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Thursday, February 02, 2017

CNN is coup-coup

CNN ran one of the dumbest headlines in its 37-year history:
Donald Trump and Steve Bannon's coup in the making
Do the editors of CNN know what the word coup means?

On November 8, Americans elected Donald Trump president to run the government.

Unless you favor some Orwellian world of fascism -- which would of course explain much of CNN's programming -- you would realize words have meaning and take care to use precise language.

A coup is a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.

The only people pushing that are in the Democratic Party, which held a window-smashing, Larry King's limo bashing riot on Inauguration Day.

We're not even two weeks into the Trump presidency. Has your head exploded yet? If so, you're right where Donald Trump and our shadow ruler, Steve Bannon, want you to be.
The onslaught of executive orders and threatening talk, while entirely in keeping with what Trump promised during the campaign, have left Americans of many political leanings feeling overwhelmed and fearful of what may come next.
The confusion and chaos generated at the bureaucratic and individual level by Trump's most spectacular executive order -- his ban of individuals from selected predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States -- came in part from its sudden announcement. From enforcers to the public, many were thrown off guard.
Welcome to the shock event, designed precisely to jar the political system and civil society, causing a disorientation and disruption among the public and the political class that aids the leader in consolidating his power.
Those who still refuse to take Trump seriously cite his incompetence for the rough start in office. Yet this blitzkrieg was intentional.
And on and on went this gawdawful mess of words aimed at provoking images of Hitler.

If Trump is Hitler, he is pretty inept at it.

His people are attacked by brown-shirters in masks.

His opposition controls the media.

He doesn't even seem interested in invading Poland or annexing Austria.

As a matter of fact, where's his mustache?

I saw darker upper lips on participants in the Women's March protest.

The schlock theater piece posted by CNN was written by Ruth Ben-Ghiat.

CNN said:
Ruth Ben-Ghiat is a frequent contributor to CNN Opinion and a professor of history and Italian studies at New York University. Her latest book is "Italian Fascism's Empire Cinema." The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.
The opinions reflect CNN's editorial policy. Sorry. It is true. 

You don't get away with publishing this dreck without it reflecting upon you.


Oh good gravy. I tire of the drama queens of the media, because we know why they say this -- to dull our senses when a real Hitler arrives.

And Adolf or Adolfa will come from the left, most assuredly.


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  1. It's difficult to take CNN as news. Watching a discussion the other night at 10PM I really wondered what world the folks inhabit. I hadnt realized "The Streets" had become the 4th leg of government. The notion that the Democrats had "the streets" somehow doesnt seem like a worthwhile election "win"

  2. "And Adolf or Adolfa will come from the left, most assuredly."

    True. The Nazis were National Socialists and on the Left of the political spectrum. The reason they hated the communists so much is that they were fighting for control of the same ideology. Take a close look at the policies and the temper tantrums of the Lefties and you'll see fascism at work. - Elric

    1. and the antics of the hard left will create a hard right counter movement.

    2. Could happen. With the Left pushing racial consciousness, it seems somewhat likely that white consciousness could appear in response.

  3. Selco, a survivor of the Balkans unpleasantness, wrote the following on his blog a few days ago. Just some observations from a far on America. The left lives in a Marvel comic book.

    "And then one morning, SHTF and I found myself standing in my backyard like an idiot, still trying to find out what happened with great words of new era and better life…?

    People were shot dead on the street for fun or wrong words, fire trucks were driven by stoned teenagers in weird uniforms, police cars burning, men with assault rifles walking on the street in cowboy boots and metal band T shirt acting like self proclaimed government forces, every group who had more then 15 guys and 5 rifles was self proclaimed police force doing whatever they want to do…

    Whole bunch of people who had dreamed of times where and when they can do whatever they want emerged.

    I forget together with bunch of other people high hopes and big words, all what was left is pure survival, day by day."

    The CNN agitators are either idiots, or on task.

  4. City streets.
    Rural streets dont count because they are inhabited largely by evil white people.
    And hatred of whitey is the good kind of hate (/s).

  5. I can't even watch "the news" any more without my blood pressure rising to dangerous levels. My wife loves QVC. I'm good with that. Not much of a shopper but hey, it's capitalism in action, right?

  6. I have to admit that I am much more fearful than ever that we are in Deep Doo Doo. CA as State defying the Fed Govt, the constant drumbeat from the Left on Trump is Hitler and wants to be a dictator, and on and on. I too Zregime have a very hard time watching news, even Fox. Guess I need to stock up on Scotch.

  7. Ben-Ghiat. From one of those big boisterous Italian families no doubt.

  8. Notice how the Left has to fall back on the idea the other side is always controlled by a "shadow ruler"?

    Reagan and Poppy
    Dubya and Darth

    Now The Donald and Bannon

    These people never change.

    1. Well, there was Obama and Jarrett, too.

  9. I take it that this coup is ported and relieved and stroked and bored.

    And it'll do a hundred and forty with the top end floored.