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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

President Trump and Obama -- a Tale of Two Palms

Donald Trump worked hard in the 1970s and 1980s taking his family's real estate business from Coney Island to Manhattan. His renovation of the Commodore Hotel from a Triple-X dive into the Grand Hyatt Regency ignited a revival of Manhattan that has not quit.

As a reward and as an investment, Trump purchased Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, a magnificent estate created by cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post in the 1920s. A business setback in the 1990s forced him to turn it into a luxury resort. His became the first country club in Palm Beach to open membership to Jews and African-Americans.

Wintering in Palm Beach was something Trump earned.

Only after he succeeded in life, did Donald Trump seek the presidency.

Then there is Barack Obama, a man who built nothing and did nothing prior to running for office. He wrote two books, did he?

Trump wrote 18.

Which leads me to this story in the Daily Mail:
President Obama will be jetting out of Washington DC immediately after Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday and heading to a much warmer climate.
It has been revealed that for his first vacation after he leaves the White House, Obama and his wife Michelle along with their two daughters Malia and Sasha will be heading to sunny Palm Springs, California.
TMZ reports that the family will board a helicopter after leaving the Capitol on Friday which will take them to Andrews Air Force Base, where they will board a government plane for the trip out west.
It will only be a one-way flight however, with the Obamas having to pay for their own tickets home at the end of the trip. 
There is a good chance that the Obamas could be staying at the home of Michael Smith and James Costos.
Smith has been the interior designer for the Obamas since they entered the White House, and Costos is a former HBO executive who in 2013 was named the United States ambassador to Spain. 
The Obamas have stayed in the couple's Rancho Mirage home numerous times in the past when they traveled to Palm Springs. 
The 11,000-square-foot home was featured in an issue of Architectural Digest back in 2015, which revealed that the residence was purchased as a weekend retreat for the couple.
As an over-rated community organizer once said, You Did Not Built This.

By the way, the Clintons and the Obamas mooched off friends to vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Both Bushes and Reagan went to their own vacation places.


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  1. Good post.

    One possible correction: I believe Mar-a-Lago is in Palm Beach, Florida, not Palm Springs, CA.

    The point stands, even if the two Palms (which are both nice destinations) are in different places.

  2. Mar-a-Lago is in Palm Beach, Florida, not Palm Springs, California.

  3. Staying at the home of a pair of homosexuals that was described in Architectural Digest. Perfect. I read several years back that Architectural Digest was a place where out of work communist writers were always welcome. They could go there and get jetted around the world and write under their own or assumed names while waiting for something else to come up or a political campaign they could work for. The super rich in this country are evil scum mostly.

    1. President Momjeans should feel right at home sleeping in their bed.

  4. Bye, folks. Be careful going out the door--it's got a doubled spring on it now.

  5. Don probably has trouble with directions because he can't see very far because of the hills and trees. Hopefully his Miata has a Garmin in so he can find is way home. LOL!

  6. Replies
    1. OK, Mister Morris. You win. New headline

  7. His first vacation post-presidency!! Well earned minutes after leaving office and just getting back from his Hawaiian vacation which was preceded by his multiple other vacations. What a slacker.

    1. Substitute "vacationing" for "feeding" and it's quite apt.


  8. He won't pay his way back either. A large private jet will appear at the right time, gratis, for him, SS,family etc and it will keep reappearing too. Like Magic. There are many who will invest with him now that Clinton is no longer viable as a tool of corruption.

    1. Dammit! Think you're right though. I wanted the Obamas to fly back on a JetBlue flight with stops in Atlanta and Charlotte. You know, like the rest of us do. But he's still The People's President, right? Aw, bullshit.

    2. Yeah. And a gay professor will harass him and his family while the professor's husband/wife videos and tweets the harassment.

  9. "By the way, the Clintons and the Obamas mooched off friends to vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Both Bushes and Reagan went to their own vacation places." We'd expect mooching by Clintons and Obamas.

