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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Employees don't like SJWs as CEOs

Capitalism made America great.

Social Justice Warriors aim to make America a third world country.

The worst thing that happens to a company is when its Chief Executive Officer becomes an SJW.

Virtue signaling replaces profits. The people hardest hit are the employees because while the CEO is trying to impress his fellow limousine liberals, the company's financial stability suffers. That adversely affects wages and other benefits.

While conservative editorial boards in Houston and elsewhere congratulated themselves for refusing to endorse Trump, the canceled subscriptions hurt the non newsroom staff -- many of whom supported Trump. I can think of no state in which these Never Trumpers live that went for Hillary because of some dumb newspaper editorial.

Indeed, the newspapers of Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee might as well been talking to the mirror for each of their states flipped Republican for the first time since the 1980s.

Which leads us to American Airlines CEO-turned-SJW Doug Parker, who refused to attend a meeting between President Trump and airline executives.

His competitors went. Parker virtue signaled.

His competitors got a complete rundown on the major changes Trump plans for the airline industry, a trade he once competed in. Parker virtue signaled.

His competitors got a say in what will be changed and how. Parker virtue signaled.

Parker's employees are not pleased with him.

From Reuters:
The pilots' union, the Allied Pilots Association, issued a symbolic vote of "no-confidence" in Parker's leadership abilities. It also cited lagging pay increases compared to pilots at other carriers and "questionable economic and strategic decisions."
American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller said in a statement that the union and the airline share the same goal and that they "have a solid foundation in place upon which to build."
"Therefore, further public dialogue serves no purpose," Miller said.
American had said at the time of the White House meeting that Parker's decision not to meet with Trump and other airline executives was due to a previously scheduled leadership conference.

This preening Parker peacock does not know the meaning of the word.

I suggest the pilots send resumes to other airlines, whose bosses put the company's well-being ahead of pride.


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  1. Note to self: No more flights on American Airlines. Pay more if you have to. As long as this D Bag is CEO, anyways. Look, when the President of the United States invites you to a meeting, you go. Simple as that.

    1. What?
      You no like affirmative action mechanic and pilot hires?
      Melatonin over merit won't hurt til your plane falls out of the sky.

  2. Replies
    1. Look at that selling volume near the end of January. That's a #grabyourwallet smackdown.

      It's also an industrial strength FU.

  3. And my wife (a terrific outside the box thinker) had this comment:

    What if Parker called a meeting and people didn't show up because of his views on Trump? What would happen to them?

  4. As far as I know, pilots still have a strict seniority system when it comes to selecting flights, based on time with the company, with the most senior pilots choosing the routes they wish to fly (within limits of their certs), less senior pilots getting what is left, and least senior pilots stuck with what is left over.

    So, voluntarily switching to another airline isn't really an option for the most senior pilots. They lose too much money and seniority.

    Of course, that may be one reason why they are so annoyed at Parker. They have less job mobility, and if the boss screws up the airline, they get screwed even worse, while the SJW CEO moves on to a bigger company courtesy of a golden parachute.

  5. American is the worst airline around.

    Delays, planes that don't work, etc. No surprise.

  6. If there were no union for pilots there would be a free market for their skill set. I understand there is a shortage of experienced multi-engine qualified pilots. Hmmmm.

  7. If and when the Board decides to dump Parker he will have a soft landing thanks to his golden parachute. the employees? Not so much.

    1. Wonder if the PT73 still has the Ensign slot open.

    2. He could play the part as Tim Conway's shuffling old man.

  8. In the case of a breach of the Blue Wall, a small bullhorn will fall from the ceiling. Grab it, rush forward, and claim the plane in the name of Social Justice.