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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Democrats worried about state Senate race -- in Delaware

Republicans have not controlled the state Senate in Delaware in 40 years as the Blue Hen State is that blue.

But Democrats are very worried about losing the state Senate next Saturday in a special election for a seat that will, incredibly, determine whether Republicans finally flip that state's state Senate.

They are panicked. Joe Biden has joined the race, as has former Governor Martin O'Malley of neighboring Maryland.

The seat is up because Delaware elected Democrat Bethany Hall-Long as lieutenant governor last November. Hillary carried the state by 11 points but Democrats lost a state Senate seat giving Republicans their best showing in four decades as Democrats clung to an 11-10 lead.

With Hall-Long's promotion, she had to give up her seat, making the Senate 10-10.

However, the state Senate remained in Democratic hands as the lieutenant governor breaks ties.

On Saturday, voters will pick her replacement. Democrat Stephanie Hansen faces Republican John Marino.

In the last race for this seat in 2014, Hall-Long won by two points over Marino.

Despite that slim win, the district is solidly Democratic as Hillary took the district by 13 points in November.

But Democrats are billing this special election as a referendum on President Trump.

“I think it’s encouraging that there are folks who having been concerned about the outcome of the presidential election, being concerned about the direction of our national security and our federal government, are taking that concern and enthusiasm and focusing it on state and local elections,” said Democratic U.S. Sen. Chris Coons told Huffington Post.

From the Huffington Post:
What Delaware’s Special Election Reveals About The Trump Resistance
Hansen noted in campaign speeches that a “sleeping giant is beginning to awake” due to the shock election of Trump. She spoke at the Newark Women’s March on Jan. 21, with about 1,000 participants. Marchers who wanted to maintain the energy turned to Hansen’s campaign.
“The increase in numbers of the people getting involved has really been extraordinary,” said Lisa Goodman, executive director of Equality Delaware, who spoke at the Newark march. “Many of those people have been energized by wanting to push back policies coming out of Washington.”
Carolyn Fiddler, of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, said volunteers working for Hansen would knock on 60,000 doors before the campaign is over.
“Our field operation is off the charts, as is volunteer activity,” Fiddler said. “Organizers and volunteers have already knocked on over 30,000 doors, and they’ve made over 28,000 phone calls.”  
There are only 31,000 doors to knock on in the district.
Activism has spilled across Delaware’s boundaries. Sister District, a 5,000-member group born out of the Women’s March, and Flippable, a Democratic group focused on local elections, helped raise $87,000 in small donations for Hansen from around the country. The group Democratic Action hosted a phone-bank day for activists in San Francisco to support Hansen.
In the next week, other news outlets will run stories on them.

It will be interesting how many will portray this as a referendum on Trump, when in fact this is a district Hillary carried by 13 points.

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  1. This is an interesting story. When you think about it, any change in team red's trends, in terms of percents, will be significant since there's a solid baseline of Dem pattern voting. Trump is kicking butt and taking names, so we'll see how that is being received.

    Something stands out from census data. One of the biggest population changes in Delaware is coming from PA, and not from the usual NY. So, there's probably a break in the income patterns of inflows and we know the economy is number 1 with most voters. Delaware also is way down at the bottom of "fiscal soundness."

    Lots of cool stuff to watch with popcorn.

  2. "I just love it when a plan comes together."

  3. Wonder how much this has to do with Joe finally being out of the picture.

  4. "The seat is up because Delaware elected Democrat Bethany Hall-Long as ******* vice president ****** last November."

    Had to look that up, Don. I see she's
    Lieutenant Governor now, not a vice president. I'm guessing you've had a long day.


    1. This race is OVER. Hello swing! I'm definitely not tired of winning.

    2. Thanks. Lieutenant governor. I shall fix.

  5. Dem wins - meh.

    Rep wins - Armageddon.

  6. There is a race for dogcatcher in Berkeley, CA. I have read that it is also a referendum on Trump's presidency.

  7. Trump is making history, the Democrats are making histrionics.

  8. Yancey and Oldy nailed it.

  9. They don't call Delaware "The First State" for nothing. They will be the first true blue state to flip due to President Trump (with an assist from the insane democrats and media).

  10. Somehow when I started reading this post, I got Democrat + Election + Special all mixed up in my mind (insufficient coffee, I suspect) so at first I was convinced I was reading about a "Special Needs Election."

    In my defense, I'm in CA; so I'm used to brain-dead Democrats who ARE special needs people. (I just wish we'd re-open the insane asylums; Sacramento can't hold any more.)