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Friday, February 03, 2017

Ten Answers for Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd and two assistants filed a story this morning: "Ten Unanswered Questions for Donald Trump."

All ten are easily answered if you are willing to work a few minutes online. But if you are a lazy liberal millionaire TV celebrity, I guess you are too good to do your own homework.

Let me find the answers.

1. Will he keep the sanctions against Russia or scrap them?

Modify. From CBS News:
The Trump administration appeared to loosen U.S. sanctions Thursday that the Obama administration had imposed against Russia in response to its cyberattacks in the 2016 presidential election.
The Treasury Department published a license that authorizes certain transactions between U.S. companies and the FSB, Russia’s security service and for the importation, distribution or use of “certain information technology products in the Russian Federation.” Such transactions had been prohibited under Obama administration sanctions imposed on Russia in late December. At the time, the U.S. sanctioned nine entities and individuals including the FSB and GRU. The Obama administration said that the FSB had assisted and provided material support to the GRU in its efforts to interfere with the U.S. election.
2. How will he pay for his border wall, both in the short term and long term?

Trump has said Mexico will pay the $10 billion. Congress will advance the money. Congress authorized the wall 11 years ago.

Todd never asked Obama how he would pay for that $737 billion stimulus in 2009. Obama never did. He put it on the credit card.

3. When will there be an Obamacare replacement plan? And what will it look like?

That's up to Congress. It took Congress 14 months to enact Obamacare after Obama took office.

4. Will Trump follow through on his call to investigate voter fraud in the 2016 election?

Last week, Trump said he would. Todd needs to keep up with the news.

5. Will Trump's administration halt Barack Obama's DACA program, which gives qualified "Dream Act" kids the ability to stay and work in the country?

Breitbart reported Trump will issue an executive order instructing the executive branch (which a president runs) on this matter by the end of February,

6. Will he support large-scale efforts to reform entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security?

No. He outlined his plans to AARP to grow the economy and save Social Security.

7. Is he going to follow through on the promise to guarantee six weeks of paid leave and incentives to reduce child-care costs?

Time reported he laid out his plan in September.

8. Will he pursue his idea to impose term limits on Congress?

Paul Ryan is on board. As this will require a constitutional amendment, a president has no say in the matter. Congress and state legislatures handle amendments.

9. Will he push to "open" up libel laws?

Yes. He favors a British approach to libel.

10. And will he move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem?

Yes. The New York Times reported this.

Chuck Todd and his two assistants are the kind of lazy dullards who dominate cable news punditry.

This is why Todd was surprised when Trump won the nomination -- and the presidency.



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  1. Besides being a lazy (did he really need TWO assistants to come up with this?) liberal stenographer, Todd is trying to be too smart by half.

    President Trump is running rings around the libs as detailed in Don's earlier post -

    By posing these 10 stumpers, Todd seems to be inferring that President Trump has not yet answered these questions (although he has) and is therefore not taking action on things he said he was going to do.

    Nice try Chucky boy. Times are rough for liberals named Chuck.

    1. Todd is IMPLYING that for those questions Trump has answered, the answer is a lie. Todd knows the questions have been answered; he's just signaling to his audience that he doesn't believe Trump and that neither should his audience. The goal is to delegitimize Trump as president; the technique is obfuscation via fake news.

  2. Choose one of the following:

    a. Dumb as a bag of hammers
    b. Lazy
    c. Both a and b
    d. Adopting the ‘David Mamet Principle’; pretending not to know things in almost every single instance of existence. (H/T CTH)
    e. All of the above.

    1. I dunno, I've known some pretty clever hammers in my time. Those dead-blow ones are nifty.

      How about "dumb as a hatful of assholes"?

    2. Come on now, Denny- that's too dumb to exist!

      Though my mind does boggle at the thought of a box of Boxers- why, that may be the Black Hole of Thought! Where thinking ceases to exist, leaving no trace behind! Awesome, in a negative way....

  3. Isn't this why NBC has a bunch of minions/interns? To look up the answers?

    Was Chuck Todd a diversity hire?

  4. Scorekeeper's back in action again.

  5. He's not really a TV celebrity, but this is a gentlemen's rest home, and we have to humor 'em, y'know.

  6. 1) I don't understand why Trump doesn't scrap the Russian sanctions entirely since they were based on fake news: Russia hacking the US election. Any thoughts why?

    1. Almost certainly the Russians did something to justify sanctions. They know it, and we know it, but no-one is talking about the real reason because it's embarrassing for everyone. US because they got hacked, Russia because they got caught.

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  8. Maybe Todd rightly understand mainstream media including, Time, CBS, NYT reports are mostly FAKE NEWS..

  9. I could have done seven tenths of this from memory.

  10. On item number one, I had read somewhere that these particular sanctions removed by Trump had already been planned by the Obama administration. Did I read that wrong?

  11. May I quote from a song Merle Haggard sang about thirty-five yeas ago which now seems prescient:

    "You don't have to get high to get happy,
    Just think about what's in store.
    When people start doin' what they oughta be doin',
    Then they won't be booin' no more.
    When a President goes through the White House door,
    An' does what he says he'll do.
    We'll all be drinkin' that free bubble up
    Eatin' that rainbow stew."

    Rainbow stew, anyone? Yes.

  12. Six and seven should really worry conservatives.