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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A curious way to protect Hispanics

Democratic Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham is running for governor of New Mexico next year on an odd platform.

She wants to protect criminals, not their victims.

NPR ran an interview with her, "Congressional Hispanic Caucus Demands Explanation After Immigration Raids."

Lakshmi Singh hosted it:
SINGH: Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham, Democrat from New Mexico, chairs the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. She has thrown her hat as well in the ring to be governor of her state in 2018. She joined us earlier today in the studio and disclosed that a meeting has been confirmed for Tuesday with ICE director Thomas Homan. But, she said, there has not been much communication with the agency beyond that.
GRISHAM: I have not had a conversation with Mr. Homan. And, in fact, as we started to get information Thursday evening that raids, the sweep -- I mean, ICE is calling it routine enforcement. But when you do a six-state effort, and when local ICE officials say that they're not aware of anything else going on, that there's no coordinated effort, I find that to be a very purposeful, shallow statement so that we're not as concerned about what's going on. So we are very concerned about what's going on.
SINGH: OK. Specifically what do we know so far? What have you heard so far about the people who are being targeted in these raids?
GRISHAM: Well, that's the issue - very little. So from the advocates we're hearing that there are a lot of collateral detainments - right? - so somebody comes looking for one individual. They knock on the door. The door gets open. That person's not there, but then they ask the entire family whether they have documentation proving that they are either citizens or legal residents, and then - and someone's picked up. So if you're really targeting a criminal element, that doesn't fit with that scenario.
Obama said, look, these are clear felonies - gang violence, human trafficking, drug issues. These are people that really we don't want. It's a criminal element. To the Trump administration, it says any infraction. Well, that means if you're working, there's likely to be an infraction - right? - because you can't work without some sort of, you know, legal set of documents that says that you can work. So we're separating families, who have been good citizens, who have done everything they can to put food on the table, that are participating, quite frankly, in our economy. And they are striking fear in the hearts of those communities by breaking up those families and detaining them and deporting them.
SINGH: Now, let's talk about the people you're hearing from -- constituents.
GRISHAM: Well, just in my own state, New Mexico, there really is panic. Panic moves to anger. You know...
SINGH: Do you have any idea of the level...
GRISHAM: ...You're a 15-year-old son, and you think that your mother can be picked up and deported. This means that you become very insular, you don't go to work, you are hiding in your community. That creates more risk and harm.
So by protecting its borders in a manner that Mexico and other nations protect theirs, we are the bad guys.

The case she cited is easily remedied: send the children of illegal aliens with them.

But considering that the victims of violent crimes by illegal aliens often are Hispanics who are citizens or legally where, why is she not demanding the federal government clean up the barrios?

Maybe that is because the votes she seeks are among those being deported.


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  1. "Maybe that is because the votes she seeks are among those being deported." Aww, c'mon. You know that illegal aliens can't vote. - Elric

    1. Aliens already vote there. You know, the real ones, like the one Joaquin Phoenix beat the shit out of at the end of Signs. Roswell, and so forth. If NM wants to elect this lunatic woman, let em. Never been there, and never will.

    2. New Mexico is nice. I have worked there on several occasions. High desert. Santa Fe is Old Mexico founded in 1610. Way before our Revolutionary War. Good folks (mostly). Laid back attitude a lot like West By-God Virginia. We took it from the Mexicans fair and square. I hope they keep the illegals and Lefties out. - Elric

  2. A curious post about an obscure candidate in a state of little consequences to West By God. Not interested in Michael T. Flynn today, eh?

  3. WTF is so hard to comprehend about the word "illegal"?

  4. NPR and an illegal alien supporter: A marriage made in Leftism.

  5. This silly woman said, " can't work without some sort of, you know, legal set of documents that says that you can work."

    What she means is that illegal aliens have an illegal set of phony documents that mean they've stolen someone's SS number, and stolen someone else's job; so I see several felonies here for her "good citizen" illegal alien invaders, who BTW are NOT citizens AT ALL.

    Well, they're probably citizens of Mexico, where they are welcome to return!