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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Coal mining is back

Coal mining hit its peak in 2008, when coal miners produced 1,171,810 thousand short tons of coal in the United States. Last year, it hit a 33-year low of 896,977 thousand short tons -- a 31% drop as the Democratic Party worked to turn rural Appalachia into a jobless hell.

Remember Barack Obama's promise in 2008?
“So if somebody wants to build a coal power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”
Remember Joe Biden's brag in 2008?
“No coal plants here in America. Build them, if they're going to build them, over there. Make them clean. We’re not supporting clean coal.”
Remember Hillary Clinton's attack in 2016?
“We're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”
Guess what?

Coal miners put the Democratic Party out of business in 2016.

And now, President Trump is making good on his promise to save the coal mining industry.

He is ridding America of unnecessary regulations that are designed not to protect the environment byt to push the Alt-Left energy programs that give billions in subsidies and cheap loans to Democratic billionaires.

From Fox News in Wise County, Virginia:
Prospects changed nearly overnight. President Trump had promised to do everything he could to lift the coal mining industry. Trump began to make good on his pledge last month when he eliminated the Stream Protection Rule, which had placed layers of regulations on the industry.
Although it will take a while before the coal industry recovers, the metallurgical or "met coal" markets – coal used to make steel – are already seeing a major upswing. The price for met coal is twice as high as it was a year ago, which is causing a boom in the coalfields.
The turnaround owes to more than just Trump. China cut its own production, which helps lift the met industry in the United States. But, many in this area say, Trump’s moves to lift regulations are stoking a rally they have not seen in years.
Ramasco Resources began producing its first coal mine in December and said it would open two more this year. In Pennsylvania, Corsa Coal also announced this month that it would begin mining operations beginning in May, according to Bloomberg.
“There’s definitely cautious optimism after years of being brutally beaten down,” Jeremy Sussman, an analyst at Clarksons Platou Securities Inc., told Bloomberg.
Steam coal -- the coal used to produce electricity -- now competes with natural gas, which is again in abundant supply due to fracking.

What President Trump has done is eliminate the artificial barriers to competition for coal. Putting rocks in a gully is not polluting a stream. Not even close.

We will Make America Great Again.

Coal will be part of that.

And remember, there are 256 years worth of coal in reserve in America -- enough to last through 2283. And that's assuming no new technology will come along to make even thinner veins of coal viable for production.

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  1. The environmental lobby will not stop trying to prevent the use or transport of coal especially through the liberal far west. For years my sons and I listened to coal trains calling all night long in Livingston during our summer fishing trips. We were told the coal was bound for China. The last 2 years we saw and heard relatively few of these trains. Think Progress had initiated a suit against the open car transport of coal, which is the only safe way to carry it. What happened to the case I do not know but these defenders of the faith will not go away.The Luddites returned from the dead under Obama.DT still has work to do.

  2. It is important that we do not become dependent on any single source of energy. This is another instance of libs preaching something and being complete hypocrites. Diversity. The word means nothing to them other than brown skinned Marxism.

  3. 'Coal miners put the Democratic Party out of business in 2016.'

    That's for sure.

    And, the Dimms will persist with inanely stupid stuff--they're doubling down on stupid. They're double dog downing stupid.

    The "threat" they're using today, via Holder, is that Zero claims to have an "army" of thirty thousand people; Presumably, to back him in his spookey all powerful "shadow government."

    His problem, as well as the Dimms, is that there are more than 34,000 local general-purpose city governments with less than about 30,000 people. And, they probably voted for Trump if I were to make a bet.

    The more they trash talk the more party voting affiliation changes.

  4. Progressives see the vision, conservatives see the consequent bodycount.

  5. So-called climate scientists in Cheyenne, WY are concerned about Trump cutting funding for their cushy study on the effects of coal-burning on the climate . These rent-seekers have a house-sized, water-cooled, supercomputer (named Cheyenne by-the-way), which cost $30 million to build (and Lord knows how much to run), so they can revisit the greenhouse effect supposedly arising from coal-burning which then generates life-giving carbon dioxide . These idiots are financed by the government dole. About 70 percent of the supercomputer’s cost comes from the National Science Foundation, an independent federal agency with a $7.5 billion budget.

    1. The NSF needs its budget wings clipped in the worst way. -50% if I was king and in a generous mood.

  6. And the organizers will stay back (way back) and get the fools up front.

  7. We can't have coal, or fracking, or anything! Because earthquakes and the environment.

    Wait, why did my power just go off?

    Silly rabbits, tricks are for kids.

  8. Don, just bought my Kindle version of Trump the Establishment.

    1. Thank you.
      A nice review would be appreciated :)