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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bad ass of the day

I can hear his mommy cry from the other room, "Before you fight the fascists, take out the trash."


  1. Unfortunately by the time he adjusts his goggles a fascist sniper at 1200 yards will have removed his beret along with his head.

  2. 500 yards with a handgun? Suuuuuuuuuure.
    And an airsoft gun?
    Nice form as well. Two fingers on the trigger.

    If this is the front line in the coming civil war, the Sanders/Fauxcahontas side is in trouble.

  3. A Legend in his own mind. I am unable to mock him enough.

  4. Rich Lowrey, is that you?

    Hmm, there is a resemblance.

  5. He reminds me of my 34-year-old supervisor at work. That's what happens when you never move out of your parents' basement, I guess....

  6. 1. I see that "full garbage can that is never emptied" is present with the young'n, an earmark of my GenM's entire room (and closet).

    2. If they're going to pull this off correctly (even 4Chan's Kek's) they need to dump the 80's ripstock, get the proper eastern bloc camo from, and draw down with the appropriate replica airsoft.

    They're still the first to go at the start of the zombie apocalypse--never any follow through.

  7. SMH. It still grates on me that the actual fascists are calling themselves "anti-fascists" or "antifa."

    Oh well, I guess the kids have never been taught about the Big Lie and who used it- oh wait! They've been taught that Nazis were on the Right, haven't they? No wonder they're so ignorant.

    Ronaldus Magnus had it right: there's just so many things they know that aren't so.

  8. note the rainbow wristbands! figures.

    1. His handle is queer anarchist. What would you expect?

  9. Your kid sister could likely take him out with the ol' bean-ball at greater range than he could put one in the triangle.