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Saturday, January 07, 2017

"The rational self-interest of the United States"

Canadian newspaper mogul Conrad Black explained President Trump to skeptical Canadians.

It applies to Americans as well.

Apparently some bums in Canada are freaking out over voters kicking out the inept socialists in Washington in favor of a successful businessman.

In short, these Canadians think they are American Democrats.

But Conrad Black knows The Donald and better, knows America.

Calm down.

From Conrad Black:
Trump is that type of American who puts his views forcefully and speaks plainly, though he is very courteous in person and almost never coarse. He has been elected by 65 million Americans who were disgusted at the inability of the outgoing president and his party’s candidate this year to utter the words “Islamic terrorism” or “Islamic extremism,” and the current president’s reference to the massacre of innocents in San Bernardino, California by Jihadists as “workplace violence.”
His is essentially the charm of John Wayne, including the implicit possession of a hard power option for the resolution of disputes, made more worrisome to some because what we are about to watch in Washington is not a film. But nor will it be the frothings and thrashings about of a madman.  
Like I said, Conrad Black knows The Donald.

Black also knows American history well and presidential election history better than I do.
(In the 21 U.S. presidential elections from 1824 to 1904, distinguished military officers were presidential candidates in all except 1844, 1860, and 1884, and on four of those 21 occasions, both parties nominated military candidates. Most were citizen soldiers and the concept of patriotic service, proven leadership capacities and personal bravery are more esteemed than most political arts, though some of these officers were adept at those too.)
Trump is a nationalist.

Nationalism took a beating after World War II and considering the devastation it left, one can hardly fault the generation that fought the generation that fought Great War and World War II -- Presidents Truman and Eisenhower in particular -- for seeking an alternative such as the United Nations and the Common Market (made possible by NATO -- i.e. the United States -- funding the military).

But the cost of globalism is now greater than its benefits as people lose their jobs to foreign countries while facing an invasion of foreigners. In the backdrop is Islamic terrorism.

I like Black's take on America First -- or as he called it, "the rational self-interest of the United States":
Canadians will like Trump’s personality better when they see more of him, but he will end gridlock and generate strong economic growth, sensible domestic policy, and consistent leadership in the Western Alliance.
Canada should welcome the chance to compete with the U.S. as a low-tax country and the opportunity to improve our overrated health-care system, and we should stop being militarily poverty-stricken.
Trump is a tough man and most of his senior appointees are tough people, but Canada is one of the world’s great countries, at a midpoint in G7 economic performance, and we can do better.
With the U.S., we have to stop oscillating between social smugness and feeling cold terror that the Americans may not like us. We can take care of our interests too, and without being obnoxious about it.
Conrad Black's defense of his friend, Donald Trump, is not what Trump will do for America, but rather what Canadians can do for Canada.

This is not only is a sound argument, but a sound strategy in arguing.

What's in it for Canadians?

Because that is what Canadians should care about.


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  1. Mr. Black: A voice of sanity and reason. Quite unlike those we hear from the left.

  2. From Canada. I was a Trump supporter from day one. Why? Because I felt/feel, that with him as President of our biggest trading partner (the biggest bi-lateral trade betwixt 2 countries in the world), Our shameful selfie prime minister would have to come to heel with all of his socialist BS.

    Harper left the country with a balanced budget and lowering debt. This douche said that he was going into debt for 3 years, then the budget would balance itself by the fourth. Well guess what? Our accounting department has now forecast deficits well into the 2020's and the douche is forcing a carbon tax on every province and territory!

    Hopefully Mr. Trump will blast the environmental zealots, and force Canada to actually play keep up in our economics!

    1. A lot of Canadians are scared of the dark...they'll follow any Progressive flashlight into perdition...if they feel there's a gov't handout for them at the end of the line.

  3. I treasure Canada as America's great neighbor and a beautiful place to visit, but as a lover of personal freedom I have no desire to live there after seeing the torment experienced by Ezra Levant (to whom I have contributed money to help pay for his legal defense). It would serve the Liberals right, those who despise Trump and have threatened to emigrate: go ahead, move to Canada, I dare you! I predict you will hurry back to the US in 6 months.