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Friday, February 10, 2017

Second review of "Trump the Establishment"

Bookworm is just what her nom de plume says. And her review of "Trump the Press" was tough but positive. I sent her a copy of "Trump the Establishment" and held my breath.

The results are in.

I passed the Bookworm test:
After reading Trump the Establishment, however, I’m more sanguine. If Trump can maintain the ingenuity, intelligence, persuasiveness, and strong principles that got him into the White House in the first place, he stands a darn good chance of erasing the anomalous Obama years (and the wishy-washy conservatism of the Bush years). He may be our Winston Churchill, the unexpected and often reviled figure who nevertheless stepped up to save the nation. I can see him returning America to a country with strong national security; a sound, market-based economy; and a constitutional underpinning throughout all branches of the state and federal governments.
If you want to be cheered up by a reminder that President Trump does not back down, no matter the forces arrayed against him, get yourself a copy of Don Surber’s Trump the Establishment: The Elitists Never Learned in 2016. You’ll enjoy reading Surber’s sprightly, fast-paced, periodically sardonic writing, and you’ll end up feeling that you did the right thing when you voted for the Donald (or, if you didn’t vote for him, you might be pleased in any event that this fighter for America is in the White House).
Please read the whole review because she puts the book and The Donald in a bigger perspective as well.


"Trump the Establishment" is available in paperback at Create Space, or if you prefer or (via Instapundit) Amazon as a paperback.

Kindle will be available March 1.

This is the sequel to "Trump the Press," which covered the nomination. It is available on Kindle, or in paperback on Create Space.


  1. My copy of "Trump the Establishment" is on its way :)

  2. A review well worth reading. The paragraph just before the excerpt Don posted above leads into it I think speaks for many who need to read the book:
    "...I was feeling a bit down-hearted these past few days. The matched set of Progressive hysteria and violence, on the one hand, and Republican spaghetti spine, on the other hand, left me concerned that, Trump’s election notwithstanding, we’re in for more of the “same old, same old” that got us into this weak, tattered, vulnerable situation in the first place."

  3. I see it's $17.99 (paperback) at Amazon right now.

  4. "Periodically sardonic"

    I wonder what the trigger is?

  5. Vampire Hillary puts the bite on another Leftard voter.