
And the conflict is deepening. The New York Times reported Thursday that Trump wants to bring in Wall Street billionaire Stephen Feinberg “to lead a broad review of American intelligence agencies.”
The idea is reportedly provoking “fierce resistance” from intelligence officials who fear it “could curtail their independence and reduce the flow of information that contradicts the president’s worldview.”
And of course, the liberals side with Big Brother. So does Bill Kristol. 'Tis the nature of the beast.

I worry too. 'Tis my nature.

But after last weekend's farce, I wonder if taxpayers aren't being gypped again. If it exists then we have the most expensive Deep State in the universe because it cannot even pull off an old-fashioned wiretapping of a political opponent without getting caught.

President Trump found out and outed them. He leaked the story (indirectly of course) to Andrew McCarthy at National Review on Friday. Then he expressed outrage about the story on Twitter on Saturday.

After an initial euphoria over Trump's antics, it suddenly dawned on the Deep State and its minions in the media that he had painted them in a corner.

The Russian connection relied on wiretaps of Trump the candidate. Legal, schmeagal. That's a no-no.

So to deny they wiretapped, they had to deny the connection. But the problem with that is they still had to justify that wiretap to a FISA judge who may, at some time, call them back into court and demand to know why they misled him.

My limited experience with judges is they don't like being misled, and have the power to make a person pay.

So President Obama sent James Clapper out to tell "Meet the Press" that there was no wiretapping and oh by the way, there is no Russian connection. Clapper became Frank Pentangeli in "Godfather II" telling the Senate committee that he made up all that stuff about the Corleone family to amuse the FBI agents.

Obama better hope the FISA judge has a sense of humor.

Conrad Black openly mocked the Deep State That Couldn't Shoot Straight:
It is for this empty canard that the Democratic leadership is screaming for resignations and a special prosecutor. Even Bob Woodward told Fox News on Sunday that you needed some indication that a crime had occurred before calling for a special prosecutor. (He wasn't always so fastidious.) It all reminds me of an episode in the 1960s sitcom "Car 54, Where Are You?" about two New York policemen, in which one perpetrated an April Fool’s joke that his precinct sergeant took seriously and reported to the chief of police, and before the day was out, the chief, the mayor, the governor of New York, and the president had all taken to the airwaves to reassure the city, state, and nation that the problem was under control.
But that was comedy and this is a Saint Vitus’ dance of the old Democratic party. It is responding to the specter of its unimaginable enemy about to try to dismantle the tyrannies of the teachers’ unions, the climate-change frauds, the Democratic welfare-for-votes dispensary, the Obamacare monstrosity, the sanctuaries for the electoral harvest of illegal migrants, and the Wall Street fiscal massage parlor.
Like everything else in government, the Deep State looks good on paper but is terrible in practice. I get that there are millions of  Democratic Party voters on the federal payroll who may not like the president.

But are they willing to risk their livelihoods to sabotage his presidency? Civil Service protection only goes so far. And if a plan to throw a wrench in the machinery goes awry, someone has to fall on the sword and it usually is not the fellow who came up with the plan.

Also, there is this thing called patriotism. Conservatives overlook that government workers are loyal. Yes their jobs may seem cushy and the compensation high. And yes Civil Service protection is nice.

But in my encounters with government, I run into people at the state level who root for WVU (even Marshall grads) and people at the federal level tend to wear American flag lapel pins.

They are part of a team that they are proud to serve on the home team.

The manager changed on January 20. They knew the drill. Anyone who has been there 30 years has been through regime change five times as we went from Reagan to Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump.

They survived the past five presidents. They will survive this one. And they will serve him as they served the others. Country first.

Sure, there are a few Deep Staters and they will be dealt with later. They are not as large in number as the enemies of the Trump state would have you believe.

Nor are they very competent.

But the idea of the federal bureaucracy rising to defy the will of the people is frankly insulting to most of the people who work in the federal government. They deserve a little more credit than Bill Kristol and the loony left give them.

