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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What football did to Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep's rant on Sunday included a swipe at football and mixed martial arts.

Over at National Review, Jim Geraghty asked, "What Did Football Players or Mixed Martial Artists Ever Do to Streep?"

I've got this one covered.

Football beat Hollywood. That's what it did.

In 2015, NFL revenues alone were $13 billion, while the film industry's revenues were a mere $11 billion in the USA.

The No. 1 prime-time show in broadcast TV is the Sunday Night Football game, with double the audience of runner-up "Big Bang Theory."

Football is kicking Hollywood's ass, much like President Trump's "Apprentice" ratings were far higher than any of the late-night comics who mock him ceaselessly, even as their ratings crater. Conan O'Brien soon will be a weekly show, by the way.

And the high-brow crap that Streep alludes to is relegated to a few irrelevant little low-budget vanity projects. "The Devil Wears Prada" was a bitchy little piece that did well at the box office, but so did "Mommy Dearest."

But Hollywood lives largely off animation and live action comic books.

Hollywood no longer produces adult material. Oh sure, there is plenty of nudity and even copulation on screen, but Hollywood has nothing that challenges the mind like "Twelve Angry Men" or "To Kill a Mockingbird" or even "Midnight Cowboy."

Frankly, America could do without Hollywood. The whole town could take a year off, and American culture would be better for it.

Men no longer watch television. Gone are the Westerns that men used to watch. I tune in "Gunsmoke" and "Bonanza" occasionally on cable. I admire how many times they strive for justice on the American frontier, eschewing expediency and convenience for doing what is right. Honor matters more than sustenance.

So Streep has much to worry about from football and mixed martial arts. Fox News too. ESPN and Fox News own cable right now.

She and her cloistered cronies can sneer at the masses, but the fact is Hollywood movies and television shows are not very good these days.

Football is.

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  1. Hollywood today is a cesspool. The sooner it slides under the Pacific Ocean the better. If I want to watch a movie I'll put in a DVD. And yes, I have more Western movies than any other genre. As for football, I watch no sports at all. But I did read that "The Big bang Theory" has possibly overtaken Monday Night Football. Probably thanks to Colin Pumpernickel and his SJW ilk. - Elric

    1. Hahaha Elric! Yeah, I'm still boycotting the Niffle because of Kaepernick but will start watching again once they put that Commie out of his misery. 2-14. Heckuva year, Colin.

  2. I watch way more movies on TCM than in a theater, and I don't watch football at all. Or ESPN.

    1. ^^^
      Has anyone also noticed that the studios seem to be doing more remakes of old movies?

    2. And the remakes normally suck.

    3. I haven't, but I don't pay attention to Hollywood. I wouldn't have any reason to see new remakes.

  3. One day you are ripping the NFL and its ratings (which are recovering nicely now) and the next, the NFL is the champion over liberal Hollywood. And you cite favorably an article in the National Review which has been all wrong all year for being a Never Trumper. I guess with age comes confusion and a short memory. North Korea is waving a red flag (again) at Trump and Trump is worried about Streep's drivel rant. The implosion starts in 10 days.

    1. Being the top pig in the wallow doesn't mean you are no longer a pig. Top pig Streep can continue to wallow in the waste of Hollywood, and fools like you can continue to eat their feces.

    2. As usual, totally missed the point. That's why I read this blog. Comedy gold.

  4. My father managed the theaters in my small Indiana town when I was growing up in the 1950s and early 1960s. As a result, I have always loved movies. However, it is no-longer possible to enjoy them at a theater. Constant texting by people during the movie makes it impossible to enjoy the movies. Add to this computer generated everything, no character development, social justice preaching and $12 for popcorn and a Coke. They lost me as a weekly theater attendee. As a result, I too watch the old 50s and 60s TV shows along with the old movies on the Dish geefer channels.

  5. Probably the greatest insult ever made to Margaret Thatcher was having Meryl Streep play her. It was one movie I would have gone to but did not because of who was in it. Beyond that, I still can't name a movie she has been in. All I know about her is her communist activism.
    I looked at her list on imdb and couldn't find any I have seen or would want to.
    As for Tunnel Vision, right now weather channel is getting about 80% of my viewing time. I switch on the tube, change to weather channel, push the interactive button for local weather, read their predictions and shut it off.
    The remaining time is spent scrolling from what ever channel my wife was watching.
    Yup, I dislike them THAT much.

  6. I prefer her married name: Meryl Gummer - has a nice, Clintonian "ring" to it which goes so well with that snarky "Look at ME" smirk she's wearing - reminds me of Meg Kelly.

    Are you SERIOUS? "Big Bang" has high ratings?? Stupidest thing I've ever seen. I don't watch TV at all, but I have seen parts of that a few times while visiting.

