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Thursday, January 12, 2017

They sing for real dictators, not Trump

The virtue signaling of entertainers who refuse to perform at the inaugural ball is more fun than some of these scolds could ever produce.

Some of these Limo Libs sang for some of the worst dictators since Saddam Hussein.

Come to think of it, many of these Limo Libs opposed ousting Saddam Hussein, too.

These stars served as court jesters to people who beheaded opponents. One guy even boiled in water an opponent.

The Fake News media is too busy making stuff up about President Trump to bother exposing them. But I verified Cracked magazines claims and found them to be 100% accurate.

Pretty bad when Mad magazine's competitor is better at journalism than CNN.

Excuse me, CFNN. The F stands for Fake.

From Cracked:
In 2011, Wikileaks obtained detailed documentation that the Gaddafi family had been quietly collecting musicians the way normal people collect those musicians' albums, including Nelly Furtado, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Usher, all of whom had performed in separate private events for several of Gaddafi's sons. For their troubles, they were rewarded royally -- the average payout was a million dollars per performance. Generally speaking, if someone is willing to pay you a million dollars for a private concert, that guy got his trust fund in blood diamonds.
Gaddafi's Ducks. After her New Year's Eve 1999 private concert became public knowledge 18 months later, Beyonce said she donated the money to Haiti.

Sooooo, she could sing at the inauguration and donate that money, too.

Guess she hates Haiti now.

More from Cracked:
The Human Rights Foundation must have to devote an entire department to warning clueless celebrities about buddying up with despots, because Hilary Swank received a letter from them following news that she would be appearing at an event in honor of Chechen enemy-disappearer Ramzan Kadyrov. The good news is that the Human Rights Foundation's emails were definitely read. The bad news is that they weren't read by Swank, but by her manager Jason Weinberg, who assured the HRF that she would not be attending the event. This became awkward when videos of Swank totally attending the event appeared online.
Hollywood awarded her two Best Actress Oscars.

More from Cracked:
If you didn't know about the atrocities that led Human Rights Watch to declare Turkmenistan "one of the world's most repressive countries" (state-run media, civil rights violations, child labor, torture, and political kidnappings are on that list), then you finally have something in common with JLo.
In 2013, she performed at a birthday bash for Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov and his closest accomplices. From the get-go, JLo's natural showmanship kicked in, with her sauntering on stage to a booming "Turkmenistan!" which is kind of like opening your act by screaming "Third Reeeeeeeich!" She then proceeded to dazzle the oppressive regime with her greatest hits, closing the show by serenading the despotic president with a loving rendition of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President," like Marilyn Monroe popping out of a cake for Mao Zedong.
In Turkmenistan, there's always room for J'Lo.

And more from Cracked:
Deceased Uzbekistan ruler Islam Karimov had a delightfully unique rap sheet. Among the usual charges of political imprisonment, child slavery, and torture, he's also accused of boiling at least one person alive and reducing the volume of what was once the world's fourth-biggest lake by 80 percent to water his own personal crops. Y'know, not enough real-life dictators put in the effort to truly become a Bond villain, but Karimov jumped into that fifth of a lake with both feet. 
In Uzbekistan, "Every Breath You Take" is a warning, not a love song.

Donald Trump will become our president in eight days. Not all the performers who say they won't perform are phony hypocrites. But those who are deserve exposure by the press.


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  1. Ace of Spades reports that Paul Anka will be performing "My Way". Anka always slices like a hammer!!!

    1. And the guys wear shirts.

  2. "Excuse me, CFNN. The F stands for Fake."

    Completely Faked News Network, then.

  3. I say, just cancel the music event. We can listen what we want to on our headphones. Like Michael W. Smith. You know, stuff that would REALLY annoy the media.

  4. How's about the various service's Military bands playing some real music?

  5. How's about the various service's Military bands playing some real music?

    1. I completely agree. I've said that on a number of blogs. The oldest musical ensemble in the nation is the United States Marine Band, formed by act of congress on July 11 1798. They are known as "The President's Own". They performed at the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson in 1801 earning them their nickname.

  6. "Not all the performers who say they won't perform are phony, hypocrites. But those who are deserve exposure by the press." Of course, the press WON'T expose them.

    1. Phony hypocrites won't expose their own.

  7. I'd rather hear some John Philip Sousa any day.

  8. Music was far more interesting before they came up with synthetic materials for strings and bows and such. Back then, violin music was basically a horse's tail scraped across the insides of a cat.

  9. I have been calling them commie news network or clinton news network so long I forget what their fake, oops, I mean real name is.