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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Fake News York Times caught faking news

Oh how dumb that Rick Perry is, he doesn't even know what an energy department is, the New York Times implied in a pseudo-news story, "‘Learning Curve’ as Rick Perry Pursues a Job He Initially Misunderstood."

Why Governor Perry has only a degree in French and political science from Tufts. That's hardly prepares one to run an agency that oversees nuclear security and energy.

Oh wait. That was the degree Democrat Bill Richardson had when the New York Times lauded him as a choice for the job in 1998. Now the New York Times scoffs at Perry's degree in agriculture from Texas A&M.

At the time, Richardson had no time as an executive. Perry served 14 years as governor of the second most populous state, and  a leading producer of -- wait for it -- energy.

From Ed Morrissey:
It seems that the NYT has a rather different standard for judging Energy nominees, or more likely, a bias against Republicans. For instance, the rest of the current article reads like a big, wet kiss to Ernest Moniz, whom Perry will replace.
The New York Times butchered a quote from a third party in order to ridicule Perry:
“If you asked him on that first day he said yes, he would have said, ‘I want to be an advocate for energy,’” said Michael McKenna, a Republican energy lobbyist who advised Mr. Perry’s 2016 presidential campaign and worked on the Trump transition’s Energy Department team in its early days. “If you asked him now, he’d say, ‘I’m serious about the challenges facing the nuclear complex.’ It’s been a learning curve.”
But McKenna cried foul to the Daily Caller:
McKenna, though, told TheDC that the “headline” and lede of the story “don’t really reflect what I said.” He added that “of course” Perry understood the role of the Department of Energy when he was offered the job. Two-thirds of the DOE’s budget is devoted to maintaining the nation’s nuclear stockpiles. The nation’s primary site for the assembly and disassembly of  nuclear weapons is located in Amarillo, Texas, a state Perry was governor of for 14 years.
Face it, few of us realize that two-thirds of the Energy Department's budget actually goes to maintaining nuclear security.

Its own mission statement downplays that role: "The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions."

Of course, most of us fail to realize that food stamps are three-quarters of the agriculture budget.

Both missions are easily transferable to another agency. Commerce could handle the nukes (it did before there was an Energy Department) and Health and Human Services could handle food stamps.

Caught misrepresenting McKenna's words, the Fake New York Times told Erik Wemple of the Washington Post: “We stand by our story, which accurately reflected what multiple, high-level sources told our reporters.”

To which Wemple wrote: "Where were those high-level sources in the story itself? They don’t surface. We asked the New York Times about this omission and are awaiting a reply."

Fake News is not news I don't like. For example, Game Seven of the 1997 World Series. I accept its outcome. It was real news. Real painful. For another example, Game Seven of the 2016 World Series. Will the Indians ever win a World Series? But again, it was real news. Real, heart-wrenching, agonizing, foot-in-the-TV news.

Fake News is a story that is just not true. I get that people make mistakes. But what I do not get is why people think they do not have to own up to their mistakes.

The question is always: Is it true?

If not, fix it.

Fake News York Times won't fix it?

No surprise there.


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  1. NYT caught lying not news. What about, though, is news. No way is it funny news.

  2. And if they ever correct it, it is in small type on page c-16 where no one will see it.

  3. NYT conjures up memories of the old Pace commercial. Key phrase....Git a rope!

  4. I thought that Leftards were into renewable energy ... such as biomass.

    Aww yeah, agricultural got NOTHING to do with biomass. Better to have studied French.