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Thursday, March 09, 2017

378-pound governor proposes soda tax

Despite collecting a soft drinks tax for 65 years, West Virginia is second only to Arkansas in obesity.

West Virginia's governor, Democratic billionaire Jim Justice, has proposed doubling the tax as part of his Better Health Initiative.

Governor Justice is is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 378 pounds.

Besides his obesity, Justice also owes the state $4.4 million in back taxes.

He is the richest man in the state.

Justice would double the soft drinks tax. As diet sodas would be exempt, he is calling this a soda tax.

The $85 million soda tax is part of a $450 million tax increase the governor wants to impose on the second poorest people in the nation.

West Virginia already ranks No. 17 in state taxes per capita, and No. 49 in income.

Oh, and in his campaign last year, he promised not to raise taxes.

"To suggest that Justice lied his way into office would be quite the understatement," Paul Blair of Americans for Tax Reform said.

But calling Jim Justice a liar does not do him, well, justice.

It overlooks his world-class hypocrisy.

Here he is, the richest man in the state, not paying his taxes but willing to up the taxes of the people least able to pay taxes in America.

On top of that, he is a 378-pound man who wants to tax others to get them to lose weight.

In announcing his Better Health Initiative, the billionaire told reporters:
“Gosh knows, it would have been great if I’d drank a few cans less of sweet soda pop.”
Yes, governor, it is the soda and gee, if you had to pay 12 cents a can more, you would cut back.

If we could tax our way to health, West Virginia already would be the healthiest state in the nation.

Looks like we are No. 43.

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  1. Ain't there a small asteroid somewhere that needs a name?

  2. And I thought Mississippi was number one in obesity. We are slipping.

    Looks like the governor drinks his soda by the two-liter bottle, not by the can.

  3. He owes 4.4 million dollars in back taxes and can still get elected governor? That's just retarded, Sir.

  4. Owing millions in taxes wasn't a campaign issue? Good God. Expect the soda tax to erupt everywhere there's a democrat in charge.

  5. The look isn't the same without Carrie Fisher in a gold bikini.

  6. Your governor is of Taftian proportions; but not of Taftian honor.

    -Mikey NTH

  7. Sounds like Nanny Bloomberg.

  8. .... And yet West Virginia Republicans have had four years to deliver on their promises of massive tax cuts; reduced state government; and more jobs and have failed miserably. All the while, Democratic Gov ER Tomblin saved the state more than $400 million over the last three years with across the board agency reductions; elimination of the food tax; elimination of the business franchise tax and reduced corporate income tax.

    So tell me W.Va. Republicans, you have had four years to to address a $400-million plus deficit that everyone knew was coming. What are you waiting for???

  9. Justice is bad because he won't release his tax returns and he is proposing a huge infrastructure bill with such a deep deficit. Rs shouldn't - and won't stand - for that. Right Surbots?

  10. I have read that Pepsi is the unofficial currency in places like Boone County (home of the legendary Jesco White). Those people are gonna be PISSED if this goes through...

    I thought Cole pretty much dominated him in their debate. Still can't believe Diamond Jim won. And now, he is just proving out once again what Reagan said about the approach of Democrats:

    If it moves, tax it.
    If it keeps moving, regulate it.
    If it stops moving, subsidize it.

    A special kind of insanity, but that's what the Dems do best.

    1. And yet the W.Va. Rs offer no solutions and have reneged on their promises for four years and counting now. And let's not forget, after Reagan's famed "Go ahead, make my day" quip about a D tax proposal, he would go on to raises taxes 11 more times before his presidency concluded.

    2. LOL. Republicans are carving up that 378-pound budget Justice handed them. :)

    3. How are the Rs carving it up? We know they don't like it but not one change (i.e. carving) has been offered.
      And what does Justice's weight have to do with any of this. It's unsightly like Trump's hair but really, why is his weight even an issue?

    4. Dude, this isn't New York City, but Diamond Jim is acting like Michael Bloomberg. That ain't gonna play in Parkersburg. My rep Saira Blair just co-sponsored a bill to eliminate the Women's Commission, a useless piece of fluff that has no business in WV's budget. Expect more like that.

      Oh, and BTW, I've met Saira. She's smart as a whip and pretty as a button. Funny how Dem women are butt ugly and Reepub women are smokin babes. Big D, we need another book out of you to explore this subject in depth.

    5. Don will be looking for guys to do his research.

      Street by street, house by house.