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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sixth Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

One of our best commenters weighed in, and I am glad.

From Z Regime:
...but also a heck of a lotta fun to read
I didn't think Don could outdo himself after Trump The Press. Well, he did. This book is incredibly clear eyed, analytical, but also a heck of a lotta fun to read. I feel like Mr. Surber has become the Vox Populi of modern journalists. He doesn't want a Pulitzer but I'd nominate him...
Buy this book. Buy this book no matter what your political stripe. It's THAT good. He understands Trump more than any other writer around today.
Hmm. Enter the Pulitzer race. Lemme sleep on it.

Meanwhile, it is encouraging to get so many positive reviews.

More would be nice. (Hint, hint.)


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  1. Sleep on a Pulitzer? Must be some kind of reverse on The Princess and the Pea.

    "Hey, no-one marries the King's daughter less' he can sleep on an engine block!"