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Saturday, February 11, 2017

ICE raids shock liberal as Trump keeps his word

The public in 30 states and the Second Congressional District in Maine elected Donald Trump to protect the borders. Kicking out illegal aliens was part of the deal.

On Thursday, ICE agents began cracking down on illegal aliens -- much to the surprise of liberals who think Trump is just another lying politician.

From the shell-shocked Washington Post:
It also appeared to signal a departure from the Obama administration’s position of prioritizing immigration enforcement against criminals. Trump has pledged to deport up to 3 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records.
Word of the raids quickly circulated among immigrants, activists and on social media, creating such widespread panic in immigrant communities that a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said the department had decided to take the unprecedented step of confirming some details of the raids while they were ongoing. 
Good. Maybe they will take the hint and self-deport.

And there was this:
Some activists in Los Angeles and Austin suggested that the raids might be retaliation for those cities’ so-called “sanctuary city” policies.
Or maybe that is where the illegal aliens are. I mean they could come to Poca, West Virginia, I suppose but I doubt they will find many illegal aliens -- or even Pitt fans.

The Washington Post story included this:
“We cannot understate the level of panic and terror that is running through many immigrant communities,” said Walter Barrientos, of Make the Road in New York City. 
That is the plan.

The Nation made its emotional plea:
On Wednesday, a 35-year-old mother of two named Guadalupe GarcĂ­a de Rayos was arrested in Phoenix. Her original contact with police came eight years ago, when Sheriff Joe Arpaio raided the water park where she worked and charged her with using a fake Social Security number. Since then, de Rayos, who came to the United States as a teenager, checked in annually as required with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. Each time they chose not to deport her—with no major crime on her record, she was not a priority.
That changed with Donald Trump’s election. Though Trump’s Muslim travel ban has gotten the lion’s share of press attention, there’s another group of immigrants he’s moved to target: people like de Ravos who have come into contact with the criminal justice system. After her arrest on Wednesday, a group of protesters (including her two American-born teenage children) managed to block the van as it carried de Rayos out of the ICE facility. The halt was dramatic but temporary: De Rayos was deported on Thursday. By Friday, immigration agents had staged raids in at least six states, marking the beginning of a crackdown.
Trump calls people like de Rayos “criminal illegal immigrants,” or, simply, “bad dudes.” As President-elect, he claimed they number “two million… even three million.” But such a number is possible only through a dramatic expansion of the term “criminal.”
Yes "a dramatic expansion" of the word (not term) "criminal" to include people who committed a felony (as Rayos did) would do that.

Rayos is a criminal who does not belong here.

As for her children, they should join her in Mexico.

Unless, of course, Mexico is a heartless place that breaks up families.

Americans are tired of liberals destroying the value of citizenship. Illegal aliens deserve no privileges or rights enjoyed by citizens.

At least not here.

Maybe in Mexico or wherever else they came from.


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  1. That's what we've wanted all along: enforce the laws as they were written. Otherwise, what's the point of Congress making and passing them?

  2. In the immortal words of El Kabong, "Ho-Lay!!!!".

    "Maybe they will take the hint and self-deport."

    I think that's part of the plan. Operation Wetback and all.

    "Some activists in Los Angeles and Austin suggested that the raids might be retaliation for those cities’ so-called 'sanctuary city' policies."

    Guess where most illegals live.

    1. In the words of Bugs Bunny, "Couuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuld be!"


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  4. Pitt fans! Classic line, Big D. Sweet Caroline (EAT SHIT PITT!) good times never seemed so good (EAT SHIT EAT SHIT EAT SHIT!). A WVU tradition for road games at Pittsburgh. You can look it up on YouTube, y'all.

    1. That is hilarious! I enjoyed an outing to Heinz Field as a visiting Iowa Hawkeye fan years ago. The Pitt fans were gracious and we enjoyed some friendly banter. But that song at a football game? My mates and I were dumbfounded. Maybe we are just rednecks but it seemed a bit out of place at a football game (!). We thought it was pathetic and the Pitt fans singing along? We didn't check but I hope none of the guys were singing, something tells me they were. I think it was later played at an Iowa football game, thank goodness I wasn't there I would have barfed.

  5. ICE is following the equivalent to the Willie Sutton Rule: his explanation for robbing banks was "That's where the money is."

    The official Mexican government position is that they don't want their citizens back, the hardened criminals because they truly are bad dudes, and all the others who are working in the US but stay g out of trouble because Mexico doesn't have jobs for them. Plus, of course, the money that flows south from the US to Mexico helps to prop up the Mexican economy. Just in case you missed the implication of this, the Mexican government officially approves of the invasion of the US by Mexican citizens and will actively work to prevent the president of the US from enforcing the laws of the land. Indeed, Mexican consulates in the US are preparing to help keep any Mexican national from being deported because of his illegal status. So now, who's the bad neighbor?

    1. Why bring them back home when they are successfully strip mining your wealthy, stupid neighbor to the north?

  6. 1. My sequel arrived sometime last night, and it set outside in the cold because the UPS guy is deathly afraid to ring the doorbell (indeed). I quickly warmed it up this morning with fluids (not telling) and revived it. On chapter 9 now; lots of outstanding *unexpected* stuff; not telling yet but will soon.

    2. TWO CHARTS TO BLOW YOUR MIND: Where Illegal Aliens Live and How Many are Collecting Welfare

    What Don says...where they are.

    1. Good chart.

      I claim Austin as home, though I wasn't born there and don't live there now. Last year we went back for a visit and I was surprised how many of the business signs were in Spanish, only. Not Spanish-English, just Spanish. It was like being outside the Anglosphere.

      What was funny/interesting, though, was when we went to Fiesta, a Mexican-ish supermarket. There, pretty much all the signs and placards inside were in English. Not English and Spanish, not Spanish only.

    2. My smaller/older boy lives in Austin now for some strange reason. His grandfathers land is closer to Aspermont within 1840ish Empresario Landgrantsville triangle. If I'm not mistaken, it's still a "dry" county.

      I texted him last night not to open the door if there were loud knocks, and he didn't have a clue. So much the better, I guess.

  7. "A nation without borders is NOT a nation!"

    "A nation without ILLEGAL aliens is a SAFE nation!"

  8. I reckon after eight years of non-enforcement of our immigration laws, actual enforcement may come as a surprise to many. If we can spook enough of the herd they'll all stampede back to Mexico. - Elric


  10. No doubt the Democrats will be freaking at the deportation of all their "voters".

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