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Monday, February 20, 2017

Why do we have an FEC?

Democrat Ann Ravel, a professor of law at Berkeley, resigned from the Federal Election Commission.

Good. One down, five to go.

As an opponent of the Citizens United case, Ravel is an anti-First Amendment liberal who wants to shut down any criticism of an incumbent senator 30 days before an election.

The case was brought after Citizens United tried to advertise the showing of a movie critical of incumbent Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton before her re-election in 2006.

Ravel also wanted to regulate the Internet to shut down the Drudge Report.

Oh, and as the New York Times reminded us, she is sexist:
Her claims that Republican commissioners have been unwilling to rein in obvious violations and abuses have drawn wide attention — as well as angry rebukes from those Republicans, who have accused her of grandstanding and of exaggerating the problem. The publicity even earned Ms. Ravel an appearance on “The Daily Show,” where her interviewer suggested the commission had become as irrelevant as male nipples.
But even if she respected the Constitution, I question the need to allow the Deep State of political appointees and Civil Service protected bureaucrats to rule over congressional and presidential elections like this. The 50 states are in charge of elections.

From the Mercury News:
“When you’re working to ensure the integrity of the electoral system and can’t do it because of constant stalemates — and because it’s important to me, because I’ve been in government most of my life and we owe (such integrity) to the public — I felt like I couldn’t stay,” Ravel told the Bay Area News Group by phone Sunday.
Ravel pointed to a series of tie votes between the panel’s three Democrats and three Republicans for spurring her decision. She said she doesn’t have much hope the commission will reign in campaign finance abuses and fears the cost of elections will keep rising.
The 2010 Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court didn’t help, she said. In its ruling, the court found that political spending is protected free speech and that corporations and unions may spend as much as they want on elections.
“The campaign finance situation has changed radically,” she said. “And not just because of Citizens United, although that opened the floodgates to it. It’s very hard for most people to run for office now, even locally. For sure it’s harder at the state level, unless a candidate has a lot of money on their own, like Trump did, or has contacts of people who have lots of money.”
Ravel's candidate for president -- Clinton -- spent twice as much money as President Trump.

And lost.

Much of Clinton's support came from Citizens United-styled Super PACs.

Of course the story did not point that out.

It was just a 500-word unpaid advertisement for the Democratic Party. Again.

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  1. Most of my life in government sums up the dream job of many by whom she is supported. They just love telling others more accomplished than them what to do. It gives them the Chris Mathews thrill. How fortunate for the world she and her Chappequa mistress are gone away.

  2. Is she positioning herself to work on the Cali. Secession Project?

  3. "The 50 states are in charge of elections." Exactly. The U.S. Constitution says so. The FEC is a boondoggle. Its only use is to try to influence elections by un-Constitutional means. - Elric

  4. Here's how to take money out of politics -- take politicians out of DC.

    1. Revise statute limiting number of House members so district is fixed population size (as originally set up), e.g. 150,000 giving about 2100 members
    2. Now district can be campaigned "door-to-door" with minimal funding from small donors.
    3. Keep reps in districts; meet virtually
    4. Amendment to repeal 17 and make Senators appointed by state legislatures
    5. Senate campaigns reduced from two expensive state-wide elections to just persuading majorities of a hundred or so people
    6. Keep Senators in their states; meet virtually.
    7. Distribute Executive branch; e.g., Agriculture Dept. in deKalb, IL; Commerce in Chicago; Interior in Great Falls, MT; Indian Affairs in Miami, OK; EPA in Fargo, ND; Education in /dev/null; Labor in Detroit

    So House represents the people, Senate represents states as originally intended. Plus money no longer can buy/retain seats. No need for term limits. No need for arcane and avoidable strictures on funding enforced by anti-free-speach poobahs.

    1. Amending the U.S. Constitution to provide for the direct election of U.S. Senators was a bad idea. By that I mean a Progressive idea. - Elric

  5. Dems do seem to want to prevent non-Dem speech. More obvious is some places than in others.

  6. No mention of George Soros?

    The States are nominally in charge of elections, but it is the federal courts that in reality control them. The question is not why do we have the FEC, but why are the federal courts allowed to make the election rules for the states? Sure, people have become more cynical about voting because of the huge piles of money they see being spent on campaigns, but they also see the their votes being diluted by constant interference from the courts that strike down common-sense protections against voting fraud.

    1. Remember the Secretary of States Project bankrolled by Nazi collaborator George Soros? It didn't turn out as well as he had hoped, but it should still give us pause. After all, the Secretaries of State are the authority on voting in their states. - Elric

      "The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do." - Joseph Stalin

  7. "Piss Christ", funded by the National Endowment for the Arts was ruled free speech, but this dizzy wench thinks political campaign contributions are not? Good riddance.

  8. Self answering question.

    We have an FEC because the decision was made that the operation of elections must be removed from the states to the feds.

  9. it looks like things are unRaveling!