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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Eighth Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

Number Eight.

From Duncan Black
Part 2 of a Trilogy?
Let's hope Don Surber pens his history of Trump's first term. And if he does, let's pray that book will be as hilariously successful as this here book -- and the first one, Trump the Press. Each page evokes a "Oh, yeah, I remember what that idiot said" reaction. After all, these are books about the press and their fellow travelers, not political histories. Don Surber may be a self-described retired newsman, but in the past year of that lazy lifestyle he has written part of what I predict will be definitive history of the Trump juggernaut. Nice work, sir, very nice work. Again.
Thank you, Mister Black. I appreciate your taking the time to pen a nice review. I encourage others to do so as well.

I am only as good as my readers.

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  1. Scuse me, but isn't a "trilogy" a tragedy in three parts?

    Better it be a multipart course in Real Journalism ... "Surbernautics"?

    1. Agree, Dave. If Big D is up for it, I'd love to see this turn into a Harry Potter kinda gig. So...

      Book 3: Trump the Deep State
      Book 4: Trump the Chinese
      Book 5: Trump the Environmentalists
      Book 6: Trump the Economy
      Book 7: Trump the Foes of West Virginia

  2. Now 8 for 8 in 5-star reviews! Now I gotta go chase that Legal Insurrection mention that you didn't include.

  3. The book was such a joy to read. My wife (also a Trump fan) even started getting annoyed with me because I kept yelling out, "Honey, listen to what Don said about THIS!"