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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Celebrating Not My President Day

Liberals continue to show they are clever but not too smart. Media-ite reported that liberals intend to turn this year's celebration of George Washington's Birthday (colloquially known as Presidents Day) into Not My President Day.

From Media-ite:
In New York, you can attend this “(Not My) Presidents Day” rally, which will take place outside of Trump Tower at noon.
Los Angeles will host this “(Not My) Presidents Day” at City Hall.
A collection of public, site-specific performances will take place throughout Minneapolis for “This Machine (Not My Presidents Day).” Organizers write that, “With art, embodiment, and activation of public space, we will build This Machine to directly combat the propaganda machine, the money machine, the media machine, in service of integrity, empowerment, and humanity.”
This Machine, like many other similar initiatives around the country, is a product of Bad and Nasty. Read more here and here if you’d like to do an event in your own city. For instance, New Orleans is doing a Bad and Nasty event series on the 20th, too.
Here in Poca, West Virginia, we plan to celebrate Not My President Day with adult beverages as we look at the list of people who are Not My President.

Hillary Clinton is Not My President.

Jill Stein is Not My President.

Evan McMullin is Not My President.

Gary Johnson is Not My President.

And this year we returned one big name to the list. After eight years of not being on the list, Barack Obama once again is Not My President.

Welcome back, Citizen Barry.



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  1. Organizing protests/riots in places where there isn't a majority-Republican county in 100 miles? We call that "Converting the Choir".

  2. Here in Rock Branch we have been celebrating every day since January 20th as Not My President (SCOAMF) Day, and every day seems to get a little brighter. - Elric

    1. I mourn the loss of Rock Branch Community Bank. I will stay with its successor, but who paints over beautiful red brick like that?

    2. Ditto. I'm still with them, too. Convenience. I reckon they wanted to "stand out' in the community. Mission accomplished. - Elric

  3. They are going to celebrate with art? Run for cover and close your eyes since this means that Lena Dunham will disrobe again.

    Resist we much.

    1. Is being blind still a handicap after she gets naked?

    2. Whenever I see Lena Dunham, I think of Jane Russell.

      But it doesn't help, I gag anyway.

  4. "After eight years of not being on the list, Barack Obama once again is Not My President."

    An older man approaches the White House and says to the Marine on guard: "I'd like to make an appointment to see President Obama." The Marine responds: "Sir, Mr. Obama is no longer the president." The man says "Okay," and walks away.

    The next day the same man approaches the same Marine at the White House and says: "I'd like to make an appointment to see President Obama." The Marine again replies: "Sir, Mr. Obama is no longer the president." The man says "Okay," and walks away.

    The third day, the same man approaches the same Marine and says: "I'd like to make an appointment to see President Obama." The now frustrated Marine responds: "Sir, I told you for the last two days that Mr. Obama is no longer the president. Don't you understand?" The man replies: "Oh! I understand. I like hearing it so much."

    The Marine snaps to attention and says: "See you tomorrow, sir."

  5. One thing I noticed the year leading up to the election was all the virtue signaling going on among all the progressive doctors in the hospital. Making comments that at last bigotry will be silenced when Hillary wins, etc. These guys driving into the doctors lot in the I BMWs, Audis. Swaggering around the hospital. Most of them aren't even that good at what they do. And the staff go on about their work in silence. Many of these folks can't even afford to live in this county. Home, property prices, and rents are too high. And they went to the polls and crushed it for Trump in those surrounding counties in November.
    Do you think those lefty jackasses learned anything?

    1. "Progressive" is not really a word you want to have associated with anything medical.

      Almost as bad as calling themselves "congenital doctors".

  6. Don, that's a great list of NMPs.

  7. I love it when someone clever like Mr. Surber turns the Left's snark back on them.

  8. Actually, Barry was never anybody's President but his own. Between the golf and the vacas, he never really settled into the job.

  9. "Welcome back, Citizen Barry."

    I remain unconvinced that Barry Oblablablabla is actually a citizen. There has yet been no evidence whatsoever that he is anything but a fraud, and God only knows where he was born or who his father was.

    (No, a photoshopped phony birth certificate, along with a phony draft card and phony SS card, don't convince me. This guy wouldn't even pass E-Verify!)

    1. Google photos of Barry's mother, father, and Frank Marshall Davis. Hold up photos of Barry's mother and father and compare to Barry. Now hold up photos of Barry's mother and Frank Marshall Davis and compare to Barry. What do you think? - Elric

  10. I'm from Australia, so he's not my president either.

    I can only envy those who have such a man as their leader.

  11. The Left continues to regress back to childhood. Hell, in six months they may back in Pampers. Wah wah wah.