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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jump on Trump -- then check facts

A year ago, there was no Trump International Hotel in Washington, a project the city had tried to land for 40 years.

Now there is one.

The press pretends it only exists as a means to buy off the multi-billionaire president. Rent a room, rent a president.

On Saturday night, a few of these duffuses got on their high horses and demanded to know why the president was attending a party for Kuwait at the hotel.

Trump told the press pool he was just going out for dinner at his hotel five blocks from the White House.

But the press knew -- just knew -- he was going there to collect a bribe.

Eagle-eyed Judd Legum of Think Progress spotted them and tweeted: "1. A big COINCIDENCE at the Trump Hotel in DC tonight."

"2. In Dec., I reported Kuwait -- under political pressure -- moved their annual party from 4 Seasons to the Trump Hotel."

"3. That event is tonight. Kuwait is paying Trump $60k"

"4. And tonight, by TOTAL COINCIDENCE, Trump is dropping by the Trump Hotel. He's there right now."

"5. The message is clear to foreign governments. Hold your lavish events at my hotel and I might drop by."

"6. I'm not sure yet if Trump dropped by the actual Kuwait event or not, but it hardly matters."

"7. When I was reporting this story a top aide for the Kuwaiti ambassador said he'd invite me to tonight's even but he never did :("

"8. From the White House press pool: "The pool is holding in vans and not being allowed inside the [Trump] hotel."





From the "nonpartisan" Pro Publica twitter account:
1. After election, Kuwait moves D.C. event to Trump Hotel
2. Kuwait pays Trump org $$$
3. Event is tonight...
4. and Trump shows up at the hotel.
Except, the event had been held three days earlier.

Kuwait -- which donated millions to the Clinton Foundation -- held its little $60,000 party on Wednesday.

President Trump was at his hotel with seven other people, including Nigel Farage, who had a jolly good time.

But Judd Legum's story was too good to check out.

Other journalists in Washington also denounced Trump on Twitter for something he did not do. Philip Bump of the Washington Post was among them.

But if presidential presence at a dinner is a thing of value which should trigger the emolument clause in the Constitution, then what does say that say about the annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner?

Let's apply the new Kuwaiti Dinner standard to another annual event in Washington, using the Pro Publica emolument formula:
1. WHCA holds fund-raising annual dinner.
2. If the president shows up, reporters will go easy on him.
3. If the president doesn't help them raise money, negative coverage.
So by ditching this year's dinner, President Trump is doing the honorable thing -- by refusing to attend a sordid affair in which reporters trade coverage for money for their organization.


I mean, what makes them any better -- any more moral -- than the Kuwaiti embassy? I mean, the embassy held its dinner and did not make a big deal about President Trump not attending.

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  1. Why should Trump attend the WHCA dinner just so that they can spit into his food, either figuratively or maybe even literally?

  2. My only quip with this post is that you didn't mention that the project manager for the Trump International Hotel in DC was Ivanka Trump and it came in ahead of schedule and under budget. :)

  3. A lawsuit was filed in January against Trump by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) for violations of the Emoluments clause of the Constitution, which forbids federal office holders from accepting any “present, emolument, office or title” from a foreign state."

    At a January 11 press conference, Trump's lawyer, Sheri Dillon, promised that hotel profits from foreign governments would be turned over to the United States Treasury. But the suit says that this step in no way solves the constitutional violation. To date the Trump folks will not comment on how much money has been turned over but that appears to be nothing in the past six weeks.

    The Kuwati party alone should generate between $40 and $60 grand in billings and that does not account for the foreign dignitaries who stayed at the hotel which sold out its rooms during the inaugural celebration (and I suppose that included the $20 grand per night suite).

    The American people await fulfillment of the Trump promise.

    1. #1, get lost. #2, the "American people" are hardly awaiting even comment on this nonexistent 'situation'. Go home and stay there. Have a good day.

    2. In case you missed it, according to BuzzFeed, Trump received a $32 million tax credit for the hotel after he had been elected president and can get upwards to another $132 mil when the construction value is known. Parkersburg should be getting a Trump organization check soon, I would think.