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  1. Surber, you need to share your proof that Obama illegally wiretapped Trump's phones with the WH. Especially after this exchange yesterday with Vice President Pence.
    Reporter: The President has alleged that the former President committed a felony in wiretapping Trump Tower. Yes or no — do you believe that President Obama did that?
    Mike Pence: "Well, what I can say is that the President and our administration are very confident that the congressional committees in the House and Senate that are examining issues surrounding the last election, the run-up to the last election, will do that in a thorough and equitable way.
    They'll look at those issues, they'll look at other issues that have been raised. But rest assured, our focus is right where the American people are focused, and that's on bringing more jobs here to Ohio, creating a better healthcare system built on consumer choice."

    Too bad the reporter didn't ask Pence about his massive voter fraud investigation.

    1. Are you really the deranged Bill Kristol? You are rapidly heading towards the cliff as you are closely following Wiley E. Coyote.

    2. Anon, it was in the New York Times, so it MUST be TRUE.

    3. Sorry, Anon, but what's your point? I'm not a mind reader. Please enlighten me. Pence was asked a question. Pence gave a politician's non-committal answer. SOP. At least, unlike the usual Obama response, Pence didn't brazenly lie to the reporter. There's nothing to see here. Next question?

    4. The is: Pence cannot validate Trump's tweet as fact. Nor can any WH official. Nor any R in office. Nor any federal intelligence agency. The point is: Surber believes the Fake Media but nobody else close to Trump does. You realize all Trump has to do is make one phone call to the Justice Dept. to confirm his tweet as fact. Why doesn't he? Why does he allow public trust in government to erode. What about being a uniter.
      Trump is so playing into Putin's hand, Putin is laughing his arse because Trump is so easy. That's the point.

  2. Things are worse than you can imagine:

    Gay Ancap Makes a Video About How Gays Working for the Government are a Liability 

    Key Insights:

    • He talks about how Grinder in DC is full of fags that work for the government and have the ability to go out whenever to get fucked in the middle of the day - i.e. there's no work requirements on a lot of these people.
    • The federal bureaucracy has a tenure system similar to universities where they have near total job security and don't have to do shit (making it harder for Trump to drain the swamp).
    • The CIA/FBI/alphabet agencies/deep state probably hire twinks to work in the federal bureaucracy because that's a demonstrable way to gain access/sabotage.
    • Some gays actually leverage/broker their butt blasting to climb the bureaucratic hierarchy.
    • There's apparently massive slush funds in different federal agencies/departments as a result of incompetence/deliberate rent-seeking ($900 billion for the USMC)

    He ends it basically agreeing that the 20th century purge of gays from the government was a good move and that gays are a liability to the operation of the federal government.

  3. Gotta disagree with ya on this one, Big D...I worked with people from the SEC, MSRB, NMLS, and CFTC over my years in the securities industry. They are by and large incompetent. Very turf driven, not caring about the goal as much as their self preservation. Cause, damn, they got those 350k houses in Fairfax to think about.

    1. Michael Lewis makes the same point in The Big Short. All the top talent goes to Wall Street, where they are regulated by the lesser talent that ends up at SEC, Moody's, etc. Hen guarding foxhouse LOL.

    2. $350k ?

      I own a crackerbox townhouse rental property in a mid-scale neighborhood of Fairfax County that's *assessed* close to that.

      Try $550k and up for a decent single-family home.

  4. I sure do hope you're right on this, Don, but the administrative offices are awfully full.

  5. Don't forget the Peter Principle: It states that the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate's performance in their current role, rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. Thus, employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and "managers rise to the level of their incompetence." Throw in a strong streak of partisanship and - Voila! - The Obama administration. President Trump is going to have his work cut out for him in getting rid of all of the personnel and policy problems Obama left behind to bedevil him. - Elric

    1. And in Obungler we had the Peter Principle combined with affirmative action.

  6. "derp state?" Think how great it would sound as "perp state."

  7. I never thought these bureaucrats that make up the Deep State were clever or smart. It's just that there are so damn many of them with lots of power over us and burning up truckloads of tax dollars. The permanent bureaucracy doesn't attract that kind of person. Bitter, small minded and vengeful, yes. But smart and clever? Hardly.

  8. All I hear is Tommy Chong muttering, "Whoa, this state is DEEP, maaan!"

  9. I only have a small bone to pick, Don. Some agencies, EPA chief among them, are saturated with far left loons, who do NOT love the country, but only their illusion of power.