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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Why does the ACLU have a Pakistani heading its "National Security Project"?

Hina Shamsi wrote a piece, "Flying Home From Abroad, a Border Agent Stopped and Questioned Me About My Work for the ACLU."

Her purpose was to gin up anger against the duly elected president and his efforts to curtail terrorism.

Instead her piece raised two questions in my mind. 1. Why after 25 years of living in our country has she not become a citizen? 2. Why does the ACLU have a Pakistani as director of its "National Security Project"?

There is nothing illegal about her status as a legal alien or the ACLU hiring her. But both decisions reflect on her and her organization, which often acts as legal muscle for the Democratic Party.

Shamsi is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and Northwestern University School of Law. One would think as an immigrant she would be appreciative of this nation's liberty and freedom.

Instead she has fought for unlawful enemy combatants at Gitmo Bay, seeking trials and the like for which no prisoner of war is entitled and certainly no unlawful enemy combatant is.

Her lack of citizenship after a quarter-century -- her decision -- is very telling. If she truly believed in the United States, she would stand up for the country and become a citizen. Instead she remains an alien -- a foreigner -- demanding we adhere to her interpretation of our laws and our Constitution.

To call her unAmerican is accurate. She is not an American, and yet the ACLU has her directing its "National Security Project."

That the ACLU would choose to outsource this job to her tells me that the purpose of its "National Security Project" is not to help secure the nation but rather, I suspect, to undermine our security.

In her piece, which is here, she called President Trump's actions a "Muslim ban" -- a factual error designed to mislead. An officer of the court -- even a foreign one -- is obligated to tell the truth in all communications,

The border patrol asked her about her employment! No one at the border asked that before. They should have. They should ask any foreigner entering the country. Documents get forged all the time. The border personnel were negligent in the past. I trust President Trump has them doing their jobs now.


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  1. When working in Canada they would ask me at Canadian customs what I was going to Canada for and then would ask for my work papers. I would expect the US to do the same, period.

  2. When working in Canada they would ask me at Canadian customs what I was going to Canada for and then would ask for my work papers. I would expect the US to do the same, period.

  3. Since 1920 the ACLU has historically been an “Taqiyya” organization. That they have this relationship with Shamsi isn't actually that surprising.

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  5. Yeah, those Pakis are really into civil liberties, right? AHAHHAHAHA. I can't believe anyone gives even a penny to the ACLU. Are they receiving some fed money under the table?

  6. These kinds of questions are going to become more relevant in the future. That this person is a non-citizen in a position where her stated function is to defend the civil liberties of American citizens it is reasonable to assume that because she has no skin in the game other than her own self interest and that perhaps her loyalties lie elsewhere than with the citizen inhabitants of this country. That said it is not unreasonable to question the motives of those that put her in that position.
    The left makes a big deal about democracy, but are hypocritical about it. Say we have a democracy based on the ancient Greek model. I say let's go with it. People must have proof of citizenship, as they did in Athens by proving both parents to have been American citizens. You have to show not only proof for yourself, but for your parents as well. No magic dirt. No birthright citizenship. We get divided up into tribes and all of our children, no matter what part of the country they choose to live in will be members of that tribe and can only participate in the ekklesia of that tribe. All lower offices are decided by lot, not election. Highly qualified people are chosen from among the tribes for the higher offices and nominated again, by lot before proceeding to final election.
    Let's go with this kind of Democracy Now!

  7. I get asked about my work everywhere i go when I travel abroad and return to the US. The nerve of those custom and immigration agents trying to protect our borders and do their jobs.

  8. "Why does the ACLU have a Pakistani heading its 'National Security Project'?"

    Because they've always been anti-American?

  9. Where is this woman's male family escort? Stone her...

  10. The ACLU seems to be the right hand of the Left.

  11. This is no surprise. People assume that the ACLU is fighting for their rights, but that "ain't necessarily so."

    Here's an interesting statement:

    “I am for socialism, disarmament and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control by those who produce wealth. Communism is, of course, the goal.” ACLU founder Roger Baldwin, 1935

    Much more here:

    1. Always remember the ACLU's most famous member..Lee Harvey Oswald.... A member when he murdered JFK.

  12. From her info at the ACLU website: "Her work includes a focus on the intersection of national security and counterterrorism policies with international human rights and humanitarian law." In other words, she is working to ensure the U.S. doesn't restrict terrorists. - Elric

  13. "An officer of the court -- even a foreign one -- is obligated to tell the truth in all communications..."

    Maybe where you are, but when I was called for Jury Duty here in Georgia, the Clerk of Courts told us, during the selection process, that everyone who spoke in court was sworn to tell the truth, except for two people, the prosecuting and defense attorneys.

    I think we really should codify a requirement that a lawyer tell the truth, too.

  14. Why wouldn't they?

    The ACLU was founded by Communists for the express purpose of using our own legal system to overthrow our Constitution. Nothing has changed since.