    3. Those amounts pale in comparison to the quasi-bribes that numerous foreign entities gave to the Clintons' Tax Avoidance Foundation in the patently obvious (but unfulfilled) expectation she would be elected president.

    4. Yawn. President Trump turned over his business holdings to his family.

      He doesn't have to, but he said he would send all revenue (not just profits - imagine the vultures attacking either his profit margin or how it was derived) to the Treasury.

      How do you know he hasn't sent any revenue in yet? Sounds like fake news to me.

      I wouldn't expect the hotel to cut checks daily or weekly, or each time a foreign entity stays there. I would expect that the totals they are going to pay out are calculated monthly by Accounting, verified and then sent on to Accounts Payable for processing.

    5. The American people also await fulfillment of Obama's promises. Nuff said.

    6. Detective Sergeant Schmoe Friday must've picked up the wrong pack of cigarettes down in the Evidence Room.

    7. Dummies who think the 14th amendment means it is a denial of CIVIL RIGHTS to ban gays from marrying or refuse to cater their wedding but think the 2nd amendment doesn't clearly mean what it says are scholars of the Emoluments clause? LOL Psst: bub, you're being played for the useful idiot you are. I mean, I can see you have enough brains to parrot talking points that include multi-syllable words, that someone else wrote for you, but that's the extent of your abilities.
      The Dems win with "an ignorant and docile public" ~ Hillary

    8. Oh look, now you're going to pretend to understand TIFs too? (Tax Increment Financing)? LOL
      Pro-tip Trump did not "get" any tax breaks; the company did. There isn't a hotel or walmart or any other major business that is built today in this country without a TIF.
      Seriously, read a book.

    9. 'gadfly', perfect screen name for a pest who whines about the inevitable. I suppose it is a WINDFALL to Trump, that now that he has invested multiple millions of dollars in this project that someone might spend $60k renting it. STUNNING.

  4. "Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump
    For first time the failing @nytimes will take an ad (a bad one) to help save its failing reputation. Try reporting accurately & fairly!"

    1. They don't know how today, nor will they in the foreseeable future (and likely the unforeseeable future.)

  5. One of many things I've learned from Don is that not only are dilligence and labor necessary to find the truth in "news", but, amazingly, it is often possible to be successful in uncovering it. This requires a basic moral worth in the reporter of news however, a character of virtue in its pristine Amendment 1 sense, courage in the face of economic and political pressure. Unfortunately, this is no longer the modern paradigm. Today the theory seems to be: say what ever comes to mind about anything at all, then retract that statement and blame its actual existence on the authority of others should it prove untrue. This has two benefits. First the damage desired is done widely because the retraction is always too late to affect first impressions. Second, the retraction itself implies honest error, a virtue signal to the Deceiver's faithful that He can still be trusted. In fact one internet philosopher has given this as the sole reason for false news:it can and will eventually be undone, rendering it "harmless". As AP Fox star J Pace said recently, news is reported falsely because there is not enough information available to the reporter. On this blog, and in his meticulously documented, gently humored books, Don has repeatedly shown this statement to be a self serving lie. The information is there but it is just not beneficial to the reporter and his masters to look for it, or even divulge it if known. This way of life for them may not be new, in fact it is their old Beobacter tradition now refreshed, but with DT they are being forced to defend it in public for the first time, and they don't like it one bit.

  6. Hilarious. And having Barfly come in and make a fool of her drunken self is the icing on the cake

  7. "...Kuwait is paying Trump $60k""

    Math is hard, especially for Judd Legum.

    Even if we assume Trump's net worth is only (only!) one billion dollars, this is 0.006%, in other words, in The Donald's world, zip. From my standpoint, BFD, nobody gives a rip.

  8. Definition of legume
    1 the fruit or seed of plants of the legume family (such as peas or beans) used for food

    That sounds about how intelligent Mr. Legum is. - Elric

  9. "Kuwait -- which donated millions to the Clinton Foundation -- held its little $60,000 party on Wednesday."

    Nice try, douchebags.