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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

4th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

I have got the best readers.

From Paul D. Hergert:
A delightful political synopsis
Mr. Surber does an excellent job of detailing the wrongful predictions of demise relating to Trump's campaign. To read the multitude of inanity from our so-called political experts and pundits is a guilty pleasure. Don corrals these stories, and more, with his stinging wit and adroit analyses.
Thank you, Mister Hergert. I hope this encourages more reviews.

The book is available here. Or on Amazon. And Kindle will come on March 1.


  1. Four for four on 5-star ratings!

  2. Y'know, if Donald Trump is the political Patriot missile, good for shooting down any Leftist sneak attack, I reckon Our Don ought to go down as the acquisition radar that accompanies it.

    If anyone deserved the title of "Early Warning System" last year, it was "He Who Makes The Fake Newsers Howl".