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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Damon's crumbling wall is actually a huge success

The headline in the Hollywood Reporter showed the media is as out of touch about show business as it is about politics:
Weekend Box Office: Matt Damon's 'The Great Wall' Crumbles With $21M U.S. Debut
However, the $150 million movie already was a huge success -- even though the trade newspaper made it sound like it bombed.

Right now, readers should be scratching there heads wondering how that could be.


Just as the Washington Post knows nothing about the Trump presidency, the Hollywood Reporter is clueless about the new entertainment business.

Here is how the Hollywood Reporter story began:
Acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou's The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, bombed in its U.S. debut with en estimated $21 million from 3,325 theaters over the long Presidents Day weekend, including a three-day tally of $18.1 million.
That's a poor start considering the movie's $150 million production budget. Revised estimates for Presidents Day weekend will be released Monday morning, while final numbers won't be ready until Tuesday. In any case, the first Presidents Day weekend of Donald Trump's tenure turned out to be a something of a bust at the box office.
Sounds bad, until you get to Paragraph Eight, when you realize the Matt Damon movie is the biggest movie on the planet right now:
Great Wall has done giant-sized business in China, where it has earned $171 million (it has earned another $54 million in other foreign markets to date).
It debuted in China in December.

So let us do the math: $21 million in the U.S., $171 million in China, and $54 million everywhere else equals (takes off shoes, counts toes) $246 million -- or nearly $100 million more than it cost to make. (Wikipedia estimated its box office at $262.7 million.)

In short, this movie paid for itself and rewarded its investors handsomely long before it debuted in America and Canada this weekend.

This was a Chinese movie made by the Chinese for the Chinese with Matt Damon added only for the international box office, much like Marlon Brando in "The Godfather."

The North American box office is just icing on a pretty fat cake.

The Hollywood Reporter missed what was obvious to a guy in Poca, West Virginia: Damon's film did very, very well.

The entertainment business is shifting to Asia. China and India have seven times as many people to entertain. That's where the money is.

Burying the truth about a movie's box office in Paragraph Eight does not diminish that truth, as painful as it may be to American-centric reporters.

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  1. Even the Hollywood news tries to hide the truth. Who'da thunk it?

  2. Not sure I can watch Matt Damon in any movie.
    Besides his incessant sjw whining, most of his latest movies are like watching a camera attached to a paint shaker.
    Nicholas Cage is an actor that gets infinitely more benefit of the doubt.

  3. Good story. Now, how about getting rid of the Movie Industry special tax breaks?

    1. Good story. Now, how about getting rid of the Movie Industry?

  4. The Chinese are studying movie making intensely. They do not want to be dependent on overseas moviemakers for their entertainment, and they want to have better control over what their population sees. If the demand for entertainment can be met domestically, the influence remains domestic, as do the profits.
    I hope that they are successful in this, not because I want the Chinese to be able to propagandize more efficiently, but because I don't want Hollywood to be able to share in that enterprise.
    The other reason is that movies made overseas are less likely to have the pernicious SJW social justice crap and pozzed propaganda we get here. We might see real stories getting made again. Think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Great cinematography, epic story.
    I won't see the Damon movie because I've made a point of not seeing movies at the theater anymore because of their propagandistic nature and I don't want to support the perverts in Hollywood. Maybe I can support Chinese or Indian perverts. They are over there, not here.

  5. I wonder if China's movies will have the same anti-American theme that hollywood movies do.

  6. This is a common story in the movie business. It is the reason so many lousy movies are made: the foreign markets have no taste for quality but they produce enough to make losses less or even some profit for what we would consider a dog.

  7. The movie's like "Saving Private Ryan", but, in a show of Chi-Comm efficiency, it's an all-female PLA company. You think it's gonna take those gals three whole hours to find Matt Damon?

  8. It's not a hit unless it's a hit here. And Inja and China have always had more people.

    Think the Western market - Western Hemisphere and Europe.

    BTW the Reds know how powerful a medium is, if handled well. They have all those old WWII American movies, so they know what happens if you don't treat the audience like the enemy.

  9. Hollywood gives a great deal of fake news, with their assets they need the Instapundit Hollywood tax plan.

  10. Uncanny similarity to "Splendid China".

  11. Maaatt...Damon.

    -Mikey NTH


  12. What's next? Can't be long till the ChiComm movie makers discover the Sixties.

    "Daddy started out in Shanghai City,
    Tootin' on his trumpet loud and mean..."

    "Sweet-and-Sour Charity "