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Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Day Without Men

Today is a highly publicized Day Without Immigrants to protest closing our borders to terrorist-exporting nations, and deporting illegal aliens.

Next month, some plan a Day Without Women.

So far today, a few upscale restaurants in liberal cities closed.

But Tudor's is open, so I don't care.

To be sure, hospitals, colleges, computer tech companies, and other important industries could suffer if their immigrant employees stayed home. But most of the people from other countries who work here are responsible people.

March 9 is a Day Without Women. Unionized nurses and elementary schoolteachers could affect hospitals and schools, but giving pupils a day off does not shut the country down.

Now, imagine a Day Without Men. Most people would find:

No construction.

No mining.

No mechanics.

No factories.

No technicians.

Better hope there is no fire. Your house will burn down.

Better hope there is no ice storm. Your power will not be back on until tomorrow.

Better hope there is no crime.

Better hope there is no car accident with injuries.

Better hope there is no prison riot.

Men do important work.

The reason the Left demonizes men is that the lefties want a totalitarian government, and the quickest way to a dictatorship is by tearing down the norms of society.

This is why the Left supports an invasion of illegal aliens.

A Day Without Immigrants And Women would be a nice gesture. But even if all the foreign-born doctors called in sick and all the women nurses and doctors called in sick, the hospitals would remain open.

A Day Without Men would shut them down.

Which is why there will never be a Day Without Men -- or a real Day Without Immigrants And Women -- because responsible people don't pull stunts like that.

Which is why they have responsibility.


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  1. Are those pink pussy hats marching towards Poca?

    Real women know that super glue and Elmers white glue can't be used on steel plate and broken glass bric-à-brac.

    The woman that has tolerated me since '82 can lay down a TIG bead on 16ga aluminium but routinely burns water.

    I was never here.

  2. I'm also enjoying these Months Without Hillary.

    We should be so lucky to have Days Without Warren, the other shrieking harpy.

  3. They're making it too easy. Don't show up for work? You're fired! - Elric

  4. Don,

    The problem with a "day without men" is that most jobs that are male dominated are foundational jobs. What I mean by that is if construction workers, miners, mechanics, factory line workers do not show up for work for one single day, the end users will never notice. It's like the woman who said she doesn't need farmers because she buys all her food at Kroger's (true story). Men's jobs are so basic to our way of life, and so productive in the inventories they produce, that men would have to strike for six months or longer in order for the consumer to see any real effect.

    1. They would know REAL fast when their net and power went out, power is by the second, and net is the same, both highly male dominated

  5. How about "days without Congress?" Would anyone know if Congress wasn't in session? Oh, wait! We already have those they're called recesses. Never noticed the difference. (/sarc)

  6. "Next month, some plan a Day Without Women."

    So, Poker Night's gonna be a twenty-four hour deal then?

  7. A Day Without Feminuts, as opposed to a Day Without Women.

    Sign me up.

    1. This! It should be called "A Day without Feminists." First of all, all women do not agree/support them, and they don't agree with the original feminists anyway. ~Lindy

  8. The Chicago ABC news website published an article about the "day without immigrants" stupidity today and in the comments they just got *roasted*. All of the comments were negative, that I saw.

    I laughed my ass off. Nice try. People have got this figured out now.

  9. How about a day without deplorables?

  10. How about a day without ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBC? Would they be missed? Not by me.

  11. Women with a difference:

  12. Whitecollar redneckFebruary 16, 2017 at 7:57 PM

    On the day without women, millions of men sit and drink a beer in blessed silence

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