    1. Stupid, maybe, but funny.

    2. I thought the Big Bang Theory was speculation about what would happen if Rosie O'Donnell and Kevin James shared a bed.

  7. I prefer her married name: Meryl Gummer - has a nice, Clintonian "ring" to it which goes so well with that snarky "Look at ME" smirk she's wearing - reminds me of Meg Kelly.

    Are you SERIOUS? "Big Bang" has high ratings?? Stupidest thing I've ever seen. I don't watch TV at all, but I have seen parts of that a few times while visiting.

  8. It's probably a mistake to let anything dominate your culture. Bad things happen when that comes about. Athenians allowed the plays to speak to them and for them to an increasing extent while she was weakening. Would Socrates have been forced to drink the hemlock if Aristophanes hadn't produced The Clouds? We tend to think of gladiatorial games as being part of the downfall of Rome, but the term 'bread and circus' refers to chariot racing, not combat or hunting simulations, and our term for circus comes from the entertainments between the races where they even had elephants tightrope walking. Talk about spectacle.
    My perspective has a multiplicity of diversions and entertainments as being a sign of relative health of our culture, rather than a sign of decadence. When we begin to focus on fewer and fewer objects in this sphere I think we will have more to worry about as those will be manipulated to objectives that are destructive.
    A world in which evil filth like Merle Creep is becoming less relevant with every passing minute is a world more healthy by the minute.

  9. I refuse to spend any of my limited income on the LibDem tripe coming out of Hollywood, and I would not subject myself to the bad manners of today's movie goers. Not to mention the potential for a spree killer.

  10. Anonymous 1 speaks the truth, at least to some extent, in this context.

    Really, just about every form of entertainment has been captured by SJW culture.

    Football is dominated by suited SJW thugs at the top and by muscular SJW thugs in pigtails actually providing the entertainment and that has a lot to do with why I no longer watch football.

    I'm a baseball fan, but even baseball has its fair share of lectures on matters race and gender. This is no less true if you are a San Francisco Giants fan, obviously.

    Hank Aaron performed a Meryl Streep of his own, which went largely unnoticed in 2014.

    Celebrating the 40th anniversary of his breaking of Babe Ruth's career home run record in 2014, he compared the authors of racist hate mail that he had received during the pursuit of that record with the rise of the Tea Party, as if to equate the Tea Party with white racism and complain that not much has changed.

    It wasn't the first time that Aaron had played the race card, but it may have been the most odious example of it.

    MLK Day in January inevitably makes Black History month 50% longer than advertised, and MLB dutifully follows suit with a six-week long harangue about how tough Jackie Robinson had it.

    Really and truly, I have no problem with Jackie Robinson, and I appreciate the sacrifices that he made, but I think that the subject has been overblown in the sense that the not-so-subtle message is that "nothing much has changed" between 1947 and 2017.

    I don't expect that the arrival of a new incoming administration will change the cultural markers; undoubtedly, a Resistance will form around it which might make matters even worse than ever, if that's possible.

    But maybe I'm wrong; maybe the backlash to the MTV video is the start of something.

  11. Well, FWIW, the wife and I saw Sully two nights ago on PPV. Tremendous movie. Hanks was superb, as usual, and Beastwood's direction was near perfect. AND it's a hero story. Old Skool's the Best Skool. The NTSB actually objected to the way they were portrayed. Aw, poor babies. What have you done for me lately? Great art is still being's just much harder to find than it used to be...

    1. Having been on the receiving end of an NTSB
      investigation "Sully" is accurate.
      I was part of a crew that flew a commuter
      airliner that crashed the next day. they wanted to hang the four of us-(two man crews)
      -all we did was fly it, wrote up the
      defect,(faulty trim control) and parked it at the hangar-FOR MAINTENANCE!!! . The director of operations, signed it off, pulled it out of the Hangar-without work.
      Put it back on the line and it crashed due to the crew being unanaware of the fault.
      With a full load of Passengers.
      NTSB-not being able to simply kick the rubble around and say "Pilot error"
      They tried to hang the crews that were the ones who wrote up the problem...
      BTW the Director skated, the NTSB charges were dropped thanks to the intervention of the FAA investigation..

  12. If they ever remade "Flying High", I'm here to say that I'd go to see it if Streep was playing the chick with the panic attack.

  13. The elephant in the room is something Streep couldn't even touch: Video game revenue, in 2015, was $23.5B - as much as NFL + Hollywood put together (except for some rounding error).

  14. Meryl clearly forget the word of Arts meant for. Once, Arts only for drawing, then expand to acting & music. Arts is the way of life to reach perfection. Arts is for everything. If you do shit Football or acting, it's not an art. But if Football or Acting so perfect, it's an art.

  15. football is the best one sport that famous in the world. many people has known about it and is the one sport that i like, thanks for sharing