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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Lockheed is behind efforts to thwart Trump's trip to Britain

President Trump cost a British lord's employer -- Lockheed -- more than a half-billion dollars when Trump got the price cut on the F-35.

Now that big well-connected heel is trying to make trouble for The Donald.

Using the facade of a "Muslim ban" -- as the purveyors of Fake News erroneously put it -- Lord Ricketts is calling for Great Britain to ban the president of the United States from visiting.

Hell hath no fury like nobility rebuked, eh?

From the Daily Mail:
A former Foreign Office mandarin who dragged the Queen into the row over Donald Trump’s state visit is paid to advise a defense company that has taken a huge financial hit from the new president.
Lord Ricketts, permanent secretary at the department from 2006-10 before becoming David Cameron’s national security adviser, questioned whether the US leader was ‘specially deserving of this exceptional honor’.
He hit out at Theresa May’s ‘ill-judged’ move, saying it had exposed the Queen to a furious row about Mr Trump’s controversial travel ban on seven Muslim countries.
The invitation had put the monarch in a ‘very difficult position’, he said.
But it emerged that his intervention happened to coincide with President Trump announcing that a contract with US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin would be slashed.
On Monday, the White House forced the company to cut its price for supplying 90 new F-35 stealth fighter jets by $600 million (£478 million). The full cost of delivering the tranche of state-of-the-art aircraft was $9 billion (£7.2 billion). Britain is set to buy 48 of the jets.
Last night critics expressed concern that Lockheed’s top British strategic adviser was undermining President Trump’s trip to the UK because of his treatment of the defense manufacturer.
Lockheed has a problem.

There is no way of separating the actions of Lord Ricketts and his company.

Lockheed needs to dump milord -- immediately.

Unless, of course, Lockheed cannot abide by the will of the people who elected Trump president.

Then of course, the American people can take their business to another, more American company that does not try to divide the United States from its closest ally, the United Kingdom.


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  1. Good catch.
    (Almost looks like American Pork Belly Lobbywerks)

  2. LMT's CEO, Hewson, is a very smart woman. She'll get this figured out. It's a good company. The wife worked there for six years. Actually dotted-line reported to Comey for a time. And my wife is a very smart woman also.

  3. I say, Bad Form!, milord. BAD! FORM!

  4. It seems that Lord Ricketts was admitted to the peerage in 2016 by Prime Minister David Cameron (upon Cameron's resignation) as a reward for his toadying for the British government. It is a life peerage, which means when he dies his title dies. Now he seems to be gliding along in a cushy, well-paid, but not too strenuous position as a "top British strategic adviser" to Lockheed as they attempt to extort an extravagant price for a mediocre product from all of the nations involved in the F-35 fiasco. I trust his retirement portfolio is in order. - Elric

  5. Surely the British people would be better served by dumping Lord Ricketts and distributing his responsibilities among Lord Scurvy, Lord Beriberi and Lord Pellagra.

    1. Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  6. Hey, Trump does not need to visit Mecca West! We love him to stay right here where he belongs. Let the effing Limeys come to America to kiss Trump's ring!