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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The hilarious humor of "The Daily Show"

Many conservatives believe that years of indoctrination at various collegiate institutions have turned today's liberals into a pack of humorless scolds who are so uptight about politics that they have not had a bowel movement since 2:36 a.m. Eastern on November 9 -- when Hillary conceded the election to President Trump.

But that stereotype of a liberal shocked into a near catatonic state of denial is so unfair to people like Trevor Noah, who as host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" has a merry time making light of daily events.

Consider his hilarious send-up of Meryl Streep's solemn soliloquy about President Trump at the Golden Globes awards on Sunday. Trevor Noah was real funny as he mocked her for dissing football.

Via Huffington Post, Trevor Noah's big jokes spoofing Streep:
“It was really great except for this one tiny part, for me, where Meryl Streep, like her character in ‘Florence Foster Jenkins,’ was tone-deaf.”
Did that not have you laughing aloud?

For a man from South Africa, he sure gets American humor. Nailed it.
“I understand what Meryl Streep was trying to do, and I don’t know if I could’ve done better in that moment, but here’s the thing I feel like we could all learn as people: You don’t have to make your point by shitting on someone else’s thing, because a lot of people love football and the arts.”
Maybe I should have issued a Rolling On The Floor warning before that quote.

Or how about this?
“The truth is, if you focus on that part of the speech, you miss the larger point. It was a speech about respect; it was a speech about empathy; and, most importantly, it was a speech about responsibility.” 
Oh my, we really are in a golden age of comedy, aren't we?


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  1. He wasn't funny, he wasn't interesting, and he wasn't cool. This post is interesting, as it presents this person's comments, and shows us he just doesn't understand "funny" and "comedy".

  2. Before you condemn him as unfunny, Don, you should at least let him try the Open Manhole test.

    I know I'D laugh.

  3. It was about respect and empathy, both of which were absent from her rant about people outside her own Hollywood bubble. Trump expressed empathy and respect for the people that live beneath her gaze, which is why he won the election. For an actress, Streep seems to have a hard time putting herself in the shoes of other people. I thought that's what she claimed the essence of acting to be. If so, maybe she ought to try acting the role of someone in flyover country and perhaps she'd come around to seeing why Trump won and the totally self-unaware Hillary lost.

  4. Of course it's all in the delivery. We probably had to hear it in person. In sure someone might smile. You know. Like when a baby smiles when he passes gas.

    1. Doc, you've done it again! No way I can compete against that post.

  5. Frank Zappa said it best in 1979' "Joe's Garage" in which he tells Journalists to ..."Have a little squat on the Cosmic Utensil... Sit and spin until you rot on the Cosmic Utensil."

  6. The Daily Show used to be counterculture but now they support the establishment. The greats of late nite (Carson and Leno) didn't wear their politics on their sleeves and poked fun at everybody in a good-natured way. They were never mean or shrill.