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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Trump is not your bathroom monitor

The whole issue of where Bruce Jenner pees now that he is Caitlyn amuses me.

What do I care?

Why make a federal case out of it?

But Barack Obama did because the Democratic Party saw another one-issue minority it could scoop up, and so the federal government became the Big Bathroom Police Officer in Washington.

That was in reaction to a school board in Virginia banning boys from the girls room in school.

A boy sued and Barack decided to interfere because he sees the central government as being in charge of everything in the United States.

Now President Trump decided you know what, who cares?

He's opting out of the lawsuit.

From the Washington Post:
The Trump administration plans to roll back protections for transgender students, reversing federal guidance that required the nation’s public schools to allow children to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that matched their gender identities.
In a letter to the nation’s schools, administration officials plan to say they are withdrawing guidance issued by the Obama administration that found that denying transgender students the right to use the bathroom of their choice violates federal prohibitions against sex discrimination, according to a draft of the letter obtained by The Washington Post.

It is not the federal government's business where people pee or poop.

Odd how the same people who say they want the government out of the bedroom when it comes to kinky stuff want the government in the bathroom.

Limited government is just that: limited. Let the school boards and nature decide who does their business where.

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  1. I'm gonna be fifty nine here soon, and cannot imagine EVER walking into a girls' bathroom. Call me old fashioned. I don't care. Besides, the thought of a very pretty girl taking a reeking groaner is more than I can bear. Another win for Mr. Trump!

  2. I once saw a cartoon where a kid has just been expelled from a ladies restroom with a bunch of ditraught women flailing around while he gives a sly look to another kid watching in wonderment, "I just tells 'em I can't read."--British cartoon from the sixties, Giles' I think.

    Reading Trump the Establishment on the part where Trump released his 1995 tax return and Hillary says, "What kind of genius loses $1 billion in a year?"
    Ummmm. You my dear. Count up how much you spent on a losing campaign.

  3. If the doors are side by side, and you're just a little distracted or not paying attention, you might open the wrong door. Be wary, my friend.

    1. Go to Italy, turn on the tap marked 'C', and it comes out boiling hot. Anybody else ever get caught that way?

  4. The whole controversy was contrived to make nice with mentally ill perverts anyway.

  5. Educational policy is a state or local issue, not a Federal matter. Let the states decide for themselves. This is a headache the Federal government does not need and should not have. Federal responsibilities end at the schoolroom (and bathroom) door. The next step should be to see that the Federal government stays out of matters of curriculum, which is better overseen by the locals.

  6. As the Internet meme says, why can't we potty like it's 1999?

  7. A lot of people did care.

    That's the point.

  8. Anybody wants to be "special", give 'em a frickin' entrenching tool and let 'em dig their own, I say.

  9. It wasn't so much the bathrooms, what with stalls & all, but it was the thought of locker rooms, showers, and individuals' compasses saying "today I am a girl, tomorrow I'll be a boy, and maybe Saturday I'll be a teapot."