  10. I would characterize Obama as an inveterate slacker. In an interview, his wife once even admitted that he struggled to write one of his books (not that anyone can be sure he wrote either book, except in close collaboration with a ghostwriter). No discipline. Good time Charlie. I could be wrong, but I don't see him getting involved personally and actively in a lot of political events over the next few years. People may bring him something, he may attach his name or approval to it, but I don't seem him as a real project honcho the way Trump clearly is. I think he'll be spending most of his time with a ghostwriter and staff to organize his papers so he can write a book that rewrites the history of his failed presidency. He'll be a bit of an annoyance to Trump, like a bad cold sore, but nothing Trump has to stay up nights worrying about. In fact, a bit of mischief now and again from the Left might help to keep Trump sharp and on his toes. Indeed, the GOPe may prove more troublesome for him than ex-President Present. Remember, Obama wasn't the driving force behind his own signature health insurance plan. Someone else had to carry the load for him. At some point he has got to do more than work on his putting game to fire up the Trump opposition. I don't think he has the drive to do that. He's inherently too lazy.

  11. But, but, but...I thought Sasha just HAD to stay in DC to finish High School. I can't imagine Obamas vacation ending before Monday so Sasha can get back to school.

  12. There's a spuriousness to the man and his wife, and it's point of origin was around about 1992. She quit practicing law in 1991 (and allowed her license to lapse in 1993). Since then, she's had a series of patronage positions, mostly in the diversity racket, with inflated salaries after a certain point due to political connections. He eschewed a clerkship and spent the first year after law school writing a useless book. Then he accepted a position (offered in contravention of procedure) at the University of Chicago Law School - a position for which he was not qualified. Since then, he and she have had a simulacrum of an adult life, not the real thing.

  13. I wish DJT would tell the Obeymes they need to do what Harry & Bess Truman did when Ike was sworn in in '53---they went to DC's Union Station and took the train back to Missouri. You know, tell Barrie "hey, with all these lefties and their violent protests, we need to cancel that big send-off at Andrews. Security concerns, former President Obama. Buh-bye!"

    1. Truman was nearly shot dead by a crew of Puerto Rican nationalists in 1950, and a DC police officer was killed in the melee. He wasn't even offered retirement Secret Service protection until 1965. Bess Truman shook off the Secret Service while her husband was still in office. Jacqueline Onassis had no detail provided by either the U.S. Government or her husband from 1975 until her death, and she lived in Manhattan. The Nixon's gave up their detail in 1986. The law ought to be that the detail disappears 12 years after a President leaves office.

      While we're at it, there were no presidential pensions offered until 1958. For BO, calculate the present value of his contributions to his retirement and then price out a joint life annuity for the two of them, starting when BO turns 66.

      While we're at it, no president who served prior to 1929 received a presidential library. Build a modular records center in Kansas City and send all the archival material there. Deed the plant, equipment, and the collections aside from archives over to the relevant county governments and never build a presidential library again. As for BO's 'papers', a new federal law limiting the president's proprietary interest to diaries and notes written in longhand would be apt.

      While we're at it, it wasn't done prior to about 1977 for a departed president to do much buckraking. Richard Nixon was raked over the coals for taking a $600,000 fee to submit to 29 hours of one-on-one interviews, his legal bills notwithstanding. Time to impose price controls on interstate contracts for appearances let out by public agencies and philanthropic concerns. You get $22,000 for speaking to Ohio State (a sum which could be adjusted each year according to changes in nominal incomes) and less for any entity which employs fewer people.

      While we're at it, limit his post-Presidential office staff to a few secretaries to answer the mail. Leonard Nimoy's children can explain some labor saving devices in that sort of activity.

    2. They're supposedly planning to have glam homes in Riverside County, Calif (a locale to which both are strangers) and Washington, DC (a locus to which they were strangers prior to 2005). No word on whether or not Tony Rezko will be helping with the financing.

    3. Art Deco, my thoughts exactly on Rezko