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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

CNN: Corporations at war with Trump

The cliche for a hundred years is that Republicans are in bed with large multinational companies, but the reality is SJWs replaced CEOs long ago. President George W. Bush sent 20 CEOs to prison. President Obama sent none. As for the much heralded Dodd-Frank, Senator Dodd accepted a bribe in the form of a low-interest loans from Countrywide.

President Trump threatens the massive illegal immigration which means votes for Democrats and cheap labor for multinational corporations.

So they team up to beat him.

From CNN:
Dozens of companies worked together to file court papers. Others used Super Bowl ads to promote messages of inclusion and tolerance to 111 million viewers. Starbucks promised to hire 10,000 refugees.
Opposition to President Trump's immigration order isn't just coming from Democrats or judges. It's coming from corporate America.
The companies are concerned about access to skilled foreign workers and foreign markets. But corporate opposition to the order goes further, in some cases calling it unconstitutional or suggesting it conflicts with American values.
All the businesses opposed to the order have faced a tricky calculation -- how to respond to a new president whose base of support overlaps with their own customers, and who has shown he is willing to call out a company without warning.
CNN overlooked one small thing: shareholder rights.

If you believe your company's anti-American advertising campaign hurts sales, you should be able to sue management.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

The reason these corporations oppose enforcing immigration laws is money.

All this talk of racism and xenophobia are window-dressing for the SJW-CEOs who pretend they are helping illegal immigrants, all the while they are exploiting them.


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  1. Exactly, this is about money and anybody paying attention the last quarter century knows the Demos are the party of Wall Street anymore.

  2. Both parties have been pro legal and illegal immigration. The GOP base has hopefully found the antidote in Donald Trump. Whether he can keep the GOPe in line on immigration remains to be seen. There are some hopeful signs. - Elric

  3. Big business likes big government, and the democrat party and socialist bullies are the big government party. The libertarians are the cuckolds of both.
    The Dems used to have room in their party for labor interests that were in essence nationalist. This gave succor and attracted a large number of non-union labor interests as well. All that is gone now. The real irony is that they could have protected this part of their constituency by throwing a few meaningless crumbs to these people. they could have kept on lying to them as they had in the past and been just as successful. They couldn't even bring themselves to do that. Pitiful.

    1. Wait a sec, Doc...are you saying Soros, Bezos, Ellison, Blankfein, Dimon, and what's his name from Starbucks, all liberal? I can't believe it. I need to go find my blankie and hold it tight to keep from crying. And then call the Secretary of Education for support...

      Wait, what? DeVos was confirmed? NOW I'm going to cry...

      Freakin Liberals.