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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Budget advice to the West Virginia Legislature

Democratic Billionaire Governor Jim Justice has proposed nearly a half-billion dollars a year in new taxes on the second-poorest people in the land.

I have a reminder for our Republican legislative leaders.

Every program is nice to have.

Every program does nice things.

Cutting any program hurts nice people.

But making men crawl deeper into the ground to dig more coal to keep nice programs going, or making them put in overtime at the mill, or making them go deeper into forest to timber isn't very nice.

Be bold. Be strong. Stand tall for those who sweat out the tax money.

Make every cut you can. Cut and cut and cut until you have balanced the budget without raising taxes or revenues by one dime.

While you are at it, bleed dry those special revenue accounts, and apply the funds to the beleaguered state teachers pension plan. Its underfunding imperils the state's financial future.

Do not waver. And when they say, well, in the past you supported this program or that, tell them well, we could afford it then. We cannot now.


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  1. Just forwarded this to my girl Saira Blair (my rep, 59th District). She's a cool chick and I'm sure she will listen. Good post, Big D.

  2. You hit the nail on the head again, and not just for West Virginia. Tennessee governor wants to raise the gas tax to pay for roads that should be funded by the gas tax, which has been used for too many OTHER programs that have nothing to do with roads. -- BJ54

  3. Justice wants to drive more middle class families into the gibsmedat category so he'll have more voters for dems. It has always worked that way.

  4. OT----Clarice Feldman, she of the "Clarice's Pieces" articles on American Thinker, just posted a brief review of Trump The Establishment, even including the book cover. Don is IN DA HOUSE!!!

  5. Out in Oregon, there's this:
    Excerpt: "Governor Kate Brown and some lawmakers say the State of Oregon is facing a $1.7 billion budget shortfall in the 2017-19 biennium. Yet, this shortfall is in the face of all-time high tax money coming in to state government.

    Research published by the Pew Charitable Trusts finds that Oregon has seen the some of the fastest growth in tax revenues since the end of the Great Recession."

  6. I'm with you Don. Let's see the Rs propose a budget cause they have yet to do so. The Rs have controlled the WV Legislature for three full sessions and have yet to propose ONE budget solution - not counting an all out raid on the Rainy Day Fund.
    Former Gov. Tomblin has done all the heavy lifting. Is this the year the Rs at least try to budget? All they have offered for three years now are excuses.

    1. Earl Tomblin? Heavy lifting? I call total bullshit on that. Remember, he vetoed CCW and then the Legislature said, stick it up your ass. Tomblin was an Obama tool.

      Now we've got Jim Justice (didn't vote for him) who campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs. And then he does this. Why do you f---ing liberals think you can create jobs by RAISING taxes? Answer: Because you're f---ing stupid.

    2. Tomblin reduced spending by as much as $400 million over the last three years with across the board cuts when the state was needing to balance its budget. All the while, all the Rs could come up with was "raid the rainy day fund."
      Z - don't come to a gun fight armed with a spoon. You are clueless. But humor me and answer this: Where should Rs make cuts to avoid raising taxes. Give specifics you tool.

  7. Tomlin legalized gambling, and received $200,000 a year for 25 years through his mother via the "breeders fund"

    1. Yes, this indeed occurred with Tomblin. So why hasn't the R controlled Legislature shut it down? Deflect all you want but he question remains: Why hasn't the Rs proposed any budget the last three years?

    2. You realize the Republicans have passed right-to-work and other long overdue reforms...

    3. Rs have passed right-to-work, repeal of state prevailing wage and some tort reform. How is that making a dent in the budget deficit?
      Surber: Yes or No. Justice said one way to balance the budget is to eliminate state funding to all public colleges and universities except WVU and MU; sell off all state parks; make cuts to the State Police; and eliminate other, smaller funds.
      Should the Rs propose this? Yes or No. If no, were does the $500 million in cuts come from?

  8. Don, you forgot one big thing. "We Vote"

    1. That's just it Lynn - West Virginia voted to put the Rs in charge three sessions ago upon their promises of massive govt cuts; tax reform; education reform; and friendlier business climate to name a few.
      Thus answer this: Have the Rs delivered?

    2. Whoever he is, Anon's question is valid.

  9. A Democrat governor wants to raise taxes? Who would have thought of that? The legislature should begin by cutting programs that pay able-bodied people NOT to work. Then stop payments to women who have babies without a father to cover the bills. Put the onus back on them to make do. A lot of the BS will stop and costs will plummet. - Elric

  10. You cannot give enough money to satisfy government. If they taxed at 100%, they would still have to borrow money to fund all their programs.

  11. If tax increases would eliminate deficits we would have balanced the budget decades ago. The only way to eliminate deficits is to cut spending.