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Sunday, March 05, 2017

12th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

Enjoyed driving with the top down in the Greater Poca MAGApolis this afternoon. Tonight, I'm reading the 12th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment."

From mbmeme:
The establishment deserves to be Trumped!!
I never tire of reading books about pundits who were so convinced that Trump would lose in a landslide. Books about the pundits are even better than the you tube clips because I have their hilarity in print. I agree with other reviewers who want the author to write a book about how the most accomplished business man in a generation continues to accomplish more in his first hundred days than other presidents in their entire terms. The Donald even trumps his name Trump!
Thank you for the review. And reviews really help.

But really, write another book?

You do realize, I am retired.

Although this weekend's nuttiness begs a spy novel, doesn't it? Too bad Jimmy Breslin already used the title, "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" 48 years ago.

"Trump the Establishment" is now on Kindle!

"Trump the Establishment" is also available in paperback.

This is the sequel to "Trump the Press," which covered the nomination. The original -- "Trump the Press" -- is available on Kindle, or in paperback on Create Space.

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  1. The Fake News Media may be the fastest gun in the East, but they're also the world's worst shot.

  2. Big D, as the ancient saying goes...From those whom much is given, much is expected. You have an incredible gift for writing. We need at least a trilogy, brother. Let this Obamagate thing play out and then warm up your fingers. Suggested title: Trump The Democrats.

  3. BOOM! The Trump Bump or The Trump Stock Market Surge in updated charts

  4. You're retired? You have four years to write the book, Don. Possible Titles: The Media; The Gang That Wouldn't Shoot Straight. Liars, Liars, Pants On Fire. The Media; Getting it Wrong, On Purpose.