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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Conservatives misread Obamacare repeal

Via Instapundit, Chris Buskirk: "Ryancare Will Destroy The Republican Majority."


From Buskirk:
Donald Trump promised to restore the good things about the pre-Obamacare system and to enact some common sense reforms. A week before the November election he said, “If we don’t repeal and replace Obamacare, we will destroy American health care forever — it’s one of the single most important reasons why we must win on November 8. Our replacement plan includes Health Savings Accounts, a nationwide insurance market where you can purchase across state lines, and letting states manage Medicaid dollars.”
But that is not the Ryan plan.
There are no Health Savings Accounts, no nationwide insurance market, and even the Medicaid promise is suspect. When Republican voters heard repeal and replace they thought they were getting HSAs and the ability to buy insurance across state lines. What they’re getting is expanded Medicaid and a budget busting new entitlement program. That wasn’t the deal.
Whatever support President Trump has shown this bill it will be congressional Republicans who pay the price for supporting it. They will face the wrath of the base for turning their backs on the oft-repeated promise to repeal Obamacare. They’ve raised untold millions on the back of that promise. They’ve won election after election because voters were willing to trust — or at least take a chance — on that promise.
Buskirk misunderstands the opposition to Obamacare.

Yes, polls repeatedly show opposition to Obamacare, which led to the historic takeover of the House in 2010 (which readers recall I predicted six months out while experts said Democrats would hold the House).

But while the devil is in the details, the people are not. After seven years, Obamacare is no longer a hot button issue. It's a long, drawn out battle that Americans wish would just end.

President Trump did not run on Make Health Savings Accounts Great Again.

President Trump did not run on Make Nationwide Insurance Markets Great Again.

No, President Trump ran on Make America Great Again.

People want the economy going, the wall built, and the military re-built.

This is not to say repealing Obamacare is unimportant. Certainly, we need to end the mandates. Small businesses need Congress to lift the onus of providing health insurance to workers.

I agree with Buskirk on health savings accounts and interstate health coverage. I will do him one better by supporting Medicaid block grants with an eye on reducing spending on this program that is busting state budgets throughout the nation.

Maybe these things will be in the final bill.

But the bill needs to be kicked over to the Senate where, for parliamentary reasons that allow passage with only 50 votes and Pence's tie breaking vote, the repeal and replace bill must be written in the Senate.

In conference, the final bill emerges.

While I realize Buskirk is lobbying for what he wants in the bill, he is over-the-top in saying these are deal breakers with the public.

The public is not going to toss the House and Senate over to Democrats next year over health savings accounts and interstate health coverage.

If you think so, it's time to take a stroll outside the bubble.

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  1. I haven't seen a bill being enacted, but I have made sausage. Eeww! How can it taste so good? - Elric

  2. The problem for the GOP is that many voters still want the kind of health care reform that Obama promised but didn't deliver.

  3. Only a few understand what the "masses" want. Buskirk is not one of them. Don is. I will see what the Senate comes up with because that IS where the rubber meets the road.

  4. If a Blue State loves the Obamacare employer and individual mandates of insurance coverage, it can always pass health insurance legislation of its own that requires such coverage once Obamacare is repealed. My guess is the Blue State commitment to that sort of health insurance scheme is all talk, no action (unless the Feds pay the bills of course), and that few if any of them will replace the repealed Obamacare law with state laws that require people to carry health insurance. Conservatives should issue the Left an in-your-face challenge: when it comes to "universal coverage," put up or shut up. There's nothing to keep an individual state from taking steps to create a health insurance plan of its own, as long as it's consistent with Federal laws such as ERISA. The state of Hawaii did it first in the nation back in 1974; that policy is still in place today. Massachusetts did it as well with RomneyCare. Other Blue States should put their money where their mouths are.

    1. "Other Blue States should put their money where their mouths are."

      Gold fillings, huh?

    2. As single payer program referendum in Colorado failed due mainly to the estimated cost. Now California is going to try this route.

  5. The Senate is not going to make a better bill but rather water down the bill the House produces. The House has to go in with its best.

  6. The bill falls far short of what Trump promised.

    The continued limits on part time and full time hours will compromise the economic recovery.

    Sadly, IMO, this is the first Trump failure and the first time Trump has failed to keep a campaign promise.

    It's very disappointing that Trump wasn't able to break Democrats hold on the 60 vote filibuster, thus preventing proper Obamacare reform.

    Trump should have proposed the reform package that he promised and let the Democrats take the blame for failing to pass it. Then Obamacare would fall apart by itself, giving the Democrats a double dose of blame.

  7. Trump. Trump, Trump......Ryan and McConnell are responsible for the bill. They are the ones who will either write a good bill for the President to sigh or they will screw the pooch. I have much more confidence in my President than those two, but we can hope they act like Republicans.

  8. Great point here! Obamacare was not the issue in this election at all. The pro business and controlling illegal immigration were. The main part of the Obamacare aspect of MAGA is the bit which hurts small business and the 30 hours limit. That is being addressed.

    But the Republicans are at each other's throats even about this (and too many Congressmen care nothing about jobs and taxes and illegals and ONLY about Obamacare -- and so hate each other)>

    And then a story now says the business taxes won't be rolled back very much at all and maybe there go the jobs that can lift inner city poor and minorities out of poverty.

    The Obamacare repeal is not the issue or the problem -- but there most definitely is a problem that must be fixed or overcome before 2018!