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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Fake news of the day: Trumps separating

The mainstream media on Tuesday spread a rumor as fact that Melania Trump would not move into the White House when the school year ends for Barron Trump, 10.

Today, the mainstream media is wiping the egg from its face as Missus Trump began building her staff for when she moves to the White House.

Once the school year ends.

The Trump have only been saying this was their plan from Day One.

Nevertheless Us Magazine reported:
First Lady Melania Trump May Stay in NYC Permanently and Never Move Into the White House
Though Donald, 70, and his wife Melania announced in November that the first lady would relocate from New York City to Washington D.C. once their 10-year-old son Barron finished up the school year, a family insider reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly that may not happen. "They will reevaluate toward the end of the school year if they will keep this arrangement or if Melania and Barron will move to Washington," says the source. "They could go either way right now. They will ultimately do what's best for Barron." Find out more in the video above, and detailed below.
Given the cover of the magazine and its headline of "Separate Lives," Us magazine misled its readers into thinking the Trumps had separated.

CNN -- in a double byline masterpiece (with help from a third reporter) -- reported:
Whither Melania Trump? 12 days without a public sighting
The West Wing has been churning out news non-stop since President Donald Trump took office, but the East Wing has quite literally remained dark.
It's been 12 days since the last public sighting of first lady Melania Trump, who had been planning on splitting her time between Washington and New York, where the couple's son, Barron, is completing the school year.
And when a solemn scene unfolded Wednesday afternoon as Trump boarded Marine One to pay his respects to a fallen service member's family in Delaware, he was accompanied by first daughter, Ivanka -- a reminder that she is his closest family in Washington.
How this is news is beyond me, but again, it is CNN, so who knows?

But CNN is the cable outlet that breathlessly reported last month that Russians could have blackmail on Donald Trump.

Given all we know about President Trump, how can that be so? I cannot imagine what Trump could have done 20 years ago that would jeopardize his job today.

But I know what CNN and Us magazine did on Tuesday.

Today, the White House reiterated that Trump's wife and youngest son will move into the White House after the school year ends. She hired a chief of staff to help her in the White House,

Meanwhile the hordes of reporters at CNN can call the NYPD and file a missing persons report.

For their minds, that is.


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  1. Fake journalists writing fake news for fake media.

  2. OK has anyone talked to Melina -no-The Trumps live a jet lifestyle. She can be in DC in minutes.or New York. Distance like that is not a problem.
    Trump is at work now. Also Barron is persona non grata at DC schools...
    from what I understand, for the crime of living while Trump.. TG

    1. Living while Trump. That sums it up completely. That's all any of the shrieking hoards has, nothing more. Living while Trump ... the ultimate crime.

  3. Barron is actually a chimera of Trump and Melania DNA mixed with a superintelligent alien species that wanted to survive in our atmosphere. Passing on their genetic material in this way was their only hope. The three way tryst took place on a spaceship on the other side of the moon to escape detection.
    The only reason I know all this is that I detected transmissions via the transistors the aliens implanted in my cerebellum in the 1960's but forgot about. Keep this a secret. I'm only telling you and the alien's other earthly lover, Hillary Clinton, who also has an alien love child.

    1. Don't you be talkin' 'bout Chelsea that way!

    2. I keep telling these aliens, it's "probe the butt" and "implant the mind", but will they listen?

    3. Chelsea looks so much like Webb Hubbell it's not even funny. Meanwhile, Bill has probably fathered more illegitimate children than Wilt Chamberlain. But yeah, let's stir the pot about the Trumps. The press is pathetic.

  4. Wait until Trump starts having birthdays with Hollywood actresses singing to them...Oh, wait...they probably won't come because they'll have their own army putting DC under siege by then.

    That entire issue of her staying away with Baron in school was covered ad nauseum during the inauguration. CNN and whatever this mag is are definitely reaching out to the mouth breathers that compulsively read anything from that stack of tabled magazines while they're having oil changed.

    Want news? Have we heard ANY discussion in ANY news source of the proposed Saudi safe zones for the so-called refugees (I double dog dare you)? That would sorta impact the so-called ban, no?

    Ben Stein says Bueller? Bueller?

  5. The MSM has to report this kind of junk because if they would suddenly begin reporting factual news objectively it would make them look even worse than they already look. They dug themselves into a hole and discovered there is no way out. - Elric

  6. As always, the media chases its own phony rumors.

  7. Call it fake news of the morning. The day is still young and there is more BS to churn out.

  8. I like the way things are because after 8 years we have a First Lady who doesn't think she has the right to tell me what to eat or what to think. She stays out of my life, and I stay out of hers. The First Lady is a courtesy position; she was not elected; she has no right or obligation to do anything more than act as the president's consort. Barbara and Laura Bush behaved admirably as the nation's First Ladies; Hillary Clinton and The Wookie were out of control activists who abused their positions as wives of the president. Let's not have a repeat of either one of those two.

  9. Must be a lot of folks in the "news" industry whose day to day livelihood is covering whatever the First Lady is doing. So, they don't have antyhing to do now.

    I for one would be happy if we as a nation could go back to having the First Lady just be the president's wife instead of being some sort of unelected sub-president.

  10. And besides her disaster of a school lunch program, Moochelle did NUTHIN.

  11. I guess with Brad and Angelina breaking up, the tabloids have to find another couple to spread rumors about. I'd rather hear about Barry's secret trips to bathhouses and Michelle's trysts with the poolboy....not that there's anything wrong with either, mind you. [/rumors]

  12. Meanwhile the hordes of reporters at CNN can call the NYPD and file a missing persons report.

    For their minds, that is.

    I think filing a false claim is still a felony. Can't report losing what they never had.

  13. US Magazine is part of the Rolling Stone publishing "empire." 'Nuff said!!